How I QUADRUPLED my Home Business with Dani Johnson

How I QUADRUPLED my Home Business with Dani Johnson
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Prior to plugging into, First Steps to Success and Creating a Dynasty systems, I was a STRIVING new entrepreneur, working SO HARD to make my new business grow. I was jealous, and envied other people’s success & CRAVED recognition.

Since then, our income has grown 825% in the two years we’ve plugged in, and I am BROKEN of the bondage of jealousy and envy. I now know WHO is in control and WHO gets the glory for our success, and it ain’t my Kingdom of Self.

We have brought my husband out of his work as a plumber, and he’s started a second business for our family. We’re 26 and 29, and we both work together, from home!

We’ve merely “played with” the War on Debt system, and more recently chose to get serious and follow directions. We found well over $2,500 a month in FAT and have since paid off $16,500 in debts the past 5 months. We purchased our first home in July 2014, and with this system and the accountability of the DJC community, we plan to pay off $135,000 in the next 12 months, creating Financial Independence being DEBT FREE!!

We graduated from “how to make money,” to be students of “how to keep it.” Perhaps you are debt free and can live how you please, but for those of us who DO have debts to our name and WANT the freedom to do what you want, when you want, with who you want… we’ll see you on and at the next First Steps to Success seminar!


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