Home maximum fat burning workout πŸ”₯ No equipment needed πŸ”₯ Tabata HIIT for quick fat loss-conditioning

This is an excellent home cardio workout for you to follow along in order to accelerate fat loss and improve your conditioning and overall cardiovascular performance and health! You do not need equipment to follow this workout, only your own body weight, which makes it an excellent option that you can perform anywhere.

It follows the very effective and scientifically proven Tabata protocol which consists of 20 seconds of all-out/maximum intensity effort, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Four minutes of this make one round. This ensures maximum lipolysis. If you want to maximize the fat-burning effect(oxidation), make sure you go on a fast 20-30 minutes walk or mild jog straight after. These kind of workouts on top of resistance training and an appropriate diet, are a guaranteed way to a fitness model’s body.

My recommendation for those who focus on aesthetics and also workout with resistance training would be 3 rounds, but even 1 has significant benefits! I would never recommend exceeding 5 rounds of this.

Disclaimer: You can never out-exercise a bad diet. If the calories you consume in a day are higher than the ones you burn, forget about noticing weight loss results from any kind of training.

Such vigorous and extreme training protocols that spike up your heart rate at around 90% of your maximum are ONLY to be followed by healthy individuals. If there are any underlying health and in particular heart conditions, such training is to be avoided at all costs as it can lead to very serious implications! Always get a doctor’s clearance before attempting any exercise programs.


00:00 – Introduction / Key principles
00:35 – Explanation / Demonstration of exercises
02:47 – Warmup Follow Along
06:15 – Workout

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