Home Business Success-  My 5 Step Checklist Will Help You Make Money In Your Home Based Business

Home Business Success- My 5 Step Checklist Will Help You Make Money In Your Home Based Business

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Home Business Success- My 5 Step Checklist That Will Help You Make Money In Your Home Based Business

Home business – did you by chance ever read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill? In his book he shows a series of success principles. One of them is the forming of what is commonly called the “mastermind group”.

What is revealed in his book is this, that when two or more minds come together on a problem or set of circumstances it equals a “third mind”. A more improved super-powerful mind.

Just as Henry Ford used the readily available knowledge of other people (probably mainly mechanics and engineers) to grow Ford Motor Company, you and I can surely take advantage of the same results to cultivate our home business.

Joining advanced mastermind groups not only have become a powerful tool and used by top marketers but great people from every walk of life have grasped this powerful secret for years and years now.

I even hear that If you do a little research that you will soon find that the greatest achievers of our time have all belonged to a mastermind group.

A prestigious man named Dr. Muhammad Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize for his micro-credit movement. He won it because he helped get over 100 million people out of poverty in his home country of Bangladesh and some other places around the world.

He specialized in offering small bank loans to women. The only stipulation they have to do is form a group with four other women. Each of these women groups then put their brains together to come up with good ideas and also to spur each other on to success in their own home business.
The doctor said, the coming together of the required mind groups is what made his micro loan bank so successful. He said that 98 percent of the poor people who got money paid back the loan.

They discovered as well that if they left the groups alone without interfering that they were more successful also. He did give the groups incentives though that encouraged the borrowers to help each other make money.

Your own mastermind group can be five men or five women. Five members is supposed to be the correct number of people per group according to Dr. Yunus. In Bangladesh the women were all pretty much equally yoked since they all lived in severe poverty I would believe.
I would also guess that if you plan to form your own mastermind group you will want your group to be people that are basically all at the same level as in any click.

It should be just as you normally choose your friends and acquaintances. But this time you want comrades who are business oriented much like yourself.

Napoleon Hill, who captivated millions of people to reach their goals and dreams stated that “whatever the mind can believe and conceive it can achieve – no matter how big the goal or dream is”.

He also always mentioned that the great Dale Carnegie said that if people constantly focus on why they cannot get ahead in life due to things like lack of money or education that they are actually magnetizing more negativity to themselves.

So the bottom line is If you are going to make things happen in your own home business think positively and join or put together a mastermind group that will consist of just five men or five women with similar dreams and meet together regularly. And help motivate each other to become financially free or whatever they desire.

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