Hobby to Home Business in just FIVE STEPS

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πŸ’ž Working from home is a dream for many people. If you’re having to work from home for the first time you may face some unexpected challenges. You see becoming an Entrepreneur is not for everyone
πŸ“’ Handling workflow, struggling with motivation and not having the tools you need for the project (Home Business) are all challenges you may face when working from home needless to say the time and hard work that will be part of building your home business…

➑️ In this episode you will learn 5 steps to help you follow your passions through you own business.

πŸ’ž Additional resources:

1. MLM / Network Marketing business will vary with a initial affiliate / consultant start up kit to purchase your products. Listed below is the website to Direct Selling News top 100 MLM companies to help you decide what company is best for you.

πŸ“’Website:πŸ”— https://www.directsellingnews.com/dsn-announces-2020-global-100-list/
πŸ”— https://www.irs.gov – EIN number and Information
πŸ”— https://www.sba.gov/ – U.S. Small Business Administration

πŸ“’Types of Business:
➑️ Partnership
➑️ Corporation S or Corporation C
➑️ Sole -Proprietorship
➑️ Non-Profit Corporation

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