Good News regarding KYC Verification with Aadhaar Card in Pi Network |

Good News regarding KYC Verification with Aadhaar Card in Pi Network |


In this video I have talked about the procedure of KYC verification with Aadhaar Card in Pi Network, and cleared few queries regarding KYC verification with Adhaar Card in Pi Network

Pi Network Whitepaper in Hindi..

What will happen if our team members don’t verify ?

Crypto will ban or not ?

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– Introduction
I have shared the good news regarding KYC verification and cleared whether can we able to do KYC with Aadhaar Card or not ?

– Few questions regarding KYC
1. When will we have our KYC done..?
2. How to do KYC verification
3. Adhaar Card should be fully updated or not ?
4. KYC will be free or paid

– Good News
I want to share this news with you guys that my KYC is completed and the better news is that it is completed via Aadhaar Card (National Identity Card of India)

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This is an educational video on the Pi Network.
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