Our 3rd episode on talks on the “How to Escape Your 9 to 5” series features a home-based entrepreneur as he shares how he left his 9 to 5 and eventually ended up teaching email marketing. We are delighted to have Mr. Allan Ngo as our guests this week who is the president and founder of Digital Solopreneur. In this video, Allan shares how he stumbled onto email marketing which eventually led to making money off affiliate marketing. Using tools available off the Internet, Allan forayed into affiliate marketing by simply trying and started getting recognized for the high volume of sign-ups for Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club. At this time, his blog was able to refer prospective members and answer the question on “How to Join Truly Rich Club”. While working from home has been the new normal in 2020, Allan shares how he started working from home (WFH) a few years ago. Here he shares how he started working from home since 2017. We go into Allan’s 9 to 5 corporate background as well as why he left his 9 to 5. he later on shares how he started an online business. Is email dead? Definitely not, according to Allan and the way his businesses continue to grow by helping bloggers and fellow businessmen prove that the medium continues to be alive and effective, to say the very least. In this video, Allan also shares a few tips on how to win at email. Working from home to teach was definitely something he did not foresee himself doing but it is truly something that he’s evolved to enjoy as his success has resulted into this new passion in email marketing as well as helping others.


00:40 Introducing Mr. Allan Ngo
01:11 An Introduction to the Business of Digital Solopreneur
02:18 Talking About His 9 to 5 Job Prior to Starting His Online Business
03:30 Finding New Beginnings Outside the Corporate World
04:16 Seeking Ways How to Make Money Online
05:50 Stumbling Into Email
06:30 Getting His Start on Affiliate Marketing
08:08 The Advantage of Email Over Social Media
09:05 Personally Identifying with Email Marketing
10:06 Affiliate Marketing and His Big Break with the Truly Rich Club by Bo Sanchez
11:11 Trying Out Teaching Email Marketing
11:52 Starting Digital Solopreneur
13:26 Some Tips on Email Marketing
16:33 The Offers of Digital Solopreneur
17:13 Who Can Benefit from the Offers of Digital Solopreneur
18:25 Creating Harmony Between the Future of Digital Solopreneur and Allan’s Mission
20:10 Allan’s Message for Aspiring Entrepreneurs
22:44 Keep the Conversation Going with Allan


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