Groove Funnels Review – Demo Of the Best New Page Builder

Groove Funnels Review – Demo Of the Best New Page Builder


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I have the pleasure of reviewing Groove Funnels platform today. Groove Funnels is a brand new Funnel Building software on the market.

While this program is still in Beta, I find that its workflow is smooth. There are still some bugs that the company is addressing.

Beta testers have the opportunity to test the software and report any bugs.

I see the potential with Groove Funnels to become as good or better than any funnel builder on the market.

I was shocked to find that buying into the Beta testing phase of the program that I also bought into a lifetime license for Groove Funnels.

Buy into the Beta program means I will never have to pay for a funnel builder again!

I am getting a little ahead of my self first what I see with Groove funnels From a high-level view:
Fastest growing
currently in Beta
Currently offering lifetime option
Now offering one-time pay option (Only While in Beta)
provides a suite of software.
Groove Funnels is built on the latest/fastest programing language.

Groove Funnels Software Suite include:
Groove pages – Page Builder
Groove sell – Digital Selling platform
Groove affiliated – Track All of your Affiliate promotions
Groove mail – autoresponder
Groove member – membership sites.
Groove video – equivalent to the premium version of Vimeo.

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So When I bought into the Beta Testing, I also bought lifetime access to all of these.

I have a special link below (My Affiliate link) that will take you to a webinar that Mike Filsaime recorded a while back.

The webinar recording is a replay set up just for you.
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Antonio Bradley: Hey guys.
Antonio here.
Welcome back to another edition
of My Business Navigator.
Today we’re going to be taking a look
at Groove Funnels and kind of give it a
high level overview and review of what
this new funnel building software is.
All that more right on the other side.
Hey guys, welcome back to another edition
of My Business Navigator, and thank you
for showing interest in Groove funnels.
I mean, this is, is poised to be a
pretty awesome software and an, um.
Really help out everybody in the
marketing community, bar none.
So anyway, with that said,
guys, before we actually get
started here, I appreciate it.
If you hit that subscribe
button down below and ring
that notification bell for me.
So this way you get updated on every
time I produce a brand new video for you.
So with that said, Groove
Funnels, what is it?
There’s a lot of, um.
Stuff going on out there.
And you hear Groove Pages is Groove
Pages that over the past year,
and there’s good reason actually.
So group what Groove funnels,
Groove Pages are, are part
of a collective, if you will.
Uh, call groove Digital.
Groove digital is, is
overarching umbrella.
The brain child of one Mike Filsaime.
And Mike Filsaime, uh, you,
if you’re in the marketing
world, you might know his name.
He was the second person to
actually, uh, make a million
dollars online within one day.
He’s the second guy to do that.
And it took him two years
after the first guy to do that.
And the first guy was John Reese.
John Reese was the first.
Entrepreneur to actually
sell a single product.
Well, during his product launch,
within the first 24 hours of his
product launch, he made a million
dollars off of that product.
Mike, Filsaime was the second individual.
It toughed him two years
after John Reese did.
So that’s a very interesting.
A nugget of information that
should fit your interests.
So, and the reason why I say
that is, Mike, Filsaime knows
what he’s talking about.
He knows what is going on in the
marketing world and how to market
products and how to move products.
And what he’s done with Groove
Funnels is no less than exceptional
from what I’m seeing right now.
So, uh, is an over arching unbrella
that in conferences that has several
other products inside those products are
Groove Pages, Groove Sell, Groove Mail,
Groove Video, and right now they, they’re
in beta testing, which is great for you
because you can become a backer and buy
into this beta testing a time period for
one price of $500 now, the reason why I
would suggest to take advantage of that.
A one time payment of $500 is because soon
as they come out of beta, this product
right here with all these, with all these
softwares included and where they’re
going to integrate and work together,
is going to be about $200 per month.
So within two and a half months,
you will have paid what you
would have paid if you bought.
While the product is still in beta, and
here’s the best thing, lifetime access,
lifetime access, don’t need to pay
any more money or your funnel builder.
That in itself for all of these
products right here to be involved.
It’s priceless.
I really can’t speak to how great that is.
But also Mike Bell is saying his also the
founder of, of the created Groove Kart
which is a direct competitor to Shopify.
Um, and then also they have the
group con, which is an annual
event that they have every year.
Uh, they’re going to be
coming out with Groove ads.
So this is your personal ad agency.
Where you get your own rep and they
have a merchant, their own merchant,
merchants, merchant processing
platform, all group pay, and they
have pretty, pretty reasonable rates.
I’m very surprised on some of them.
So I say all of this, this
is what it would look like.
Let me go back to, um, if we go back
to actual own page, if you will, uh.
This did take me back to, I
was going to pick me there.
Uh, th th th th there we go.
Now this is the page that you would
see if you were in just logged
into group of funnel group pages.
You go to a
And then it’s going to allow
you to log into your page.
And this is what you will see now.
Everything within this dropdown right
here, you have a chance to buy in
as a beta tester and start backing
these guys before they get in.
And the biggest item right now that
I will talk about is the Groove
Pages portion of Groove Funnels.
Now, within that.
You, these are your individual
websites, which you can do.
And I just started playing around with
a couple here and there, but let’s
say if you wanted to add a new one,
the, we’re just open up the editor.
Uh, and from here you can go to
your elements, to your blocks.
Let’s just go to blocks and let’s do
Here we have various blocks.
I kind of like how that
look like in drag and drop.
Now I like you see how it automatically
populates with a header in some words and
as so you can create your own wording.
You don’t like that.
If you want to swap it out for this guy
now, I placed this guy right on top.
Now, if I wanted to, this year
would actually be pretty decent.
One that we continue to scroll down more.
Uh, I want to have some social media
context in there, but I want to
drag this down below, let’s say, I
don’t want that to have that on top.
So right now you see how I’m going
clicking and I don’t, I don’t know where
I’m at in this tells you, Hey, you don’t
want to go up further, go up another
level in this will end conference, this
column, and then this will unconference.
Bro, but I wanted to go further out.
I want the whole section or the
whole block, and I want to bring
this block down below this guy.
Oh, I went down too far.
So you see there, I took it down to
the very bottom, but let’s bring it up.
Easiest way to bring this guy up.
How about we just bring this guy down.
Now, here’s the thing is that it is
software and it is still in beta.
As you can see, groove
apps is currently in beta.
It can have a real easy way for us
to report bogs, request features,
the roadmap of where we are.
There’ll be one at a report.
A bug is simply click here,
inquiry to posts or title, but
first, you know, search of what.
Well, it is going on now.
You see here pop up editing.
It’s a constantly stop, works at time.
It stops working at times and you can
see are, well, I want to upload that
all sign in later and then I can upvote
that or downvote it and they, you can
see that it’s actually in progress.
The op op editor still buggy.
Alright, this is plan.
So they’re working the bugs out
of it, but these are everything
that is being recorded.
So with that, let’s go
back to that page here.
If I wanted to request a
feature, I would go here.
Well, it’s saying it takes me to the same
place and then I can request a feature.
So you got bugs.
Zooming in then means that you
can report the bugs, feature
requests, feature requests.
A Groove Sell feature
requests, Groove Sell bugs.
So you see that it’s very intuitive.
And then on top of that is that
they actually have a roadmap of
developments of what’s going to
be coming out of the roadmap.
So you can see here, it’s almost
like a Trello board where they
have planned what’s in progress
and what’s being completed.
This is pretty cool to be able to
have this process, or you got the
recording of the bugs, you see a bug,
you can report it, and then let’s,
there’s a feature that you don’t see,
but you really would love to have.
Cloning an entire website.
This is actually in the works where
you’ll be able to take any URL.
And, and basically clone it now, right
now with they’re not going to allow right
now is, is taking images from that other
site because those images could very
well be copyrighted and they don’t want
to get you or themselves in trouble.
You know, definitely yourself in
trouble for using their images.
So they’re not going to
copy over the images.
But Mike did to elude to that, if
you, they might have a way that you
prove that you own that other website.
And then they’ll allow you to bring
over the images and all that stuff.
But that all that’s being worked out
right now and being talked about.
So those are some pretty
interesting things.
While this is in beta, guys, I highly
suggest that you take advantage of this.
Uh, you see real quick here,
I could add, if I wanted to
add a social media image here.
And let’s see here.
Choose image.
I love having this.
I could go to free Stock images
and then I just, um, just click
on social and, and here we go.
And so we’re all social, distancing
them on a select a image that’s
not being very social distancing.
And we’ve clicked, I’m going
to use the original dimensions,
uh, uh, update dimensions.
That should go in like update.
There we go.
Now, something that you’ll want to
notice during this process is there is
an expert mode button for every element.
And here’s the thing, with the expert mode
turned off, it makes it very concise and
kind of limits the options that you have.
So this way, it kind of dumbs it down
and makes, it, allows the new user who
really doesn’t want to get into all
the technical detail of what it is.
Just to be able to go in and say,
Hey, I want around some corners off.
Uh, Oh, I just killed it.
But, and then, uh, you know, the fault.
On her upper left.
Oh yeah.
You can see how it’s
rounding that corner off.
This guy here.
So that’s really cool.
And I pretty much see taking it all the
way up almost makes it look like a circle.
And then that corner there that I
did something with that actually
gives it a pretty cool look.
Something done by accident,
but let’s, let’s do that large.
I like that.
I don’t know why, but we
just stepped across it.
So you see how easily things,
and there are so many features
that it’s not even funny.
So again, if you go into expert
mode, there are tons of options
within all of these dropdowns, but it
kind of gives you a different feel.
Or how the pictures,
how everything lays out.
You see all the different, see how
this can’t comes up with a totally
different options, have name when
you go to out of expert mode, right?
So there’s that showed
you how to bring these.
And now here’s the thing
that I, that I like.
You see how quickly I was able to
bring in this block and section here.
Now a lot of other.
Page builders, if you will, or
funnel builders, if you will.
Uh, they will go are, well, you got
to add in a three column, right?
Free column.
And what I do, Bob.
All right, so here you see my
containers are empty, though.
It’ll got to go up.
Is magic mouse gotta love them.
And I think I just see raised
to everything that I did.
And I’d magic mouse strikes
again, but that’s okay.
There’s a reason why we’re in group
funnels is it goes, it’s that quick
to be able to search through, Hey, I
want to bring this guy up there and
I’m going to bring him down below.
Oh, alright, so magic mouse again.
And I didn’t like that first one, so
I’m not going to use that first one, but
let’s say I want to have a transition
to, I thought I saw programming one.
Okay, so these, I’m going to
put almost in the reverse order.
This guy, this whole block, I want
to take, do the top of the page.
Now that that’s at the top
of the page, I will bring.
Come down to this and then sit there and
remember, I wanted to have the picture.
Don’t want to come over here,
choose picture, choose image,
wanting to have this image.
Um, but I want to update.
And then of course, here you
can put your image attributes.
This’ll help for rankings, and then I
can link to a URL to a pop up to a block.
So if I wanted it to link to this block
down here, down, all that I would need
to do is come down here and I’m sure
that there are banner arc expert block
spacing, fight mode, custom attributes.
One, I think this is where
how you would do this.
Uh, mind you, I have not paid.
I’m going to say this now.
I have not played around in, uh, Groove
Funnels that long yet, bill, because
one, it hasn’t been out that long.
There we go for, for it to actually
been able to be played with block
one, block two, block three,
and then update by, click on.
Save, save there, preview, give
me a preview of everything.
Then if I click where it’s not doing
it so that that part is still buggy,
so I can go report that later and say,
Hey, for walks aren’t doing anything to
get this updated, probably different.
It’s not really not producing the,
I would expect it to come down,
but that’s how you wouldn’t link.
And of course I wanted to
have the image rounded.
If it’s facing order, pick
the asset, look at it now.
Kind of inverted, if you will, but
that’s a, that’s how you get that guy.
And yeah, you see how
quickly that I did that?
There are intricacies, granted, this
is still in beta, so there’s going to
be bugs to finding and fix and, but
if you back this system now, you’re
going to be able to have it for life.
So as they fix all these bugs
that we’re finding upfront right
now, uh, all this stuff is gone.
Bam, fixed, done deal.
So, and that’s with a Groove Pages alone.
Right now you still got groups out,
Groove Affiliate, Groove Mail is going to
become, and that’s not even released yet.
Groove Member and Groove Video
so all this stuff or this one
time price and get you everything.
So guys, with that said, that’s
kind of a quick over review branded.
We ran into a couple of bugs, but
that’s why it’s still in beta system.
Right now, and they are working to fix it.
Uh, they’re, they’re actively
going, they do webinars weekly.
I’ll post a link to their
Facebook down below as well.
I have a link where, uh, it’d be
by, through that link, I have some
bonuses and it’ll take you the page
or show you a couple of bonuses or
you can just opt to go straight to it.
Mike’s webinar.
Mike has a webinar where he
actually goes through and
explains all of this stuff here.
So anyway, guys, you have a great
one, and remember, until next
time, keep on digging those Wells.
Antonio Bradley: Hey
guys, this is Antonio.
Thank you so much for watching that video.
The fact that you’re here means that
you’ve watched the entire thing and I
really, really, really appreciate it.
You honestly have no idea how much I
appreciate it, but it’s my turn actually
offer you something more of value.
I just got done here not too
long ago taking this challenge.
It’s called the one funnel way challenge.
Now this thing is freaking awesome.
It’s put on by Steve Larsen, Russell
Brunson, and Julie Stoian, who as far as I
know, all three of these individuals have
all created million dollar funnels, and
they want to show you how to follow
in their footsteps in and show you the
blueprints to kind of.
Do the same thing on what is done.
Now this is a small window
of 30 day challenge.
They just going have a lot of work
involved, but the amount of knowledge that
you’re gonna get out of it is awesome.
I mean, it’s phenomenal in so many people
take this challenge so many times just
because of the fact there is so
much information in each time.
It’s a little bit different.
Because the students are different and
they have different questions, different
needs they need to be filled.
So other items get addressed
each time it goes through.
So anyway, I want to share this with you.
Click on the link below if you seem like
you’re interested in taking your business
to the next level.
Hey, who’s it for?
It’s for anybody that needs more
customers, would like to sell more
products, uh, could use more
traffic to their websites.
Uh, I could use better ideas to basically
draw people in and say, Hey, yo, get over
Anybody that falls underneath
those terms, this is for you.
Click the link below to
check out, check it out.
All right, I’ll give you
more information there.
You guys have a good one.
Thanks again for everything that you’ve
done and remember, keep on digging your

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