How I started my Nail Salon at HOME + Nail Tech Business Starter Kit! | My Side Hustles

Sharing something different today – i’ll be sharing the whole journey of how i started my own home based nail salon! The content for this is super long and therefore I snipped it to 3 parts! Today we have our very first part where we are going right back to square 1 – LIKE LITERALLY RIGHT BACK TO THE START. Find out how i became a nail tech, why i became a nail tech, how to start a nail tech business, how much i earn as a nail tech, how much to start, and a whole lot more!

*I won’t be sharing my business details as it is situated and my home and I’d like to keep my address confidential hehheh

✰ things u wanna kno
00:00 Introduction
02:17 How did I first get into nails?
05:45 Why did I decide to make it a side hustle?
07:38 Creating the brand
08:37 Researching on your competition
09:22 Initial investment
10:30 Controlling the mind
11:27 Getting your supplies
15:16 Simple Profit & Loss

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