How to Build BIG Biceps (8 Mistakes to AVOID!)

These are the 8 most common Bicep Workout Mistakes killing your gains. These bicep gym mistakes are repeated over and over again and most people are doing these exercises wrong preventing them from getting bigger arms. By learning these big bicep mistakes you’ll also discover how to actually get big biceps even if your armS won’t respond to conventional training. There is a reason why you’re not growing in size in the arms, and this video will show you exactly why.

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The 8 bicep training mistakes that I’m about to go over with you right now, will definitely slow your progress, and waste your time. A lot of beginners and even some people that are more advanced, make these mistakes whenever training their arms, over and over again and the truth is you just can’t expect to see great results if you’re constantly training your biceps incorrectly. Especialy because other muscles that you’re not targeting will begin taking over the movement when you do it wrong. And the very first mistake shows us one of the most obvious examples of this, Using too much momentum to swing the weight up. This happens to be one of the most common mistakes when it comes to training the biceps. I’m sure you’ve seen it multiple times at the gym, and you might have even made this mistake yourself before. Now don’t get me wrong, Using some momentum or a little bit of cheating can actually be beneficial as long as its only happening towards the end of your set on the last couple reps when fatigue starts setting in, and as long as youre not excessively arching your back while incorporating a little bit of what’s known as body english. However If you use too much momentum the whole way through an exercise like bicep curls, your back will start taking over since you’ll be using your back to swing back and forth on every rep to help lift the weight up. This will take a lot of tension off your biceps and shift it over to your back giving you more of a lower back workout rather than a bicep workout….and it isn’t exactly a great back workout either. When you swing back… depending on how far back you go… you can hyperextend your spine and end up with a pretty nasty lower back injury. Also, you’ll usually only require all that momentum when you’re lifting a weight that’s just too heavy. And the problem is that you still have to slow the weight down when lowering it in front of you, so as all that weight comes falling down it’ll have to be caught by your lower back, if you’re swinging back and forth on every rep, further increasing your chance of injuring your back. Instead, you want to make sure that you keep your back straight and concentrate on only using your biceps and only throwing in one or two sensible cheat reps at the very end of your set. Another major mistake is flaring your elbows out while doing curls instead of keeping them locked in tight to your sides. when you flare your elbows out while doing curls you start using both the front and lateral head of your shoulder. You also incorporate your traps…in fact, it’s very common to see a shrug before you see the elbows flare out and that usually happens in the beginning because the weight is too heavy and the shrug helps to get the weight moving. This once again takes the pressure off of the biceps since your traps and shoulders start sharing the load. Also, the further your elbows flare out… the further your shoulders will rotate inward.. putting them into a bad position that could lead to a rotator cuff injury especially since you’ll be lifting a heavyweight while internally rotating your shoulders. the other problem with doing this is that you’ll most likely end up getting a shorter range of motion. And that’s actually the next mistake, not performing the majority of your bicep exercises with a full range of motion. This is especially common to see on preacher curls but it can happen with any bicep exercise. It’s also usually coupled with some of these other mistakes like using too much momentum or flaring your elbows out because once again the amount weight that’s used is typically way too heavy which leads to an overall breakdown in form. While there are some exercises like twenty ones where you would purposely work on overloading the bottom or the top half of the bicep CURL. if youre not purposely going for an exercise that calls for a partial range of motion you should be performing full reps. That means extending the arms all the way down to that point right before lockout. You don’t want to fully lock out the arms as this will put a….