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video ads are an effective channel for reaching your target audience and driving sales, especially with the new auto play feature that captures the attention of users as they scroll down the News Feed.

Posting a quality video doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune, Help your audience understand your story with animated explainer videos.
Video is the most effective form of media to promote your product or services. This is especially true for illustrating how your product or service works and benefits your target audience.

However, producing videos with “real people” takes time and money. It involves building appropriate sets, and it requires you to adhere to legal requirements such as obtaining image and licensing rights from talent and property owners.
A less intrusive solution to creating video is with whiteboard animation. Whiteboard animation, also called scribing, is a form of doodling. It illustrates drawings of characters, objects and places on screen while the audience watches along. You can add audio, including voice-over, sound effects and music. Plus, you can add photos or video footage to your production.
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