Home Scented Bottle Filling Business/How to Earn $ 130 by Working 1 Hour a Day?/Evde Kokulu Şişe İşi

Home Scented Bottle Filling Business/How to Earn $ 130 by Working 1 Hour a Day?/Evde Kokulu Şişe Doldurma İşi/Günde 1 Saat Çalışarak Nasıl 900 TL Kazanılır?

Home Scented Bottle Filling Business

Hello friends. Today I wanted to share a different content and I said maybe I can contribute to your money making 🙂

Scented bottle filling at home is among the most preferred additional job opportunities.

It is possible to earn 900 TL per month by working 1 hour a day.

Details of the work to be given to housewives and students …

Nowadays, bottling of these fragrances, which are preferred especially in home and work areas and refreshing their environment with their different fragrances, has become popular.

Scented bottle filling at home, which is an opportunity for many people in terms of additional income, has an important place.

Filling of decorative cologne, which is also an opportunity in the care of leisure time, should be done carefully and carefully.

So, how to make money at home by filling wedding cologne?

What are the application conditions?

What are the points to pay attention to?

Here are the details:

Scented bottle filling at home is a job that needs to be done carefully.

Scented bottle filling at home doesn’t require much experience and no special skills.

In the scented bottle filling business in the home where the demand is high, the cologne and the fragrance part should be poured quickly and carefully.

The odor property may be lost in bottles that are not closed sufficiently, so care should be taken at this stage.

The important thing is to put the fragrances in bottles and pack them as desired.

Companies send all the materials, equipment and fragrance types required for this job.

Delivery of the work on time is another point that companies pay attention to.

How to earn 900 TL by working 1 hour a day?

In addition to filling bottles with scented at home, earnings are calculated per liter and per bottle.

You can easily reach the amount that will earn 900 TL at the end of the month by working an average of 1 hour a day.

The earnings depend on how much bottling is done.

The more bottling is done, the higher the gain will be.

Distributing fragrances in bottles according to order, Do not mix odors, Deliver clean bottles, Place in desired number of boxes

The cologne bottles you fill; It will be used in religious festivals, weddings, and vehicles.

For the job applicants, ladies, gentlemen, students and retirees, it is enough to write your city, e-mail address and short application text in the comments section below.

Applications will be followed by employer companies and when deemed necessary, a return will be made via e-mail.

Bottles and fragrances will be sent to you at the start of work on a unit and liter basis.

See you in a different video with love, stay healthy, goodbye …

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