Giant Work From Home Business

My name is Arthur Gottlieb and this is the work from home business plan. You can work from home with your phone. You choose your own hours and can work evenings, after your regular job. Your customers and samples are provided. You can succeed without experience, and its possible to make a million dollars a year.

It’s similar to the Home Improvement Magazine franchises that flood home owners mailboxes. These franchises cost $100,000.00. Average incomes in this business are $200,000.00 Average incomes at the Home Mag are $400,000.00 Visit their website and go to the bottom of the page, then click on interested in a franchise and see for yourself.

These magazines are mailed to affluent homeowners in any chosen town. Then the magazine franchise owners call the contractors and tradesmen in and surrounding that town advising them of what their doing.The contractors are eager to place ads in the magazine because it’s mailed to the home owners they want to reach, in a town they want to work.

My business plan is similar, except instead of a magazine, it’s done with a giant sized 9″ x 12″ Postcard. Contractors and tradespeople do mailbox advertising, or they want to. They have no storefronts and no other way of reaching the home owners they get business from. These magazines contain only ads, and their 48 pages with 100’s of ads in each. I get 6 different magazines every month at my South Florida home.