Are you ready for tax season? There are more reasons than ever to get started now on your taxes. The IRS will start processing 2020 returns on Feb. 12 — while still shoveling through last year’s files in an effort to work through stimulus payments. The IRS has adjusted individual income tax brackets for inflation and, with last year’s CARES Act, changed many rules concerning charitable deductions, IRA and 401(k) plans and student loans. You’re going to have to navigate them all to hit that April 15 tax return deadline. We Will discuss these interests and other points of concern.

We are so excited to welcome our guests panelist:

* Storm Leroy – founder and sole proprietor of A.S.K. (Always Seek Knowledge). In 1999 Storm realized the benefits of property ownership and decided to expand his real estate holdings and explore out-of-state real estate investments. He provides mentorship, investment courses, advice, consultation and assistance with acquisitions for those looking to invest in the out-of-state real estate market.

* “Mark Spark” Welch – received his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting/Business Management and worked for Mount Sinai Hospital as a Financial Analyst. His experience in the world of entertainment has taken him far and wide. His vast portfolio not only covers music but also includes his role as Content Creator and Executive Producer for Film, Television, and Documentaries.

Our guests can be found at:
IG: @mark.spark.welch
IG: @storm_management_investment

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