HIGH PAYING Business Ideas that ANYONE Can Start

HIGH PAYING Business Ideas that ANYONE Can Start

Sometimes it can seem like there are only TWO kinds of opportunities:
1) Those that are OUT OF REACH because they require skills, money, connections, or something else you don’t quite have access to.
2) Lame opportunities that aren’t worth your time or effort and won’t get you the RESULTS you really want.

It can lead you to wonder if there are truly GOOD opportunities out there left for YOU.

I say YES.

What do you think?

Finding these opportunities starts with having a positive mindset: if you believe they don’t exist then you’ll never find them.

Then, it involves doing your research and actually LOOKING for them.

Finally… you have to *take action* on what you find. Just making lists of what you COULD do won’t get you anywhere.

In this week’s video, I’m doing step #2 — research — for you, handing over a list of HIGH PAYING business ideas that truly ANYONE can do — if they put in the work.

But steps #1 and #3? Those are on you.

Watch the video, then leave a comment sharing which ideas stands out to you AND what you’re going to do to actually move forward with it.

Opportunity is out there, and I know you can find the right one for YOU. ♥️

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(car honking)
– Imagine a cashier at
your local grocery store.
How much do they earn
for every hour they work?
Maybe around $12, maybe more, maybe less,
the exact number isn’t important.
Now consider the manager at your bank.
How much do they earn?
Harder to say, but
probably over $50 an hour.
Now the cashier may work fewer
hours than the bank manager,
but that’s not the point here.
The point is that for every
hour the bank manager works,
he earns more than four times
as much as the cashier, why?
Well, quite simply, because
time doesn’t have a fixed ratio
or a fixed relationship to
production or to income.
Consider as another example, Sara Blakely,
the billionaire founder of Spanx.
Now, Sara definitely put in her hours,
pounding the pavement, peddling
Spanx from store to store
for years to build the brand
and to this day, she’s
a hard working lady.
But if today, Sara decided she
wanted to take the week off
and she spent all 168 hours
curled up in bed, eating bonbons
and binge watching her favorite TV series,
how much money do you
think Sara would earn?
Even without lifting a finger,
Spanx would continue to fly
off department store shelves
and dollars would continue to fly
into her company’s bank account.
Sara would be growing richer by the hour,
without even putting a pair of Spanx on.
The math seems weird.
How can one person be
clocking hours for $12 each,
well another earns $50,
and still another is bringing
in hundreds of thousands
whilst just sitting on her assets?
The math isn’t wrong though.
And these situations also don’t defy math.
They just aren’t a straight addition.
Nope, this is more like
one of those complicated
algebraic word problems
that you and I have long
ago forgotten how to solve.
Here’s the basic idea though.
Time and effort can be spent
now for immediate cash out.
You pass go, you collect
$200 sort of thing.
Or they can be invested.
Like when you buy Park Place,
and Boardwalk and build a hotel on each.
Chances are you’re only a
few hundred dollars away
from broke at that point,
but everyone else at the table is quaking
because they know you’re
about to rake it in
and they’re about to be screwed.
Said another way,
you can start working at
the grocery store today
and start immediately
earning 12 bucks an hour,
or you can invest $100,000 go
to college for six-plus years
and get your master’s in finance
and land that $50-an-hour
bank manager position.
Or you can be smart like Sara Blakely,
and invest that time, money and energy,
into building a business of your own
that a few years from now,
can be pulling in many
thousands of dollars per week
whether you show up for work or not.
Different opportunities require
different initial investment
of time, money and effort.
Many opportunities also require
that you have some specialized
skills or experience.
Now in this video,
I’m going to share with you
several different opportunities
that don’t require any
sort of specialized skills,
don’t require a college
or any advanced training.
However, these are businesses
that require work to start
and time before they’ll
start earning you any money.
They’re completely the
opposite of get rich quick,
but they do have the
ability to create wealth
for someone who may be
starting at the bottom.
Finally, a warning.
If you try to cut corners
and get rich quick with one of these ideas
that really requires time
and energy and effort,
then most likely,
you’ll just wind up wasting your time
and anything else you
invest into the venture.
The first-high paying opportunity
that I wanna share with you today,
is ecommerce and
specifically, drop shipping.
Now drop shipping is basically
when you sell physical products online,
but you don’t warehouse them yourself.
And generally, you don’t ship them
to the customer yourself either.
Instead, you are selling products
that another company,
a manufacturer produces
and when someone purchases
one of those products
from your website,
you then tell the manufacturer,
typically with an automated software,
that that product has been ordered
and the manufacturer ships
it directly to the customer.
Now you can also build a different type
of e-commerce business that
sells physical products
and you aren’t a drop shipping,
where you are actually
warehousing the products yourself.
However, most people would agree
that it will be much easier
and require a much smaller investment
if you do go the drop shipping route
because storing products
and shipping them can be very expensive.
If you do your market research
and you find a product that
there is good demand for,
there is a huge opportunity
for profit here.
Obviously, there is an
infinite opportunity
for selling physical products online.
This very general industry
generates billions
and billions of dollars every year
and you can find your spot in that market.
However, keep in mind
that this is a business,
like all of the ones we’re
going to talk about today,
that does require a fair
amount of initial investment
of time and energy,
because you have to work
to find the right products
that there is a good
demand for for your store.
And then after that,
you’re going to have to
put in a lot of effort
to effectively market your store
so that you can stand out from the crowd
and get found by your customers.
If you do go the drop
shipping route, though,
it’s not going to require
much of an initial investment.
It won’t be free,
because you will have to
initially buy some products
to ensure quality of
these physical products
that you’re selling.
But you aren’t going to need to spend
more than a few hundred
or a couple thousand dollars at most.
Another type of physical product business
that you could start has a
really different business model.
Instead of you selling the
products on your own site
and having them be shipped
for the manufacturer,
you’re selling websites
on a third party platform.
Specifically, the common
way that people do this
is with Amazon.
Amazon has a program called Amazon FBA
which means Fulfillment By Amazon.
And basically what it means,
is that you send your products
that you’re going to sell
to the Amazon warehouse
and then whenever someone
buys one of those products,
Amazon actually sends it to the customer.
They deal with all the transactions
and they also deal with all
of the customer service.
This business model is
similar to drop shipping,
but it definitely has some
different pros and cons.
Now, specifically, because you’re working
with a very well known company, Amazon,
you can trust them more
than maybe you could trust a manufacturer
that you don’t have as much knowledge
or experience working with,
so that you know that Amazon is in fact,
going to ship the product
to the customers reliably.
However, on the other side of things,
there are some more unknowns,
because with Amazon FBA,
you do have to invest more money up-front
because you have to buy your products
and then have them shipped to Amazon.
This means you might invest
several thousand dollars
in your initial batch of products
and you may not be sure whether
or not these products will actually sell.
And that means that
it’s even more important
with this business model,
that you do plenty of
upfront research to ensure
that there is demand.
And it can also be very helpful,
like, you definitely should do this,
to learn how the Amazon algorithms work
to make sure that your products
will rank well on Amazon
so that you can ensure
that you get the sales
that you need in order
to recoup your investment
and earn profits.
Now, one of the reasons
why doing Amazon FBA
can be so incredibly profitable,
is because Amazon already has
an enormous customer base.
And so it’s easier to
actually generate sales
with your products,
than if you’re trying to sell the products
on your own website where you
have to drive all the traffic,
you have to get all the attention,
all the exposure for your products.
On Amazon, you’re going to
get some of that built in.
So you are potentially able
to do a much larger volume
of sales, which means more profits.
Also, as you can see,
this doesn’t really require
any specialized skills
or previous experience.
You need to learn how
the FBA program works
and you need to learn how
to do market research.
But beyond that, you’re
selling a physical product.
So you’re not having to
provide any sort of service
or anything like that to customers
that you need to have the technical skills
in order to be able to provide well.
Within the next type of business
that I wanna share with you,
there are many different options
for specific versions of this
business that you could start.
The type of business is an agency.
You can start an agency
even if you don’t have much experience
or the technical skills to do the work
that the agency might provide
to the clients yourself.
An agency is a certain
type of business model
where you have multiple
people working for you
that are providing services to clients.
There are lots of different
types of agencies out there
that you could potentially start.
These include digital marketing agencies,
advertising agencies, creative agencies,
social media management agencies,
virtual assistant agencies,
and online business management
agencies, just to name a few.
Now, as I mentioned, you
don’t necessarily need
to have the technical skills yourself.
You don’t need to be skilled
or familiar with all of the intricacies
of running an online marketing campaign,
or of managing an online business
or of doing all of the different tasks
that a virtual assistant might do.
However, in order to be successful
with this business model,
you’ll definitely need to
have a general understanding
of how this field works
and how the work needs to get done,
so that you can make sure
that you hire service
providers to work for you,
who are actually good at what they do.
Now, this type of
business does require time
and effort to build because
you have to take the time
to find the right people to work for you,
who are actually very
skilled at what they do
and then you have to take
time to market your business
to attract the customers who
will be paying your business
to provide services for them.
However, it’s again not going to require
a very much initial investment of money
because you providing a service.
And typically, you’ll only be
paying the service providers
when you have client work for them to do.
Though it doesn’t require
a big upfront investment,
an agency-style business
often has a significant monthly overhead,
which just means that your
fixed expenses every month,
can be fairly substantial.
Those are just a few
things to keep in mind
if you’re interested in
starting an agency business.
But an agency business can
be extremely profitable.
And especially it can allow
you to create a large amount
of profit for yourself
to earn a lot of money,
without necessarily having to
put in a lot of hours of work
every single week,
since you have employees or contractors
who are working for you
to provide the services
to the clients,
so you aren’t doing that
service work yourself.
The fourth high-paying opportunity
that you can do with very
little skill and experience,
is one of my favorites and it is to create
and sell an online course.
What’s great about selling online courses,
is that first of all, anyone can do it.
But second of all, the expense
associated with creating
and marketing an online
course is very low.
You honestly could make an online course
using just the camera in your phone
and free software online.
And then you could start selling it
and start making even money
without having to invest
any money of your own upfront.
Now at first, you might think
that this type of business
or opportunity really
would require some skills
to get started with
because you have to
have some sort of skills
that you’re teaching
in your online course.
And while that is true,
I’m confident that you do
have some marketable skills.
These might not be skills
that you think of right
now as marketable skills,
but there are things that you are good at,
experiences that you have had in the past
that you could share with others
so that they could learn from them.
These don’t necessarily
have to be business skills
or skills that a client
would need done for them.
But if you have any sort of hobby
that you are skilled at at all,
that’s something that you
could turn into a course
that could turn into profit for you.
The reason why selling
courses does require time
and energy and effort in order
to start making money with,
is because you have to
invest the time initially
to create the course,
but even more than that,
you have to spend the time
and effort to market the course.
You have to do market research,
to find the right customers
and figure out how to best talk to them,
to explain to them the
benefits of your course.
You need to invest effort
and take time to get the word out
about your course to people
to even find out about it
and you have to convince
those people to buy.
It takes time to get these things right.
Most people spend several months,
if not a year or two,
before they’re able to
build their audience
to a large enough size,
that they’re able to support themselves
with their core sales.
But this still is a huge opportunity
because the profit margins are so good
and the online course industry is growing
every single year.
Every single year new, people are deciding
to start taking online courses
and are investing more and more money
into programs like this.
The final type of
highly-profitable business
that I’m gonna share with you today,
is that of running a membership
or a subscription program.
There are two different
ways that you could do this.
But both of them are similar in that,
you’re providing something
to your customers
every single month that
they are paying you for
on a recurring basis.
So instead of just buying a
product from you one time,
your customers are signed up or subscribed
to pay every single month.
The most typical version of this
that we’ve seen in the past has
been magazine subscriptions.
But the two versions that
I’ll mention now is, one,
an online subscription.
This is often called a membership site.
And in this type of business,
you provide a website with
content to your customers,
your customers pay you every single month
to continue to have
access to this material.
Most often, this is educational material,
but it could be any
sort of digital material
that your customers or
subscribers are paying you
to have access for.
Another version of this subscription model
that you could consider,
would be selling subscription boxes
that you deliver to your
customers every month.
They initially sign up,
but then they pay you every
single month for a package
that you mail them containing items
that are centered around a certain theme.
The more profitable
version of this business,
definitely tends to be the digital version
of a membership site
because the expenses
for that business model,
will be much lower,
which means you’re able
to keep very large profits
every single month.
Now the great thing about
starting a membership site
like this is that your
profits will snowball
from one month to the next.
As you work every single month
to acquire new customers,
you will experience a little bit of churn
where some of your customers decide
to discontinue their subscription.
But the majority of your subscribers,
if you’re running your site well,
will stick around.
And that means that every single month,
you will have more members
than the previous month,
which means that you will have more
subscription payments coming in,
and you’ll be making more
money, month after month
even if you’re working exactly
the same amount each month,
or even you take some time off.
As I mentioned earlier on,
all of the different opportunities
that I’ve discussed in this video,
do require a fairly large,
initial upfront investment
of time and energy.
You’re not gonna start making money
from them right off the bat.
If you’re looking though,
for some opportunities
that you could get started with right now
and you don’t have much experience
or very many technical skills,
then you need to go back
and watch my last video,
which was about exactly that.
In that video, I broke down a process
that you could follow to
go from where you’re at now
with limited skills, resources,
to having the skills
and experience you need
in order to take advantage
of an opportunity
like one of these that we’ve
talked about in this video.
But I also go into a list
of several different jobs
that you could get started with right now,
even if you don’t have any
experience or skills at all.
So if you wanna find out
about those opportunities,
then just click up there in the corner,
or you can check down below
for a link to that video.
And if you wanna learn even more
about how to get started
working for yourself,
then make sure you
subscribe to my channel.
I make new videos every single week
that cover all the different
aspects of working for yourself
and how to be more
successful at doing that.
And I would love to have you
join me for future videos.
You can make sure you
don’t miss the next video
by clicking the subscribe button
and also by ringing the notification bell
so you find out when it comes out.
All right, well that’s all for this video.
Thank you so much for watching.
If you enjoyed it, hit that
like button to let me know
and I’ll see you again next week.

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