Home Business Bootcamp and Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch for 25 September 2020

Home Business Bootcamp Training Day is every Friday morning at Worldprofit.

Worldprofit’s Bootcamp Instructor, George Kosch, the architect of Worldprofit’s business platform, and the CEO and Co-Founder of Worldprofit Inc., provides the LIVE training, takes your questions, does demonstrations to enrich your learning and understanding of how to grow your own successful online business.
Training sessions starts at 8 AM CT / 9 AM ET.
(Not sure what time that is in your part of the world? Do a Google Search for a Time Zone Converter.
For those unable to attend the LIVE sessions, we do a recap each week and record the session for your convenience.

Bootcamp Training Topics:

NEW MEMBERS: Here’s what to do next.
Important things to know and DO to get out of the gate the RIGHT way – skills and knowledge that rewards you for YEARS in this industry
Worldprofit’s marketing system works. Here’s proof you can verify yourself.
Ask yourself how did YOU get here? Your Sponsor followed our training, he / she DID what we teach – and YOU are now a Member.
Discussion: Got your OWN Affiliate programs you want to promote? Fantastic!
George demonstrated some of the powerful resources in your member area to help you grow your OTHER businesses.
Specifics on how Worldprofit’s system WORKS in the background so you can focus on PROMOTION
How our Members helped us create the most powerful platform for affiliate marketers developed over 25 years
Who’s Logged in: What it is and how to use this vital data to know who are your BEST Associates!
Your Worldprofit Prospect Manager: What it is; how to use; features and inclusions
Discussion: How to know if your Lead Source is providing REAL leads and not fake bot generated sign ups.
Your Ad Tracker (one of the MOST important tools in your member area) provides vital intel on your promotion
Basic Ad Tracker is included in your Membership; Advanced Ad Tracker included only in the Platinum VIP Membership
Worldprofit’s LIVE Business Center. Focus on promotion; those who login are greeted by our Monitors. How YOU benefit.
Worldprofit’s LINK Manager. New features added to this included popular promotion tool
Your Membership is PACKED to the rafters with tools, software, training and support – everything you need to start and GROW your business now and for years to come. You can’t learn everything at once, go at your own pace, follow the training, need help, ask.
Worldprofit’s Autoresponder: Built and Supported by Worldprofit
Why spending time on KEY WORDS and SEO can be a complete waste of time. George explains why and where to better focus your effort to get leads.
How to create your own unique STUNNING Splash / Landing Pages and use Worldprofit’s Graphic Studio
Be the PROMOTER. Be the List Builder. Be the Seller! STOP being the BUYER, the receiver of other people’s ads/offers/mailings.

We just added 25 more sites!
Silver and Platinum VIP members get access to ALL 250+ sites to get free advertising using the provided PROMO CODE.
The PROMO CODES are exclusive to Worldprofit Members, use to get TONS and TONS of free advertising for all your affiliate programs.
Promo Codes are like coupons that allows you to get hundreds and hundreds of dollars in free advertising.
By joining these Safelists yourself anyone you Sponsor goes under you, terrific downline builder!
THANK YOU to Dave Mosher for providing EXCLUSIVE PROMO Codes for Worldprofit Members

Platinum VIP Membership: Benefits
Ready to get more serious about your online business?
Upgrade from Silver membership to Platinum VIP Membership and…
earn DOUBLE the commission, get our Autoresponder, Graphics Studio, Mega Monthly Traffic injection, advanced training courses and more. Submit a Support Ticket to request pricing and full details.


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Lesson 3 is KEY to your success and reveals how to activate your purchase BONUSES – don’t miss out on this – extremely valuable!
Please follow the instructions on Lesson 3 to get your bonuses and know how to access and what to do with them.
If you don’t follow the instructions and try to skip ahead you will get frustrated.
Take the time, it is worth it and will save you time and be profitable for you as your business grows.