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Present as Gifts or buy for your own home – these personalized items are beautiful
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Nadia is a design graduate from the American University of Sharjah, previously an event planner and now a full-time artist. Her art of creating a perfect contrast of colours in her perfectly intricate designs is just goals for beginners at design. Nadia says drawing was her escape. An escape that turned into a full-time stopover after she was rushed with requests from friends.
Ok, hold your breath! You are just about to see the most startling display of paper art. This artist holds phenomenal talent and has just introduced the insta fam to some amazing possibilities of what can be done with paper alone. All of the art created by Aqsa Khalid, the sole owner of, is paper shaped into marvels.

Mahrukh is an artist and entrepreneur in the making. The young talented girl is a BDS student and is here to make your special events even better by showering them with her handmade delicacies.
There is a huge range of products sold by the shop starting from mini boxes, favour baskets/boxes, gift baskets, wedding favours, cards, frames, scrapbooks, mini albums, customized flower boxes, customized gift boxes etc. If you have a family event or a birthday coming and don’t know a unique way to make them perfect, you now have an answer!

Protecting the environment is currently the biggest challenge faced by humans and One Earth Toys has it all sorted out. This extremely talented girl Farwa Tassauq has come up with the amazing idea to make and sell environment-friendly kids toys. She manufactures the toys made from natural materials such as wood. Also, the paints used in the making are either food colours or non-toxic acrylic which makes them safe for kids.
She also wants to make toys more fun and learn so all of them are made open-ended enabling kids to play with them the way they want. What’s more? Farwa also gives workshop so kids can experience the joy of making their own toy rather than purchasing them from shelves.

This beautiful and aesthetic art display is owned by #ArshadTanoli, a Karachi based a self-taught artist who loves to paint. The art medium is oil paint and revives the famous Islamic calligraphy that is slowly vanishing away. Arshad started calligraphy as a hobby, but soon got many requests to sell the work. The art-work is available for worldwide delivery.

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