Goodbye Love Handles! #NoGym Fat-Burning Routine | Hourglass Angel

Goodbye Love Handles! #NoGym Fat-Burning Routine | Hourglass Angel

Scorch those love handles — without a gym membership! Use these simple exercises to burn fat around your hips AND amp up the intensity by wearing a waist trainer. You can do this workout anywhere: at home, in your living room or even in your backyard.

Repeat the routine 3-5 times, or as many as you can based on your experience. Your goal is to increase the reps and intensity over time and watch those love handles melt away. #bethehourglass

Woodchoppers (20 reps)
Russian twists (15-20 reps)
Flutter kicks (30-45 seconds)
Alternating leg drops (20-30 reps)
Side plank dips (20-30 reps)
Oblique heel touches (15-20 reps each side)

Get the gear:

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