How a Mother of NINE Got Her 1st Group Home Filled in 1 Month

How a Mother of NINE Got Her 1st Group Home Filled in 1 Month


If you want to start a Group Home, this episode is yet another one that proves you have no excuses!

On top of her job, Kellie has another full time (plus overtime probably) job…and that’s being a mother to NINE children!

She is the typical “Caregiver” personality and luckily found the perfect business to satisfy her need to help others AND make a great living while doing so.

She got started by working in Group Homes herself and eventually became a foster parent (in addition to her own children).

She saw how some Group Homes were not being run up to her standards and thought that she could do better. That’s when she hopped on Google, looked up “How to Start a Group Home”, and luckily found our GOLD COURSE

She wasted NO TIME and quickly got the ball rolling. Her and her husband purchased a home in September, and it was FILLED with tenants by the next month!

Listen to how she got started, found her House Manager, learned the art of delegation and her future plans. Her husband and son are researching Real Estate Investment strategies and we discuss how if they can combine those skills with the Group Home business model, their family will be sitting pretty for generations to come! All by filling a MUCH needed void in her community!

If you’re interested in the Group Home industry and want to learn how to get started with no license, no house, and little to no money, than head to Sign up for your free training material and if it sounds like the perfect business for you, join our GOLD COURSE today!



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