Gym Workout Program For Fast Fat Burning Results Fat X 101

More fat burning workouts at This video workout is another addition to Coach Rollie’s Bonus Fat Burning Workout Series at Fat X 101.

Most people go to the gym and are confused about training and exercise. They walk around aimlessly. This Fat X 101 metabolic boosting fat burning workout will help. This workout routine is a basic workout you can do at the gym that targets your full body and only requires basic gym equipment and will get you fast fat burning results. It’s an easy yet effective gym training program that will give you great workouts.

Take things outdoors and change things up, check out this Fat X 101 fat burning workout

Try the Coach Rollie Zombie Hunter Workout:

Try the Fab 4 workout:

Get strong to increase your metabolism and burn even more fat with this workout:

For more fat burning workouts for men, and fat burning workout for women, visit

Are you in the Pasadena area? Contact Coach Rollie for one on one private fitness coaching (personal training).

Coach Rollie does his private fitness coaching (personal training) and small group workout classes at:
FX Training Pasadena
2061 N. Los Robles Ave. #104
Pasadena, CA 91104


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