How To Build Big Biceps And Back – Deload Session

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This is me performing a full workout for building bigger biceps and back. This is a deload session that I did last week, so I am not using maximum weight.

I started my workout with weighted chin ups and worked my way up to 65 pounds for 5 reps on them. The form wasn’t really solid because of the short pull up bar in my gym, but that’s okay.

I did some sumo deadlifts for the hamstrings and finished with cable curls.

When you are doing a deload you want to decrease mostly the volume and keep the intensity relatively high. The point of the deload is to give your muscles and CNS a break.

I have never did a deload in the fashion that most people do it – using 60-70% of the usual weight that you lift for a week.

This approach is way better in my opinion.

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