Home Made Chili Garlic. Pwedeng Pang-Home business!

Home Made Chili Garlic. Pwedeng Pang-Home business!

Our version of Chili Garlic. All Natural. No Preservatives.
Recipe was tripled for us to bottle all the chilies shown in this video 🙂

Chili, chile, or chilli?

There are three spellings for this hot pepper from several varieties of the genus Capsicum: “chili,” “chile,” and “chilli.”

Which is correct? It depends on where you live.
The usual spelling in American English is “chili,” but “chile” is an acceptable variant. The usual spelling in British English is “chilli.”

(The plurals are “chilies” or “chiles” in the US, and “chillies” in the UK.)

Should you change the spelling of the pepper in the name of the award? We don’t think so.

Although we spell the word “chili,” there’s a good case to be made for sticking with the existing name of the award, which is given for sauces, relishes, and other fiery foods, as we’ve learned online.

The award is American, and the two US dictionaries we consult the most list “chile” as a legitimate variant of the more common spelling “chili.”



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