Group Funnels Review and Software Tutorial for Facebook Group Growth

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Group Funnels Review and Software Tutorial for Facebook Group Growth

Want to grow your Facebook group so you can get more traffic, leads, and sales?

Group Funnels is a software that helps you be more efficient and productive by saving you a TON of time when it comes to managing your group.

Instead of individually approving new members into your group, you can just click a few buttons and import peoples email addresses into any email autoresponder that you use.

By getting more people into your group faster, the Facebook algorithm pics up on this and shows your group in the suggested groups more often, getting you a TON of FREE traffic and leads which can turn into sales by engaging your group.

In this video I show you a quick tutorial on how to use Group Funnels and explain exactly how I use it.

I highly suggest Group Funnels if you want to grow your Facebook group.

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hey guys Rachel Eisley here and in this
video I’m going to go over group funnels
and how it’s working for me is it
getting me leads is it getting me sales
is it growing my business growing my
audience I’ll show you how it works a
little bit about how I use it and if you
are into software reviews and cool tips
and ways to do even better with your
digital marketing be sure to subscribe
to my channel so let’s get into this so
group funnels was created to help you
get more leads and save time when
managing your Facebook group and
approving people and it’s a very unique
way to collect leads so I’m going to
show you a little bit how I use it in my
Facebook group in one of my groups so I
have this Facebook group and every
single day people are requesting to join
let me scroll up about 20 100 members
right now I remember when I started
using group funnels I had maybe 500
members and I was see how many requests
I have to join the group I was getting
these requests and I was like approving
everybody or deciding who to approve I
would take people’s emails and then go
manually copy and paste them into my
opt-in page so they can go through my
automated sequence but with group
funnels that you do not have to do that
so I’ll show you guys some of the
requests that I get so I have all these
requests and when people don’t answer
the questions I have these like three
questions I ask what are you looking to
get out of the group do you promise not
to spam and what’s your email if they
can’t even answer the first two then I
do not want them in the group because
they are probably a spammer so I just
organized by I organized it by if they
answer the questions and still even if
they answered the questions I could
click approve all and it puts them into
the group funnels system but a lot of
them are also still spammers so I just
one by one or you can have your VA do
this so yes yes but when they say things
like okay okay just does a decline but
not everyone leaves their email but for
the ones that do it automatically is
putting them in to the data area so I
just click here on my browser and when I
go view the data I have this sheet this
sheet of all these emails all I do is
click push to Google sheet and then I
clear the data just too so it doesn’t
load twice and what it’s doing is it’s
putting them into a Google sheet which
is connected to my email autoresponder
through zapier and when you get group
funnels and set it up they walk you
through exactly how to do that so I do
this about once a day sometimes I get so
like excited about my group and I just
love seeing it grow and when it grows I
can you can write a post to welcome the
new members and it automatically tags
them I have it go into convertkit so as
you can see here like 23rd 20 new people
and I have to hover over it’s the one it
says from Facebook group from Facebook
group so it goes into a special form
which goes into a special sequence so I
do this about once a day sometimes I get
excited and want to like approve people
all the time but that’s not a good use
of time
really I should have my VA s do this
more often I just and it’s something I
enjoy doing with group funnels you can
grow your email list or start emailing
people faster than you would than you
would if you were doing this manually it
also helps with your group engagement
because you’re efficiently getting
people in you’re getting the right
people in you’re excited they’re excited
it’s one thing growing a Groupon is
another thing engaging a group so to get
started with group funnels I’m gonna put
my link below I’m gonna put my affiliate
link and as a bonus if you guys use my
affiliate link I will review your group
for you I’ll do like an audit of your
group so just email me rachel at rachel
Leslie comm or comment below get in
touch with me on Facebook that you use
my affiliate link and I will do an audit
of your Facebook group and give you tips
on how you can get it more engaged and
like get more leads and get more sales
so when you guys open up the link you’ll
just it might look different by the time
you’re here but click to get started and
then there are a couple different plans
so you can do the bait the monthly or
the lifetime I would do the lifetime I’m
on lifetime you could do the monthly but
you’d save with the lifetime if you’re
going to keep using it and I definitely
am going to keep using it and then there
is also options to get some training
some extra training and everything that
comes from the creators of this software
Arnie and Matt is really good they have
very active groups they’re great at
sales funnels digital marketing growing
groups affiliate marketing ton of cool
things so they only put out good content
alright guys so final verdict
do I like group funnels yeah duh is it
has it helped me yes it totally has has
it made my group better save me time yes
and yes I highly recommend it I’m gonna
put my links down below if you liked
this video and you want to check out
even more cool software’s that I
recommend things to help you make more
money online be sure to subscribe to my
channel and turn on the notifications
and I’ll see you guys in the next video