GrooveFunnels Review & Pricing 2020 – Groove Funnels Review Demo & Lifetime Access Beta Backer

Get GrooveFunnels 2.0 Review Pricing – Lock in your $497 Lifetime and Exclusive $997 value bonus

GrooveFunnels Review & Pricing 2020 – Groove Funnels Review Demo & Lifetime Access Beta Backer

In this video we check out my Groovefunnels review video and I demo the different features of the Groove Funnels funnel building software and how to get the best Groove Funnels pricing discount in 2020.

GrooveFunnels has been developed by respected digital marketing expert Mike Filsaime to his exacting specifications for marketing online.

The GrooveFunnels pricing for the software suite will be changing as it is coming to the end of its beta development phase and when it goes to public release it will be sold only as a monthly subscription.

The GrooveFunnels prices are in line with what you will pay for other marketing leading funnel building software on the market. But with the other software on the market you will just get funnel building software and you won’t get the email services, calendar services, service desk or many of the other major features such as the webinar features. This is what makes GrooveFunnels a unique suite of digital marketing tools.

The free lifetime option is not a trial, it is a lifetime license but has some restrictions on use such as limited access to templates and the number of pages or funnels that you can build but you can use it fine for a start up business.

For a limited time you can get hold of a GrooveFunnels lifetime license with all the features included with unlimited usage on all of the features. This is a fantastic saving for you that you would pay over the life of your business. You could get a lifetime GrooveFunnels license with all the features for less than a years subscription would cost you elsewhere for only some GrooveFunnels features.

And as a bonus Paul Murphy my online mentor and respected UK online marketing expert has allowed me to offer his $997 training to you for just $1 when you sign up with GrooveFunnels.

This training will show you how to get unlimited traffic to your services or offers from both Google and YouTube without paying for expensive online marketing costs with paid traffic. This could save your business thousands and thousands of dollars promoting your products and services. All bonuses will be delivered to you automatically when you sign up.

Check out the link below to a webinar recorded to show all the features of the software in more detail and make sure to pick up the GrooveFunnels lifetime with bonus offer before the lifetime closes.

0:00 GrooveFunnels review & pricing
0:30 Mike Filsaime GrooveFunnels review design
1:10 GrooveFunnels product apps
2:30 Inside the GrooveFunnels dashboard
3:00 Inside the GroovePages dashboard
3:30 Quick & easy drag and drop page builder
3:50 Mobile responsive landing pages
4:40 GrooveFunnels whats included
9:50 GrooveFunnels Webinar Backdoor Lifetime Secret Access Link
10:40 GrooveFunnels Bonus Offer 2020 – Exclusive $997 Value Bonus

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Thank you for watching our GrooveFunnels Review & Pricing 2020 – Groove Funnels Review Demo & Lifetime Access Beta Backer video

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#GrooveFunnels, #GrooveFunnelsReview, #GrooveFunnelsPricing,
hi guys this is Phil from i’m just gonna do a quick video
today on Groovefunnels review and
pricing video so if you’ve been looking
for a method to save money on a digital
marketing costs or to improve your
automation online to save you even more
money then this is just the video for
you and in a moment i’m also going to
show you a technique that you can copy
to save you even more money on your
online marketing costs so grew funnels
this product from Mike Filsaime
who is a very well respected
internet marketing guru and has been around the
industry probably about 20 years you can
see some of his bio here the profile of
Mike and the important thing of the
relevance of Mike and his development of
Groovefunnels is it really experienced
internet digital marketer and he’s
bringing all the experience to bear
within the design of the products within
the Groovefunnels and then that
richness of marketing experience is
gonna be feeding into all the
integration with all the products when
they’re grew funnels so brew funnels is
a whole suite to digital marketing
products and it consists of Groovepages
and Groovesell Groovemail Groovemember and Groovevideo some of the
products highlighted you but there is actually a
fuller list than this as well and the
Groovepages that around developing web
pages and landing pages for sales
funnels in terms of when you look into
market online and Groovesell will be
the product development area of the
sales funnel so if you wanna add
products within you you selling in your
sales funnel around them into Groovesell
in the Groovemail then will be the
autoresponder product within the suite
of digital marketing tools and again
very tightly integrated so the groove
mail then allow you to segment your
lists and offers to you customers and
potential customers redirect them back
your Groovepages and within then then
you’ll be able to present them videos
from the groove video product so it
really very tightly integrated suite of
products and even more products and
those list it so I’ll take you through
those shortly when we look into the
members here and then Groovekart this
is another key development within the
suite of software within the Groovefunnels and this is all very tightly
focused around the commerce and
replacement of people currently using
Shopify they note in specify but in
terms of groove cart is seen as a part
product to Shopify which again will be
in this whole suite of products with
little funnel suite of products and
again this ease of use drag-and-drop is
key within the whole templates of suite
of products Groovepay this is another
year they’re gonna bring into the Groovecommerce and again you more but
Mike Filsaime in his bio he makes been
involved with some of the key high-end
products which a lot of digital
marketers may be more familiar with like
Kartra Everwebinar WebinarJam but in
terms of now for Groovefunnels I’ll take
you into the dashboard now but the the
webinar features are gonna be added to
GrooveFunnels there’s gonna be direct
competitors for WebinarJam and
Everwebinar so it’s gonna be a Groovewebinar within the group suite of
products so here we are in terms of the
dashboard our Groovefunnels and you know
you can see the Groovepages so these
are the mobile responsive web pages
which you use them to promote your
offers in the funnel and the good thing
about these is they’re all drag-and-drop
what you see is what you get really easy
to edit range of templates people to
choose from then customize suspected to
have a range of templates just as a
starting point and you get a whole
series of the add-ons then in terms of
the blocks you get these are the
features here in terms of call to
actions count and timers contact forms
checkout forms there’s a whole range of
items you can just drag and drop drop
them onto these pages and then create
these pages to suit your offer and your
market and the other thing to note about
these pages then you got these expert
modes or beginners mode so that enormous
expert mode is off just makes it easy to
actually interact and edit the page if
you wanna turn the expert mode features
on the you get a whole other range of
features then become available to you
and then the other thing to notice all
these pages are designed to be mobile
responsive out-of-the-box you don’t have
to consider it it’s just when you create
them they are mobile responsive and you
can see then all you need to do then is
design the page as you normally would
for a desktop so you can see if we
scroll down the page this is the desktop
view and then when you want to look at
it look like on a tablet you just change
it to the tablet view and you can see
then you got the same page and it just
flows down the page
so you didn’t have to consider the
mobile design it’s already built in so
that I think that’s one of the key
features around this product and this is
one of the features you can see now in
the early release this is a phased
rollout for all these products and one
of the first ones become available are
the groove pages was to the landing page
then you got the Groovesell which are
the products within your landing funnel
and all these are already but then on
the roadmap the other product to be
released so things like groove mail
that’s gonna come now later on this year
so that’s in the coming months July
that’s due to be available if check out
the link down below I put a link down
below to a webinar Mike will share all
these products in more detail and
roadmap of these and if you sign up you
can sign up for the free offer you can
view these offers videos around each of
these areas when you sign up you can
view all these as well but you can get
an overview on the webinar so Groovemail
due to come July and then within
the mail then that allow you do
segmentation for your users within your
email lists and the Groovemail then
we’ll replace some of the other
autoresponders which already on the
market and then also they’ll have a
product Groovemember and that’s to be
able to create membership sites again
that’s coming in July and then also then
Groovevideo so this will allow you and
the host your own videos on the your
landing pages that you can create with
the Groovepages so rather than
referring people out to YouTube which
potentially you could lose the visitor
moves off into YouTube watching videos
on YouTube you keep them on your landing
page you keep them focused on your
offers this is one of the strong points
around this products because it’s so
tightly integrate you can create these
pages and it’ll all be high highly
themed then in terms of you customer and
your customer requirements so in terms
of if you are marketing specifically for
customers looking for a certain brand of
product or a certain type of product for
example if you’re doing kitchen cabinets
and some you know some of your customers
was particularly interested in oak
kitchen cabinets all your offers on your
page and your video and you theme them
then all around taking that customer
further down your sales funnel all
around his interest in oak cabinets so
that you can get them closer and closer
to making a buying decision and that’s
the purpose of the sales funnel if you
check out some method
I cover some of those areas but the
purpose of a funnel is to keep educating
and keeping you prospects warm and then
making them move further and further
down you sales funnel and then in term’s
of helping them to make the buying
decision so that’s the aim and the aim
of this whole product suite of Groovefunnels
is to nurture customers and move
them further down a sales funnel a
sequence of events which you engineer
using automation which this system is
designed to be all automated and then
takes them further and further down a
funnel to make a buying decision and in the
other items then future to be released
would be Grooveblog and again this will
build in the Groovepages but this will
be a direct competitor for WordPress and
that’s coming later this year and the
good thing you can see some of the
features we’ve done around the
wireframes and these other items you can
just drag and drop onto your pages all
of that be available in the blog then
but that will replace then the
requirement will buy additional themes
and plug-ins for WordPress and the like
and then the Groovewebinars we will
reference that earlier so that’s coming
later this year and again that will
allow you to host your own webinars
within the grew funnels product you can
reference them from your landing pages
you can take people to the sign up with
the webinars you can take them to the
replays of the webinars and then them on
either the proteases groove desk and
this is for customers who might be
running service there’s you might have
some other software to manage service
support and service desk within your
sales cycle over the new business
processes again that’ll be another
product within the suite and then Groovecalendar this is another team
calendaring product so this again
replaces some other subscriptions you
might have for team calendar events like
but again this allows you then to manage
all your staff and your sales
appointments or with a monitor against a
key theme in of the sales cycle and then
groove survey this will be a key product
this isn’t due to right till next year
2021 but this will be a key product then
in terms when you think in a segment in
you market and you customer base to be
able to segment them you can theme them
they’re more strongly in terms of then
within your sales funnels and survey and
your customers to understand their
requirements helps you then segment them
better to help better serve them and
then help reach them and market to them
better than within your sales well more
targeted marketing with
missiles for now and then the other
items we mentioned an e-commerce and
groove car so this is seen as a Shopify
replacement and again it’s designed for
the print on demand and drop shape and
type customers but again very tightly
themed integrated commerce platform or
within the suite of other software tools
you can then mark it to you customers
from your e-commerce platform and then
groove pages this is the Shopify
replacement and again this is coming mid
July but again this is seen as a drag
and drop style technology to replace
Shopify and it’s worth note in all these
products the funnels and the Shopify
replacement these tools gonna be made
available then certain customers already
invested in Shopify or the funnel
process like click funnels and likes
there’s gonna be import routines for
those products so they can import those
easily into grew funnels customers with
mailing lists with other autoresponders
again they’ll be able to import those
customer mailing lists into the groove
mail so again no loss of any customer
activity or not losing any of you
previous investment in your marketing
efforts you can be able to bring that
over into two integrals and and the good
thing to note so again because these
products now are not all available so
the product is just coming to the end of
its beta so it’s been in beta at it for
about past 12 months and now it’s coming
to the end of the beta but what that
means is the there’s a special price
available to it in the market so later
on in the year it’s going to move into
monthly pricing and there’ll be silver
gold and platinum price plans which will
be monthly subscriptions but for a short
time before those monthly subscriptions
kick in you can purchase this on
lifetime so you can save yourself
thousands of dollars a year if you pick
this up now on the lifetime before it
moves into monthly subscription so share
a link down below to the webinar where
Mike Filsaime will take you through
all of that but now is a good time if
you think this sort of software is
something that you might want to
consider your business and now is a good
time to check out that link down below
and see if this is a good fit for you
for you and your business so as a bonus
guys my online mentor Paul Murphy’s also
allowed me that I can offer to you his
24 hour ranking system for $1 and for
sure I can’t give it away for free
because it’s it’s a paid product but I
give it you for $1 so if you sign up for
Groovepages either the lifetime or the
monthly doesn’t matter following one of
my links then I’ll be able to give to
you you’ll get it automatically once
you’ve signed up into the Groovepages
product you will see then within your
bonuses you will see the 24 ranking
system from Paul Murphy and this is
really fantastic training guys that that
shows you how to get you products and
services ranked really highly on Google
without using any paid traffic I’ll show
you an example here now so if we go into
us to a new search we do a search for
groovepages discount there you go so
that’s my video here in the middle this
is called the carousel so at the minute
I’m getting free traffic from Google and
YouTube for this video and you might
have found this video from from one of
my youtube links but my mentor Paul
Murphy is the guy he decided me so at
the minute I’m competing with Paul he
Paul’s a multi-millionaire he’s making
all his money from YouTube and selling
his products but he’s a really fantastic
guy UK marked an expert and he’s been my
mentor he’s allowed me to offer this
product to you and you’ll find it really
valuable if you’re trying to promote any
product or service doesn’t have to be
affiliate products you can use this then
to get your videos shown up highly on
Google on YouTube and benefit from the
unlimited volume of traffic for Google
and YouTube will give you the two the
biggest search engines on the planet so
I put a link down below to the groove
pages webinar where Mike Filsaime take you
through all the features within the
group pages in the future roadmap and
within there then you’ll be able to get
if it’s still available like some access
for 497 which is a fantastic saving if
you recall the click funnel price in 97
or 297 a month so four four nine seven
so for two months of less than two
months of Clickfunnels you can get a
lifetime access to the funnel features
of Groovepages and there will be two
other upsells if you’re interested in
getting the webinar or the the quiz and
the surveys as part of you funnel
automation there will be two upsells for
those two products they’re for 97 each
but there’s also payment plans so you
can sign up for those if they think
you’ll be interested but definitely get
in definitely sign up for the free guy’s
is fantastic get in on the free while
that’s available but you’ll get the
bonus from me either either them you
sign up for any of the lifetime of the
monthlies so thank you very much guys
don’t forget it like them subscribe and
I’ll see you soon on the channel

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