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Home Business Ideas / Work From Home – Starting a business has never been easier! Home-based businesses are one of the most popular ways of becoming an entrepreneur. We’ve got plenty of business idea inspiration to make your next (or first!) small business a successful one.

Trent and Preston are here to deliver some of their favorite business ideas that you can start right now, from the comfort of your home.

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No storefront, shop, or office required! You can start these simply and cheaply, making them great for beginner entrepreneurs and those who seek flexibility.

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Hi there, I’m Preston.
And I’m Trent. We’re from TRUiC – “The Really Useful Information Company”.
We provide tools, ideas, and resources to entrepreneurs.
We’ll show you that starting a business is actually a completely manageable journey.
[Quiet] You in?
Sounds like a plan. I’ll follow you anywhere, Preston.
Today, we’re gonna talk about some of our favorite Home-Based Business Ideas.
These home-based business let you work from a controlled environment at your own schedule.
Let’s get those gears turning to see if one of these is right for you!
We have full guides for these ideas, and hundreds more, in the description below.
If you don’t see the idea you’re looking to launch, leave us a comment! After all, finding your perfect fit will spark sustainable action.
Let’s get right to it! Our first idea is Social Media Management.
A social media manager provides ideas and content for their clients.
Basically, you want all the platforms a company uses to reflect a similar message, WHILE accenting each platform’s features and user base.
This is great for those who love social media and content.
But you should also know: the ins-and-outs of what content works where, nail down the consistency and frequency of posts,
and be able to communicate with your clients about what’s succeeding.
I’m gonna start that over and clear my throat.
[mocks his cough]
Our next idea is Tutoring and Lessons.
There’s nearly limitless potential with a tutoring or class-based business.
You can give lessons to students of all ages regarding any special skillset or knowledge you have.
There are several ways you can instruct your clients.
You can tutor one-on-one in person, or you can tutor in a live group setting for a more social, less individualized approach.
And don’t forget one of the most important and popular ways to learn now: Online!
Not only could you have a place for your students to ask questions,
but, you can even record and sell videos where you give thorough and entertaining instruction – like we’re doing.
This provides tons of flexibility for you and your students, and helps you reach a wider client base.
Our third idea is a Virtual Assistant business.
As a virtual assistant, you’d provide remote support to busy professionals.
These duties can include anything from answering calls, scheduling, researching, writing and transcribing,
coordinating travel plans, and generally just being attentive.
On our website, we’ve got a picture of a lady with, like, eight arms – answering phones, writing notes, sipping a coffee…
So I think if you have more than, say, six arms, this business can definitely suit you.
I’m kidding. Actually, with modern tools and apps,
this job is now FINALLY doable for people built more like Preston and I. You know, with two arms or less.
I do have two arms.
Or less!
This definitely suits a well-organized person who can prove their worth,
and there’s no prerequisite on the number of arms you’ll need.
Any additional skills you have, like design, marketing, or even a business degree,
will help you stand out and charge more for your services!
Next up at number four, a Life Coaching business.
As a life coach, you help people make the changes they want to see in their lives.
As a life coach of any kind, you’ll need to build up a client base around your personal brand,
and establish yourself as an authority – that’s KEY.
Then you can increase your value by writing books, hosting online seminars, and even training other life coaches.
Can you imagine? It’s like a uh… self-fulfilling prophecy. I life coach others, and THEY life coach others as well.
Almost like… you were….. babysitting them?
Which leads me PERFECTLY into-
That’s a terrible joke.
– our next business idea!
Our fifth business idea is a Daycare and Nannying business.
This is NOT just a babysitting gig. These days, there’s a huge opportunity for not only childcare,
but other family care as well. In fact, 4 out of every 5 parents use some kind of childcare
in order to find some work-life balance. I guess 4 out of 5 parents haven’t heard they can have their own business based out of their home, huh?
I guess not. Then again, this is kinda the perfect idea for parents to start, anyway!
Many daycares start based out of the home,
which is especially convenient for people who need to watch their own loved ones throughout the day.
It takes a special person to give individualized attention to EVERYONE in their care.
You can increase this business’ value through wholesome meals, lesson plans, outings, and activities.
When you charge per-child and per-month, you can quickly turn a large profit.
[BIG cough] It’s not happenin’.
I can’t tell if you’re joking or being serious-
No, this is 100% real.
Number 6: Pet Sitting.
If you love animals, pet sitting could be a great fit for you.
There are no required skills, although most pet owners prefer their sitters have some previous experience.
You’re never watching any of my pets, that’s for sure Preston.
If you’re passionate though about pursuing more pet-based businesses, you COULD also introduce:
pet training, meal plans, grooming services, and even specialty pet goods.
Pet sitting is an easy and low-cost way to get a jump on an animal-loving career.
You know, if you babysit a big enough animal, like a horse, you could ACTUALLY pet sit.
Sit on it.
Yeah, you proud of that?
Why did-?
Boooo, get off the stage!
Number 7 on our list is a Makeup Artist.
This business plays an essential part in making people feel better about their appearance, or achieving a particular look.
Besides being skilled with makeup, those with an artistic side, who are good with close client interactions,
will LOVE this career.
The way you market your business with determine what your day is like and who your clients are.
You may help clients with daily looks, or you could branch into:
event makeup, permanent makeup, special effect makeup, or makeup for the TV or stage-
Oooh, like some cool space makeup.
You know, all those newscasters need someone to make their skin look like it was buffed with a floor waxer.
I mean, look at it.
If you can’t invest in a studio right away, set up a professional space where you live where clients can feel cared for.
Depending on your clients, you could even travel to their homes at their convenience.
Um, our fourth- no, fifth business idea-
Our 8th idea is a Specialty Craft business.
If you have a hobby or niche mastery that involves lovingly making goods,
consider branding and selling your specialty crafts.
This could be anything from special candles, seasonal jams, pet clothes, caricatures, custom tree houses –
we have guides for them ALL.
We do have guides for them all. ALL of them. We have a RIDICULOUS amount of guides
for all sorts of specialty crafts. It’s almost unbelievable, really.
People are willing to pay a high price for quality goods made by hand.
This means your earning potential is only limited by, well, your hands, your margins and ability to market and sell your products.
You can truly make money creating the things you love.
Coming in at number 9, a Bed and Breakfast.
Providing travelers and vacationers a cozy spot to lay their head has never been easier to do –
or, more popular.
Especially given the accessibility of tools like AirBNB,
consumers are now more likely to reserve a fun B&B over a pricey chain hotel.
I mean, imagine people able to stay in an arcade-themed loft in Chicago over some run-of-the-mill chain hotel.
Or staying in a yurt in the countryside! There’s WAY cooler options with B&Bs.
Way cooler. I mean, imagine staying in a house at all! Park benches can be very cold.
Yeah, they are. If you’ve got a knack for hospitality, unused space on your property over the weekends,
and live in a popular area, you’ve got a solid foundation for starting a bed & breakfast.
[sings badly]
I have no idea what the words are.
It’s on you, Preston. You ready?
Finally, at number 10: and Online Business.
If you’ve got an internet connection at home, you can do any online-based business from home as well.
This seems obvious, but this means there’s a whole other world of businesses open to you.
We’ve got a whole other video that goes over online business ideas in further detail.
There’s a link in the description below, as well as the links to the guides on all the ideas we’ve mentioned above.
These are just some of the ideas that we’ve brainstormed for you.
We have HUNDREDS more on
and we’re coming up with new ones constantly!
That was my line.
We’re not JUST providing the ideas, either.
Follow the links below for full-blown how-to guides on starting each of these businesses.
We also have instructions, legal documents, discounts – basically everything you’ll need
to form an LLC in your state.
We’re dedicated to providing quality content and educational material to make starting your own business
easy and approachable. Give us a like and subscribe for more videos!
Leave us a comment if you’ve got a business idea you need help getting off the ground.
We’d be more than happy to point you in the right direction.
That’s all for now. From all of us at TRUiC, we wish you the best of luck with your new business.
Good luck!
[background] What’d be really cool is if we did this all day!
Today, we’re gonna look at Trent’s broad shoulders- I mean, Home-Based Business Ideas.
I just didn’t want Preston to look AS tall as me on video. I don’t want people to be confused-
Are you kidding-?
-and thinking that, like, this guy is tall. He’s not.
I need them to know who the tall guy is.
Well I’ll tell ya what, the blooper reel is gonna be fantastic,
but the actual content is going to be lacking.

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