How much can we earn from this app ? | Reflex Cloud Mining Analysis by NV Media in Hindi |

In this video I have shared a detailed analysis on the earning of RFX token from Reflex Cloud Mining app.

If you want to install the app. (Use code 2i1wy for free 30 RFX!)

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– Introduction
I have discussed about the earning potential through Reflex Cloud Mining app
The project is based on Ethereum Blockchain with a vision to share monetary value of the time to the users that they spend on internet.

How can we Earn,
Download and install the app , complete tasks daily…

How much can we earn ?
Feasibly we can earn upto 40 RFX daily (1200 RFX monthly)
Calculation explained in the video..

1. Easy to use
2. Higher returns on staking
3. Free, thus nothing to loose

1. Hard to click on app after every 3 hours..
2. App crashes sometimes

I have given you my points, now its up to you to decide..


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This is an educational video on the Reflex Cloud Mining
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