Home Business Ideas | Rabbit Farming at Home | Ghar mn khargosh kese palein | in Urdu/Hindi

In this video of Home Business Ideas | Rabbit Farming at Home | Ghar mn khargosh kese palein | in Urdu/Hindi I will show you some update on my Rabbit farm at home.

►Rabbit Farming is upcoming and growing business in Pakistan and all over the world. People think that farming needs proper place and workers but every person who raise any animal and get proper and healthy breed is a farmer.
I want to spread awareness for farming at home so students and teenagers and children could involve in this business.
There are two common types for rabbit farming
1) Colony System
2) Cage System
At home colony system could be difficult and it cleaning is also important issue because you can not live with smell at home.
So Cage system is perfect for Rabbit Farming at home. I am going to build a proper setup for Cage Rabbit Farming at home.
I will try to use things from home and make its cost very low.
I hope someone will be inspired by this video and start farming at home. The good thing is this that children are easily attatched with rabbits and enjoy their presence. The meat of Rabbit is very healthy.

►Due to unavailability of Sunshine at the shed of Rabbit , I have changed their position so proper sunshine could be passed. As everyone knows that their is lot of smell and their waste so to keep their waste dry I place their home at a place where sunshine could be passed.
Due to winters it is difficult that their urine become dry without sunshine and it could become allergical if we do not take care of proper cleaning.

►As it is not a imported breed so it is stronger and their are less chances that disease catch them.
I have this local breed for testing purpose , After i got comfortable then I will surely start farming on expensive breeds like Angora etc.
I will highly recommend all new farmers to first get experience on local breed and then spent money on expensive breeds.

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