Here Is How To Build Big Biceps And Big Arms

Here Is How To Build Big Biceps And Big Arms

Here is how to build big biceps with the perfect bicep workout also known as 21s
This super powerful arm workout has to be done correctly
Use a pair of medium weighted dumbbells for this bicep workout

and perform 21’S arm curls as follows

First use your biceps to perform 7 partial repetitions from bottom to midway position

when you are done this part of the biceps exercise, perform 7 reps from mid way position to the top of the bicep curl- you have now done 14 reps in this biceps training session
Then finally perform 7 full reps of this bodybuilding biceps exercise Be sure to take all sets to positive failure
Your biceps will feel huge and muscular biceps can be yours. If you would like to discover more ways to develop more muscular Biceps muscles then go to this site and get a free report at


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