Home Business Ideas | Layer Farming Business | Ghar mn murgiyan palein | in Urdu/Hindi

In this video of Home Business Ideas | Layer Farming Business | Ghar mn murgiyan palein | in Urdu/Hindi I will show you how to make a shed for layer farming at roof of your home for at least 100 chicks. It is not costly , All the materials and techniques used in making this shed are taken from professionals.

►Layer Farming means taking eggs from chicks. It is upcoming and very profitable business in future market.

►All of us have something left from our daily food, So by this way you can use you useless food. The living things brought barkat with them.
On the other hand , Chicken coming in today market is not trustful. How can a chick brought up only in 33 days will brought healthy life to you. If you will see this chick in market it is not able to move briskly so how it will make you enough healthy to move briskly. These chicks are gone under the process of different vaccines and medicines just to make them alive for 40 days .
So the better way is do layer or chick farming at home whether you want eggs or meat from them. Once you start this hobby or business or whatever you name it , you will never stop it.

►If you have any query comment me I will share my contact number.
Live a healthy life , Make a healthy Pakistan.

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