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Home based business ideas. If you want to start a home based business here are some ideas to help you make the most of what you DO have. Every home based business faces the same challenges in terms of time and money. Here are 6 top tips for making the most of what you do have. Get my FREE training on how to grow a profitable home based business https://online-profits-university.com/webinar-training

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how to start a business without any money
Bernadette Doyle here from Bernadette.tv where
we help you be the best you can be in your
business AND your life.
This week’s question comes from Carol who
asks, Is there any way to go from broke to
a financially secure business?
Carol, the answer is OF COURSE! Let’s face
it — everyone who’s ever started a business
from scratch have always faced the same problems:
no reputation, they no money, and they have
virtually no resources.
• Not enough time!
• Not educated enough!
• Not smart enough!
• Not old/young enough!
But let’s face it, just about EVERY successful
business has started with these same challenges.
For example, Richard Branson started his first
business venture as a schoolboy making sales
calls from the phone box at the end of the
Apple was started Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak
in one of their parents’ garage
Innocent smoothies was started with one stall
at a music festival
I could give you many more examples, but the
point is consistently successful people don’t
worry about what they do or don’t have, they
do their best with what is available to them.
That’s called resourcefulness.
Instead of complaining about how few hours
there are in a day, make the most of the 24
hours you DO have — the same 24 hours that
everyone is given.
Instead of using a lack of money or education
as an excuse, do your very best with what
you DO have.
Instead of wishing for something that you
don’t have and using that as your reason NOT
to move forward, look for what you can use
right now, who you can speak to, for something
they can learn, for anything that will take
them closer to their goals.
If you’re struggling in life at the moment
and have goals that seem as far away as ever,
my suggestion to you is don’t blame a lack
of resources, but become more resourceful
with what you have.
Do what you can, with what you’ve got, from
where you are.
You’ll be amazed at what you can do with what
you’ve already got.
Of course, this also means that you’ve got
less excuses for not making progress, giving
you more responsibility for your success (or
lack thereof) whether you like it or not.
As scary and confronting as this can be for
some people, it’s a good thing.
So what have you got around you that you can
be more resourceful with?
Here are my six top tips for making the most
of what you’ve got when starting a business
from scratch.
1. Use the resources at your fingertips. Have
a car? You could offer a local delivery service.
Have a kitchen? You could start making cakes
or providing catering for parties.
2. Build a business round the skills you already
possess. What can you do that someone else
might be prepared to pay for? Can you make
clothes, paint and decorate, programme a computer,
speak Italian? Do you have a hobby you could
turn into a business? If you possess a skill
that other people don’t, or would need to
invest time and money learning for themselves,
that immediately puts you at a big advantage.
3. look for the gaps in the market — your
business will be most successful when you
serve an existing want and need which isn’t
already being met in the market. This may
take some digging and some creative thinking
on your part. The willingness to do this separates
the wannabes from the players.
4. Get customers to pay you upfront — or
at worse, half upfront, half later, so that
your costs are always covered. When steve
jobs started apple he got a purchase order
from his first customer and used that to secure
credit to get the parts he needed to fulfill
the order. There is ALWAYS a way.
5. Don’t put your fledgling business under
pressure by expecting it too pay for all your
living expenses and personal outgoings too
soon. It may take months, or even years before
your business can pay you a full time salary.
Until then, you may need to work part or even
full time to cover your living expenses. In
reality that may mean you are working two
full time jobs to get your business off the
ground. Sometimes that’s what it takes.
6. Make the most of free technology to promote
your business. You can build a website for
nothing using wordpress.org Then get social
networking. It’s free, it’s easy, and it’s
an amazing way of promoting your business
without spending any money. Sign up to Twitter,
create a Facebook page, and join Linkedin.
Finally I want to share without one of my
favourite quotes : ‘God doesn’t give us our
dreams without the ability to make them happen’
If you have a dream for a business, then you
also inside of you all the seeds to make it
happen. Does that mean it will be easy? NO.
You may have to dig deep, you may discover
inner strengths that you didn’t know you had
— but the path to where you want to be starts
from where you are now.
Don’t delay your dream by wishing for a different
starting point. Get started TODAY by making
the most of what you have right now.
Carol that was my answer to your question,
thank you so much for asking it.
So now I’d like to hear from YOU! What have
you been telling yourself you ‘need’ before
you can get started? Have you overcome a lack
of resources? How did you do it? What are
your FAVOURITE inspirational examples of people
who have overcome a lack of resources to achieve
something they wanted? Let’s build a collection
of inspiring examples and bust through those
‘I CAN’T BECAUSE….’ Excuses.
Come and share your examples on my blog, so
go there and leave a comment now.
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