Ghar Ghar ki Kahani {1988}(HD) – Hindi Full Movie – Rishi Kapoor – Jaya Prada – Govinda – 80's Hit

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Dhanraj is a mild-mannered man who is married to a wealthy, petty-minded, controlling wife. Dhanraj has two sons and a daughter. The elder son Ram is married to Seeta. The younger son, Amar is in love with Asha and the daughter Uma, is married to Lallu Ram. Uma prefers to live with her mother instead of her in-laws. Mrs. Dhanraj wants Amar to marry a very rich girl so that she can accumulate more wealth through a large dowry. Ram finds that his brother Amar and his wife Seeta are very close, and starts suspecting them of having an affair with each other. He makes observations but is not ready to confront anyone. Ram’s suspicions are still not laid to rest even when Amar marries Asha. Ram starts to drink and ends up getting friendly with a childhood friend, Deepa. Will Deepa be able to clear Ram’s doubts?

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“Mother Tulsi,..”
“..please grant me this boon!”
“I got the man I loved and my fate..”
“..shone and my dreams have come true.”
“I got the man I loved and my fate..”
“..shone and my dreams have come true.”
“Mother Tulsi,..”
“..please grant me this boon!”
“May my home and my porch
always remain ever green.”
“I got the man I loved and my fate..”
“..shone and my dreams have come true.”
“My mother-in-law is like a Goddess..”
“ father-in-law is like God.”
“My sister-in-law
is like Goddess Laxmi.”
“I have got a
brother-in-law like Laxman.”
“I want to spend my life serving them.”
“May I never forget my duty.”
“I got the man I loved and my fate..”
“..shone and my dreams have come true.”
“Hail Ram! My Ram!”
“My house is like heaven.”
“This is a temple of love.”
“May I decorate it with my prayers.”
“This is my only dream.”
“Lord Ram,..”
“..Please give me the strength..”
“ that my home and
the porch is always happy.”
“I got the man I loved and my fate..”
“..shone and my dreams have come true.”
“Mother Tulsi,..”
“..please grant me this boon!”
“May my home and my porch
always remain ever green.”
“I got the man I loved and my fate..”
“..shone and my dreams have come true.”
Uncle Amar! Uncle Amar!
Why are you waving your hand at us?
Just take a look at us.
All right now don’t eat my brains.
Tell me what it is?
Eat up God’s offerings now.
After eating this
even if you close the.. the lessons will
enter your head on its own.
And even if you didn’t write the..
..exams you will get the degree.
Yes, Uncle.
Even if you don’t go to work
salary would come home on its own.
Will you shut up now!
Won’t you allow me to study?
My exams are around the
corner and I have to study.
Run along now!
Study well!
Our blessings are always with you.
My dear, mother, and my dear, father!
Run now! Run!
Mother! Mother! Have the offerings.
Lord, you have given
this beggar everything.
Wealth, money and esteem, but..
..there is a thing that is lacking.
There is no peace in this house.
Just like it is necessary
for a man to have respect in this.. it is imperative
for a home to have peace.
God, please grant this home some peace.
Hey! Where the hell is everyone?
There goes my studying!
The atom bomb has woken up.
Have you all drowned in a well and died?
Where is everyone?
Why doesn’t anyone come in front of me?
What’s the matter?
Early in the morning you shoot
bullets of words in this house..
..and make this house a battle field.
Tell me something.
Was Hitler your father?
You have again mentioned my father!
My dear lady, sit down quietly.
You are screaming your head off.
The roof of the house will fly away!
What else can I do besides screaming?
Only footwear lives in this house.
No one seems to listen to words.
Why do you speak with
your mouth or kick with it?
Look dear, you are again
trying to pick up a fight with me.
I would rather pick up a fight with..
..poisonous thorns than with you.
I swear on my father!
Now tell me why you are screaming.
Where are my glasses?
Oh God! You have created
darkness in the chamber..
..of her brains you
should at least have..
..given her some light in her eyes.
My dear. It is with you.
– With me? Where is it?
It is at the top floor
of the body where the..
..brain should have been,
but is missing.
Why are you looking here and there?
It is kept on your head.
I know it! Just a small
mistake and you begin scolding me.
I ate at 10 last night.
I haven’t eaten a morsel since morning.
How could you eat?
You slept soon after dinner last night..
..and you have just woken up from sleep.
I’ll could hire a
servant who could feed.. at night in
your sleep if you wish.
Will you stop your nonsensical jokes?
I have rats jumping in my stomach.
To hell with the rats in your stomach!
Mother, here you are.
The breakfast is ready.
Where shall I keep it?
– Keep it on my head!
How will you eat it?
Will you pick it up like this?
Will you shut up now?
Pray to God! Satan is at play!
What did you say?!
– I was only praying to God.
Do you think I’m out of my
mind to pick up a fight with you?
Keep it!
This? Is this my breakfast?
You defiled woman!
Where is the almond laced milk?
Have you hidden it
to send it to your father?
No, mother! – Mother! Huh! Go away!
Inauspicious creature!
First brought an end to my young..
..son now God knows who
else will meet the same fate.
Younger Daughter-in-law! Where are you?
Yes, mother.
– I had asked you to get dry fruits.
What happened?
– I had asked Amar to buy them.
Amar? – Yes.
Amar! Amar!
What’s the matter, Bhabhi?
Dear worshipper of Bhabhi,
she didn’t call you.
Your mother called you.
What is the matter, mother?
– I had asked for dry fruits.
What happened?
– I did buy the dry fruits.
But you have a cat in
your house and she ate them up.
Mother, he keeps calling me a cat.
I will go back to my in-law’s
house if he teases me.
Really? Oh God! Thanks a million.
Uma, for the first time
in your life you have..
..spoken something sensible.
When are you going? – You!
Good morning!
– Congrats! Our dear brother-in-law..
..Mr. Lallu Prasad, also known as Mr.
Lalit Prasad..
..has come at the right moment.
I hope everything is fine.
I hope there is nothing wrong.
Everything is not fine.
But I see a ray of light to fineness.
That too if you wish so. – How is it?
My dear sister spoke
about her in-law’s house for..
..the first time and you landed up.
– What are you saying?
I am telling the truth.
Why should we delay a good deed?
Please! Please!
Why has he gone away?
Surely there is going
to be some trouble.
Uma! Darling, Uma!
Uma, I have come to take you.
Come with me. – Mother!
Beware! If you ever
talk about taking her away..
..I will be the worst
person in the world.
But why? – You first make some money,
build a..
..bungalow buy a car and
then talk about taking her with you.
She will not go to
live in your rotten hut.
So what if it is rotten.
I made it with my hard earned money.
Run along from here.
– Today I won’t run alone.
I will take your daughter
along and run. – Mother!
Why do you go Ma..
Ma..(Mother) like a cow?
Uma! I want to ask you something.
Do you want to go along
with your husband or not? – No!
You don’t want to go, do you? – No!
Then I will take you with me forcibly.
Come with me.
Let go! Let go!
– Oh no! I am dead! I am dead!
Don’t hit me.
Don’t beat me don’t beat me.
Are you a mother-in-law or a bandit?
Don’t beat me, don’t beat me!
What kind of a mother-in-law are you?
She never talks without a cane.
Just watch I will rest
only after I take her with me.
Look who is talking
about taking my daughter!?
I had chased away the
guests from my own wedding.
Yes! – Yes!
Help! Help!
Leave me! Leave me! Help! Help!
Help! Help! Help! Help! Help!
Leave me! Leave me!
Help! Help!
Leave me.
Help me.
Help me. Save me.
Help me.
Help me. Help me.
Help me.
Hey you! Move out of the way!
– First let her go.
What is she to you?
Shall I tell you? – Yes. Tell me.
All right let me tell you anyway.
Didn’t I say that
I will tell you? Rascal!
Who were they?
I don’t know.
I was in a rush and
that man offered me a lift.
On the way the four
other goons sat in the car.
And they brought me here.
You are incorrigible!
How could you get into
a car of a stranger..
..just because he offered you a lift?
How was I to know that
his intentions are not good?
God has given two kinds
of eyes to us humans.
One is on the face
and the other in the brain.
Use the eyes of your
brains once a while.
You won’t be duped a second time.
Come I’ll drop you home.
Why did you stop?
Look at me with the eyes of your brain.
Do I look like a brigand?
– I didn’t say that, did I?
You didn’t say it but
your ashen face says so.
Please come.
Please stop right here.
Do you live here?
Bye then.
Wow! God! This world is so ungrateful.
People who are helped don’t
even express their gratitude.
Inviting home for tea
is a very distant thing.
Very bad. – I’m sorry. I am helpless.
Why are you so helpless?
Another name for my helplessness
is my sister-in-law.
She harasses me a lot.
I’m surprised.
What kind of a sister-in-law is this?
A sister-in-law is
another form of a mother.
I have a sister-in-law too
but she loves me more than my mother.
You are very lucky.
Because you have such
a nice sister-in-law. – Really?
Then come with me. – Where to?
To my house.
I will treat you to piping
hot tea made by my sister-in-law.
Come sit down. – Hey! No.
If my sister-in-law finds
out that I have gone with you..
..then she will throw
me out of the house.
So what? If you are
thrown out if this house..
..I will take you to my house.
Good! You are so concerned
about me so soon, are you?
I am a mobile medical shop of concern.
Whenever I see someone moaning in pain..
..I become their doctor
to treat them off their pain.
Your laughter is so beautiful.
Did I say anything wrong?
I don’t know about that
but you say very good dialogues.
I must say the dialogues
when the camera in front of me.
I think I must leave now.
Is there any chance to meet again?
There is chance.
But when, how and where.. I don’t know.
Welcome your highness! Welcome!
You have retuned very soon from college,
haven’t you?
You could have waited
for the night to pass.
You could have returned
tomorrow morning.
Sister-in-law, some hooligans
surrounded me while returning today.
Really? Hooligans,
surrounded you, did they?
I am telling you the truth.
– I know who speaks the truth!
Did the guys surround
you or did you go to..
..the place after seeing a gang of guys?
Sister-in-law! – Two bit of a girl,
are you making eyes at me!?
I’ll poke my fingers and
pluck your eyes out like grapes.
You are up to mischief
and to top it you stare at me!
Let your brother return today..
I have already arrived. I am here.
Dear, you better come
off your stupid antics.
Otherwise it won’t be good.
What have I done, dreary one!
– What? – I mean my dear one.
You said let your brother
return so I came here in a jiffy!
Now tell me what your orders are!?
Why do you ask me?
Ask your darling sister.
Is this any time to
return from the college?
I’ve been walking up and
down waiting for her for 2 hours.
You are reduced to half your size..
..after walking up and down for so long.
What are saying? – I mean..
Really? How dare she? – Yes.
And when I asked her
she makes eyes at me!
What? – Yes.
Whose eyes? – Her own eyes!
Really! How dare she?
Firstly she makes
a mistake and to top it..
..she makes eyes with her own eyes!
How dare she?
You keep saying how dare she.
Some day she will blacken
our face and fly away..
..after putting us
to shame in our community.
How dare she? Sorry!
I should say that again and again.
I’ll set her right.
Look, please get me some hot tea for me.
Because tea acts as petrol for..
..the engine of anger.
Please go. Please.
And also get some fried
snacks to go with it. – Ok.
How dare she?
What’s the matter?
Why is my doll standing
here with a glum face?
I have grown old trying
to explain to you.
But you can’t seem
to get it into your head.
Mad girl! Listen now.
God has made two kinds
of chillies in the world.
One is the kind that
hangs from the plant and..
..the other that drops from the tongue.
And what comes out of
your Bhabhi’s mouth is a..
..treasure trove of bitter spices.
She is not at peace
until she has hurt someone.
But why do you worry?
As long as your brother is alive..
..just listen to what
people say with one ear and..
..don’t even bother
to let it into the other.
Dear! Where are you?
How dare you? Listen to me carefully!
If you disappoint your Bhabhi..
..I will change the course of your life.
Do you get me?
Say yes. – I got it, brother!
You better get it!
I too bashed them so
badly that the pillars..
..of their buildings started shaking.
But I hope you are not hurt.
– I am. In my heart.
Sliced my heart with a knife.
Bhabhi, when brother
doesn’t come home for so..
..many days your heart
too is in pain, isn’t it?
I also feel a slight,
sweet, sour pain like..
..peppermint in the same place.
Aren’t you ashamed
of talking to me like this?
You are my mother friend.
That means a friend like my mother.
Who else do you expect
me to say all this to?
I have also stolen a photo of hers.
Shall I show it?
How do you like her?
– Shall I show it to mother?
Oh no! Do you want me dead?
In fact I tell you
don’t even tell brother..
..about it until this whole
thing is set. Please don’t, ok?
Yes, But don’t take matters
ahead until I see the girl and say yes.
But Bhabhi? – What is it now?
I think things have
already gone too far.
In just one meeting?
Yes. It is the age of computers.
The times have gone
when people would place..
..their hands on the
heart and wait for years.
That was a time of lanterns.
People used to travel by bullock carts.
Now people travel by aeroplanes..
..and it is the era of rockets.
A rocket is launched by eyes,
it enters the heart..
..and love is over in ten minutes.
And.. and.. and.. – That’s enough!
So Bhabhi is teaching Amar
the lesson to fall in love.
Hello. – Hello, darling! – You rascal!
Your mother, your sister and your..
..whole family must be your darlings!
It sounded as if some rotten blood..
..sucking vampire picked up the phone.
Once more.
Hello. – Hello!
Greetings. Is Asha around?
Who is speaking?
– I am her only friend speaking.
What is your name?
My name is Noorunnisa
Meherunnisa Kamarunnisa..
..Dukhtarey Razzakh Ali
Mohammed Ali Chuna lagane Wala.
That’s enough!
What business do you have with Asha?
Actually aunty.. – Shut up!
I am not her aunty. I am her Bhabhi.
I am sorry. But your voice sounds.. you are her younger sister.
Actually sister,
I have bought 2 tickets.. the 3 o’ clock show for tomorrow.
If I have your permission
may I take Asha with me?
What is the name of the movie?
– Bone in the meat! – Bone in the meat?
Where is it being shown?
– At Nivala talkies.
Nivala talkies?
– Yes. It is a newly opened theatre.
But when did this movie start showing?
Just now. Five minutes ago.
Please do send her tomorrow.
Bye then! Bye! See you.
Excuse me. Are you Mr. Ram? – Yes.
Who are you?
– I am Deepa. Dr. Sharma’s daughter.
Sorry. I didn’t recognise you.
– It is all right.
People tend to forget
themselves over the years.
I am after all a stranger.
Please forgive me, Ms. Deepa.
Your father had sent your
photograph to mother but I..
..couldn’t consent to the marriage..
..because I was in
love with someone else.
What is the need to apologise for this?
Marriages happen by destiny.
Pairs are made in heaven.
Only the ceremony happens in this world.
How is your wife? – She is very good.
She has filled my life with happiness.
If I stay away for
two days I get restless.
I feel like flying
and getting back home.
Is it? – Yes.
I heard that you were
engaged to a pilot. – Yes.
He died in a plane crash
before we were married.
Oh! I am sorry.
Then you.. – What then.
My father couldn’t bear
the shock and he passed away.
And I too gave up the idea of marrying.
I relinquished the thought of marrying..
..someone or starting a family.
What do you do now? – I am a doctor.
I gather happiness by serving people.
– Very good.
I have intentions
of practising in Bombay.
I will live there.
– Really! To Bombay? Very good.
You are coming to our city as a guest.
That’s gives us an opportunity to..
..serve you and to apologise to you.
I’ll give you my card. This is the..
..address of my house. – Thank you.
“Hello, darling! How are you?”
“Don’t talk to me?”
“Let go of the anger
and come to terms with me.”
“Promise to come on time.
– All right dear, forgive me.”
“Why are you late?
– I fell asleep thinking.”
“I was lost in dreams of you.”
What did you see in your dreams?”
“I used to fill you in my arms.”
“And you kissed me in my dreams.”
“Really? – Hello darling, how are you?”
“Oh Yes, my darling. I am fine.”
“Oh no! I have to leave now.”
“Are you expecting someone?”
“Is that a girl or a boy?
– Why has your heart begun to beat?”
“She is a friend of mine.
– Is she married or a spinster?”
“Will you go and meet strangers?”
“What would you do if I met her?”
“If you see one then
I will see four of them.”
“Sorry dear. I am very sorry.”
“I swear on you I
won’t meet anyone else.”
“Hello darling, how are you?
– Yes, my darling. I am fine.”
“Now it will be impossible
for us to meet again.”
“A very handsome young
man is coming to see me.”
“Do you like him?
– Yes. Since many days.”
“Oh no! Why did you
keep me in the dark?”
“Why did you have an affair with me?”
“If you wanted to belong to someone..”
“..else why did you encourage my love?”
“You are my best friend only.”
“You are only a good friend.
Why is your heart crying?”
“One gets married only to
the person one is destined to wed.”
“Go to hell!
Get lost! – Hey! You are upset!”
“I was only joking. I swear
on you I won’t meet anyone else.”
“Hello darling. – Tell me darling.”
“Hello darling. – Yes, my darling.”
“Now we both shall meet everyday.”
“We will stay lost in dreams.”
“Now we both..”
Uncle is back!
Uncle is back! Grandpa, uncle is back.
Is he? – Yes. – Where is he?
Father! Bless me father.
– God bless you, dear.
How are you, dear? – I am fine father.
What is this?
Have you got hold of a stick from now?
I have bought this
for my old age, father.
Your old age?
Son, your old age is very far away.
No. No. My old age
is right in front of me.
People say that the son
is the old father’s youth.
In that case the father
is the son’s old age, isn’t he?
So that means that I have
brought this stick for you.
It is a very beautiful walking stick.
This is old like I am.
Grandpa, has uncle brought
the stick to beat grandma?
Quite! If she heard
it she will spell doom.
Doesn’t it happen everyday?
What is new about it?
Well, where is mother? – I am here, son.
Mother! – I am going
to give my attendance.
I bow to you, mother.
– May you live for many years.
How are you? – I am ok.
How are you? – I am fine.
Mother these are saris for you.
And this is the perfume and all..
..the other stuff you had asked for.
I have brought everything you wanted.
– You take so much care of me.
And this guy he doesn’t
even give me a glass of water.
Why do you lie so much, mother?
Didn’t I get you two
glasses of water yesterday?
Naughty. – Mother, I am your elder son.
I am earning and so it
is my duty to take care of you.
This poor guy is younger.
He is only studying now.
Just order me. What do you want?
Ram, it is good that you have come.
Two days after you left
my weight came down by 2 kilos.
There you go? – What?!
Why are you lying? It is not 2 kilos.
You have lost 3 kilos.
How, how, how?
Actually brother,
she couldn’t find her glasses and..
..she stepped on my back and went away.
Then I found out that mother
has not lost 2 but 3 kilos.
Naughty guy!
Where are you going? – What happened?
Give me your hand.
Here are the keys
to your new motorcycle.
I have bought you a Honda! – Honda!
Someone hold me. I am feeling dizzy.
I am feeling dizzy.
Greetings, Bhabhi.
– God bless you. How are you?
How are you? – I am fine.
I have brought clothes
for you and toys for the kids.
They are in this.
Take them from Sita. – Ok.
What have you brought for me?
For you? I forgot.
I didn’t get anything for you.
You haven’t forgotten.
You have brought that.. that..
Yes. Yes.
I have brought something for you.
I got this bioscope for you.
Just hit it,
turn it and watch a movie on it.
Are you happy with it?
Let me go and meet Sita.
Kids usually play with this.
What was the need
to buy this toy bioscope?
There is a better
movie going on at home.
You go out of the house everyday..
..and watch a new film at home daily.
Slowly you will know everything!
What are you blabbering?
– You keep quiet!
When did you come, dear?
– Are you my wife or a CID officer?
You found out even without seeing me.
A wife will recognise
the husband by his odour.
And who could touch me other than you.
Oh no! You speak very religiously.
But my mood is very romantic today.
Close your eyes.
Why? – Just close your eyes.
Open your eyes.
It is very beautiful!
But what was the need to
buy such an expensive necklace?
Everyone is being well taken care of.
Someone gets a necklace,
someone gets a motor cycle..
..someone gets a walking
stick but there is no one.. bother about me.
I know I don’t belong here anymore.
Mad girl, what do you want?
– I want that necklace.
Here. Take it.
Sita, what are you doing?
Uma, I’ll get you another one.
I bought this for
you as a ‘Mangalsutra.’
You come with me
to my house and I will..
..make ten necklaces like this for you.
It is you again! Don’t get me talking.
It is not for your good.
You have not said anything new.
What is new about it?
Has anything good happened
while I was with you..
..that something good will
come out of talking to you.
Shut up, will you?
You see. This how things are.
Let me tighten the screw.
Let me first see if
there is a screw at all.
What would happen if
we gave this necklace to Uma?
She is your sister.
– So what if she is my sister?
She is married.
She is not a kid anymore.
She should know what to
ask for and what not to ask.
It is necessary for a woman
to have that much decency.
May I come in?
Ms. Deepa? What are you doing here?
Your brother-in-law
told me that you are here.
I hope everything is fine. How
come you landed here all of a sudden?
We just travelled by train and got here.
Yes we did but you have
made me suffer too much.
What do you mean by that?
I mean that you brought
my suitcase and left yours.
Oh! I’m sorry. How did that happen?
It just happened. – Please come in.
This must be your wife.
Greetings. – Greetings.
My name is Dr. Deepa. – My name is Sita.
Very appropriate name.
Firstly because you
are indeed Ram’s wife.
Secondly because you are so beautiful.
And thirdly because you clutched..
..Mr. Ram in the chains of your love.
He was chanting praises
for you all along the way.
Please sit down.
What will you have?
Give me something so that
the patients talk praises of me.
Just like he was praising you.
– Daughter-in-law! Daughter-in-law!
Your husband has been
away only for a few days.
He hasn’t come back
after a 14 year exile!
I’ll just be back. – Daughter-in-law!
Who is screaming so loudly?
That is my mother.
If she doesn’t scream
like this a 1000 times..
..a day then her food
doesn’t get digested.
And if she didn’t
fight with anyone 2000..
..times a day the
she can’t sleep at night!
Ok. I’ll take leave of you now.
– Sita is getting tea for you.
No. Some other time.
– Ok. I’ll see you off.
Please give me suitcase.
– Oh yes. This is yours. Please.
Give me a peck.
Do you know what day it is today?
– It is Wednesday.
Stupid girl! It is your birthday.
You were born today.
Is it? – Happy birthday to you!
These packets?
What is all this, brother?
Move aside.
On the occasion of your birthday..
..we want to weigh our
younger daughter in gifts.
May this gift be opened
delicately with care!
Okay, I’ll open it now.
Make it fast.
Did you like it? – It is very nice.
Brother, you take so much care of me.
Fate has given me only one sister.
If I could have it my way I would take..
..out my heart and gift it to you.
But the problem is
that I have only one heart.
And if I gave it to you then
this vehicle of life would stop.
And then who would
take care of my sister?
What is this?
Crying on this day? Very bad. Very bad
If you laughed today
you will laugh all year long.
Laugh. You are again
being miserly with laughter.
Please laugh. Yes!
Open the door fast!
– Our time is up! I think she is here.
You go inside I’ll take
care of these things fast.
Open the door. Open the door fast!
Here take this. – Open the door.
Open door.
– I am coming, my dear I’m coming.
Where is she?
Where is your darling sister?
Oh God! Have you taken birth
from the stomach of a bitter gourd?
You have started the
attack as soon as you came.
What? – What I meant
was just come into the house..
..take a couple of
breaths and then talk.
Take a breath? – Yes.
When you learn the truth
your breath would stop.
Ok now tell me what happened?
Ask what hasn’t happened?
– Ok. What hasn’t happened?
I saw with my own eyes that she was..
..sitting close to a
hooligan on a motor cycle.
Really? How dare she?
– You will keep saying how dare she.
And some day she will elope
with some wayward ruffian.
We will be put to shame.
We won’t have a nose to be proud of.
No. That won’t happen.
We will get an iron nose fitted.
You cracked a joke again?!!
– Joke? What joke?
I am going red with rage.
I am thinking. How dare she?
All right. I won’t spare her tomorrow.
Why tomorrow? Why not today?
Today is her birthday. That’s why.
Her birthday!
But the death day of our esteem.
I tell you to teach her a lesson today!
Maya, you have always
told sensible things.
And today you are talking nonsense.
Sensible things. – I have learnt
the lesson of humanity from you.
You taught me that on
someone’s birthday or a day..
..of happiness for
someone all mistakes of..
..that persons should be pardoned.
Did I say so?
When? – Of course you said so.
Great people say great
things and forget about them.
How could you probably remember?
Am I forgetting something?
– What? – Oh yes! I remember!
Piece of my heart!
This is a gift for you.
Wow! How lady-like? Great!
My queen is accepting
the gift I have given..
..her with so much
love and so delicately.
Maya, if you a soft hearted
and cool natured woman..
..didn’t come to my life
what would have happened to me?
Do you like it?
Very much!
Softly. It is not a dog’s
ear it is my cheek. Thank you.
Both are eating loads of chocolates.
Surely there is something to it.
Mother! Mother!
So this is the matter.
I will drink there blood!
Let us go and ask them who gave..
..them chocolates without my permission.
– Come mother.
Come on. – Come on. – Come on.
Give them a good bashing
that they will remember.
Look at them! They are hiding there.
Ketan! Kanta! Come here!
Yes. – Yes, grandma!
Grandma! Huh!
Who gave you these chocolates?
If you bought them yourself then..
..tell me who gave you the money?
Tell me! Tell me who gave it to you?
– No, grandmother.
Grandma, don’t!
Don’t beat my brother! – Tell me!
Don’t hit him – Mother!
Mother! What are you doing?
Is this any way to beat innocent kids?
They are your grandchildren!
They are they are not animals.
They have hurt my feelings.
I have been asking
them where they got these..
..chocolates from but
they are not replying to me.
And until they don’t
tell me my hands won’t stop.
Tell me. Tell me! – Mother! Mother!
Mother, please stop it!
Mother, please don’t hit them.
Please don’t harass my children.
What have my innocent kids done..
..that you are beating them so badly?
I have been asking both
them for such a long time as..
..where they got the
money for the chocolates.
Why don’t they tell me?
Is it a sin to eat chocolates?
In this house it is a sin even
to drink water without asking me.
This is your tyranny, mother.
– Ill mannered creature!
Mother! What is all this?
Why is there a riot in this house again?
Why do you ask me?
Ask your relatives. Ask your wife.
Sita, what was happening here?
Nothing. You go upstairs.
I’ll serve your meal.
Uma, you tell me what is happening?
I don’t know. Don’t drag me into this.
What is happening here?
Will someone tell me what the matter is?
Sita, you tell me
what is happening here?
It is nothing! You please go upstairs.
Sita, tell me what it is?
I’ll tell you what the matter is.
I gave these children
money to eat chocolate. – So?
Why didn’t they tell me so?
– Because I had told them not to.
Why? – For fear of you.
Fear of me? – Yes mother, fear of you.
I told these innocent
kids to keep quiet about it.
Or else you would ask me
where I got so much money from.
And then you would ask that person..
..where he or she got
so much money to give me.
You would have made a mountain..
..out of a mole hill
and created a big rift here.
And silence could have
wiped out a thousand riots.
That is why we all were silent.
But still you didn’t listen.
And finally ended up creating bedlam.
You hit the kids.
You slapped Ganga Bhabhi.
It is a shameful and
sorry thing to happen.
Mother, is this a house or hell?
Whenever I come home tired,
I don’t to hear anything..
..other than abuses,
taunts, fights and quarrels.
I am telling you now.
Change your ways, mother.
Keep a control on your tongue.
Or else someday the sparks from your..
..words will burn the house to ashes.
Sita, please forgive me.
– Why are you apologizing?
This is the first time I hit you.
– So what about it?
I swear, Sita. I am sick of this.*
I think many times that
we must move out of this house.
No. Don’t bring such a thought
to your mind even by mistake.
It is a sin.
You are the eldest of the house.
Everything in the household
runs because of you.
If we went away then what
will happen to this house?
How long will all this go on, Sita?
I plead to you with folded arms.
Don’t do this.
Sita, I am very fortunate
that I have a wife like you.
“So many seasons and..”
“ many springs have gone by.”
“Is it the same you
or is it someone else?”
“You have begun to look new.”
“So many heart beats, so many youths..
..and so many youths have gone by.”
“Every moment of mine
is as if I met you only today.”
“So many seasons and so many..”
“..springs have gone by.”
“Every beat of my heart
I want to spend only with you.”
“Every time I open my eyes
I wish to see only your face.”
“Every beat of my heart
I want to spend only with you.”
“Every time I open my eyes
I wish to see only your face.”
“Every breath of mine
lives after saying your name.”
“So many seasons and so many..”
“..springs have gone by.”
“What are flowers and
stars in comparison to you?”
“All the sights of the world
are nothing in front of you.”
“What are flowers and
stars in comparison to you?”
“All the sights of the world
are nothing in front of you.”
“Being with you is
like being in paradise.”
“So many seasons and so many..”
“..springs have gone by.”
“So many heart beats, so many youths..”
“..and so many youths have gone by.”
Sita has gone.
But why didn’t she ask me before going?
Forget about asking you.
She didn’t even inform
you that she was going.
Look how she has insulted you!
It means that she wants
to put me down in this house.
Not put you down, mother.
She wants to throw you out of the house.
By making you a beggar.
Hey you nuisance!
Your mother is petrol by birth.
Why are you burning
matches and throwing in it?
Why are you both jealous if she..
..has gone out with her husband?
If she doesn’t go now will
she go when she is as old as us?
You keep quiet.
– I am quiet since birth.
Don’t advocate on her behalf.
I am not just jealous.
My head is splitting!
She is hammering a nail in my head..
..with the heel of her sandals.
I warn you not to talk in the middle!
Or if you even made a little noise.
May we chant the name of God.
May the Satan be put to shame? – What?
Why are you saying this?
Because my Bhabhi knows about us.
She is bent upon getting
me married at someone or the other.
Oh no, Asha.
Don’t do such a thing. Amar will die.
What are you saying?
I can’t even talk there.
If I refuse to marry I will be hung.
Why don’t you tell your family members..
..and send them over
to talk about our marriage?
I can’t talk to my family members.
But I can get you to meet my Bhabhi.
Bhabhi! Bhabhi! I will be doomed!
What happened?
– Asha’s sister-in-law is forcing her.. get married to someone else.
Is it? This is a getting all messed up.
What will happen of you?
– I’ll be ruined.
Do something, Bhabhi. Do something.
What can I do? Go and talk to mother?
Talk to mother!
Oh no! You will have to so something.
Please go and meet Asha.
Just once. Please.
Uma, what are you seeing secretly?
Why do you ask me?
Peep in and look for yourself.
It is my oath on you.
If you don’t stand by me
our love story will end forever.
If you really like me and
if you really care for my life and.. love then you
will surely come there.
But what will I do there?
That I will tell you when you get there.
In this house,
doors, windows and curtains..
..even the air has ears.
Someone will hear me.
We’ll sit there in private
and talk about it. Come there please.
What was Amar saying?
– He is crazy. He talks nonsense.
I think he is old enough.
He should be married.
Yes. He should be married.
He has grown wings.
Before he flies too high his wings..
..should be clipped with
the scissor of marriage.
You sit!
Today phone is ringing for darling.
I hope it’s not your?
No, Bhabhi.
Hello! – Oh no!
Greetings. I am Bipta Prasad Yadav.
Devariapur. Hello!
What have you come here for?
I am a mechanic at
the telephone exchange.
I have come to tighten
your screw. – What?
I mean I have got news
from the exchange that..
..your phone gets many wrong numbers.
Does it? – Yes, yes.
I have come to check that.
Please show me your old bill.
– What do you mean?
I mean your old telephone bill.
– I’ll just get it.
Get it. She looks very
pungent and bitter too.
The nectar is sitting here.
Asha! It is me.
Amar. I have spoken to Bhabhi.
Read it in the letter.
I have written the time and address.
Bhabhi is here.
Why do you trouble me unnecessarily?
Giving false complaints!
There is nothing wrong with the phone.
Get me tense. Waste my time!
Trouble me! Do you know it?
Here is the bill.
– What bill? I have done my job.
Don’t your job? How did you do it?
Actually madam,
the line of your telephone has..
..some forcible elements in it.
I have removed those
wires and fitted my own wires.
Did you get me? – No.
You didn’t understand, did you?
Well you needn’t understand.
Does she need to understand?
No! Greetings.
Why are you laughing?
Hello! – Bhabhi, this is Amar speaking.
Yes Amar, tell me.
It is very late now. I can’t come home.
Please come to the national park.
No, dear. I can’t come.
– I don’t know about that.
Try to understand my problem.
– There is no problem.
I swear if you don’t
come I will kill myself.
And you will be at fault for
my death and the death of my love.
All right, all right. I will come.
That’s what I said. Slip out quietly.
Don’t let anyone suspect anything.
– Ok. Hang up now.
Hey! It is you.
How come you are back early today?
Why? Don’t you like my
coming earlier than usual?
What are you saying? Not at all.
Do you think I will
not like it when you come?
But you used to give me
a call if you were coming early.
Yes. But one must come
without making a call too.
It helps to know about the situation.
What situation? – Forget about that.
Since I am back early I heard there.. a nice movie showing in town.
Let us go and watch it.
No. I am not very well today.
All right. I will go alone.
Asha, where are you going all decked up?
I am going to the library.
– Isn’t this your library?
Answer me.
Why? Are you shocked now?
Or has your breath stopped?
Today I found out what you are up.. in the name of college and library.
Unabashed! You witch! Come inside!
Go to your room. – I will not go inside.
Will you go inside or not? – No!
What? Are you answering back to me?
Are you trying to act pricey?
Shameless! Immoral!
Get into your room! – Bhabhi, let me go.
She has delayed very much.
I don’t think she will come.
Don’t say such inauspicious things.
I am trying to move ahead
in love only with your support.
And if you also said such heart..
..wrenching things
then I will be doomed.
Mad cap! Do you have any brains?
Your brother came home and said that..
..he wanted to take me to watch a movie.
I came here after turning him down.
Bhabhi, you are always
bothered about brother.
Please take care of
your son once in a while.
I do care for you. That I
why I came here without telling him.
My dear Bhabhi, you are so sweet.
It is five now. That poor
thing must be trapped in the house.
Bhabhi, she should have
done something and come here.
I called you and she is missing.
Come on. Come.
Are you still sitting here?
– What do you want?
Should I go and hang myself somewhere?
Why do you say such things?
I thought you have gone to watch a film.
No. I didn’t go to watch a movie.
I went to see the shooting of a movie.
Which film?
– Of people who are close to me.
I went to see their shooting.
Really? – Do you know what I saw there?
What did you see?
– A romantic scene was going on.
Between the heroine and hero.
Actually the heroine was sweet..
..and straightforward like Sita at home.
But she was there with
her hero painting the town red!
Well, where were you?
– I.. I was in the kitchen.
All right. You were in the kitchen.
Tell me something, Sita. Do you love me?
Why? Do you have any doubts of my love?
No. I have heard that it is
easy to measure the depth of the..
..seas but it is very
difficult to measure..
..the depth of a woman’s heart.
That is why.
Whoever said it was wrong.
It is very easy to measure
the depth of a woman’s heart.
It only needs eyes.
And only people who love
have those kinds of eyes.
Anyway. I’ll get you some tea.
Asha, what is all this?
Whose letter is it?
I could give my life for you.
But if someone tries to
mislead my sister I’ll kill him.
What is all this?
No, dear.
I know you will never do anything wrong.
You tell me who it
is that you like? Tell me.
He studies in the college with me.
– Studies in the college!
Who are his parents?
What kind of a family does he come from?
I don’t know all that.
But his father’s name is Seth Dhanraj.
What? Seth Dhanraj’s son?
And my sister’s choice?
My luck is favouring me.
God bless you sister.
God bless you.
May you live a 1000 years.
1000 years is too much.
You will look very old.
You have chosen a partner
that your brother..
..would not have managed in ten births.
Listen to me!
– Here comes the bundle of troubles.
I don’t want to listen to anything.
Who gave you the
permission to fall in love?
Don’t you know that it
is a sin to love in our family?
It has been so many
years since I am married..
..and I still have not loved my wife.
How can you fall in love? Understand?
Say something. – Forgive me brother!
I will never do such a thing.
Please forgive me.
I will make you sick
but I will never forgive you.
You have brought shame to us!
You have put your
Bhabhi to shame forever.
How will she go out with
her soiled dreadful face?!
I warn you not to step
out of this room after today.
If you stepped out I’ll cut
your legs and fit them on the cot.
What does she think of herself?
I have shaken her up.
How dare she? – To hell with her daring!
We must put her in place right away.
I will finalise her
wedding with some boy.
Don’t do any such thing.
Just go and get Jamnadas Jhamke.
Jamnadas Jhamke? – Yes.
Mother! Mother!
They both are whispering something.
Surely they are plotting
something against you.
Really? – Yes.
– Come, let us go and see.
I will do all the work hereafter.
You just pray to God.
And read good books.
What are you both whispering?
Are you spitting venom against me?
No mother, I was only advising Sita.
Doesn’t mother know to advise her?
I was not saying anything wrong.
Sita is pregnant. – Is it?
Did you see that, mother?
Younger Bhabhi didn’t
tell you about this first.
She treats you like a stranger.
Why didn’t you tell me this first?
You must not hide such
things from your mother-in-law.
She would feel the happiest about it.
Ram! Amar! – Is it your
throat or the siren of a mill?
Won’t it ever tire of screaming?
How much you scream? The walls
are shaking. What’s the matter?
Why shouldn’t I scream?
Sita is pregnant.
I am going to be a grandma. A grandma!
Really? Is this old man
going to become a grandpa?
Yes! – This is the fruit of my prayers.
Keep quiet. Go and pray in the temple.
Okay. May you chant the name of God.
Enough don’t say
anything after that, dad.
Why should I say it?
The whole world says so.
But the Satan is at play.
Amar! – Coming, mother!
What is it, mother?
Amar, go to the market
and get 10 kilos of Almonds.
And ten kilos of dry fruits.
– What’s the occasion?
Your Bhabhi is going
to be a mother soon!
Mother! Congrats Bhabhi!
Hold one of my fingers, Bhabhi.
Just hold it. Hold it.
It will be a boy and
he will look just like me.
Go and get it soon.
Boy number 5.
5 feet 10 inches tall. Good looking.
Fair complexioned. Happy family.
All members of the family
are very soft natured.
Shall we finalise this?
Hail Lord Satya Narayan!
Won’t do? Move ahead.
No problem.
Boy number six. Tall. Fair complexioned.
Good looking. Happy family.
But this house won’t do for you.
Why won’t it? – The boy is very decent.
But his mother talks
less but bites more.
When she speaks only sparks fly.
Till date any girl who
married into that house..
..has died in a few days
thanks to her mother-in-law.
That is why I say that this household.. not good enough for your child.
Why isn’t it good enough?
What do we have to do with the mother?
The boy is good. It is ok.
Why are you doing this?
You shouldn’t be throwing your..
..sister-in-law to the
doors of death on purpose.
You can’t do this.
– Why can’t I do so? I will do it.
I will send my sister-in-law
as a bride to that very house.
But I can’t be party to this sin.
– How should it affect you?
Do you love the money or refuse to sin?
To hell with the sin!
Money is the most powerful God!
Hail Lord Satya Narayan.
Are you done with it or
are you still choosing the boy?
It is done. Ask Jamnadas.
I have chosen such a nice boy and..
..such a nice family
for my sister-in -law.
Really! – Why don’t you too tell him?
Mr. Ghanshyam. – It is Shyamlal.
Yes Mr. Shyamlal. He is such a nice boy.
Such a nice family.
Such a nice Mother.
Your sister’s mother-in-law is..
..the desire of every daughter-in-law.
It is a family like paradise.
Hail Lord Satya Narayan!
I’ll just bring some tea for you.
– Please make it hot.
Like me? – Yes. Thank you.
Have you set everything Mr.
Jamnadas Jhamke? – Yes.
I said so many bad things about the..
..Dhanraj family that
you wife is beaming with joy!
Did you say all that I asked you to?
Of course! Just as you said.
That is why your wife..
..pounced and got hold of that family!
It means my job is done.
Oh God! Thanks a million!
And to you too. Hail lord Satya Narayan!
Please come here. Sit down.
Sit down comfortably.
– How can we serve you?
Would you like tea or coffee?
Would you like milk or buttermilk?
Nothing at all.
Aren’t there any elders in the house?
Don’t you see us?
– Of course but you are just kids now.
Don’t you know?
Child is the father of the nation!
You see I want to
talk to somebody older.
With your permission! – Ok. Ok.
We grant you the permission.
– Thank you.
Here is uncle Amar!
You are? – Actually
I came here to meet you.
Me? Is everything all right?
That I will talk to your father.
‘I get it. He must be the father
or elder brother of some girl.’
‘He must have come here with
the alliance of a girl for me.’
‘I must chase him away.’
‘Or else the tyre of
my love will be punctured.’
So you have come to meet father,
have you?
He has gone to the temple nearby.
He will be back in a 4-5 hours.
It is all right.
I could wait for 2-4 days. It is ok.
Would you like to smoke?
– I too never smoked.
But when I wanted to get rid of doing..
..drugs I had to begin smoking.
For my betterment.
You mean you used to do drugs too?
– Do drugs?
People used to call
me the chimney of drugs.
The whole city used to be intoxicated..
..with the smoke that I exhaled.
Wow! – ‘He doesn’t want to leave.’
I started drugs to get
rid of drinking alcohol.
I mean again for my betterment.
You mean you drank alcohol.
Not just drink people drink from..
..glasses but I drank from buckets.
But I started to
drink to get rid of my..
..habit of going to brothels.
I mean.. – For your betterment.
I swear! You are so intelligent.
– ‘Run away you creep.’
So you used to go to brothels too.
Only people who come out will go.
I used to live there
for 15 days to a month.
I used to take suitcases
filled with money.
And I used to come home
only when the money was over.
Where did you get the money from?
I used to steal the money.
– So you used to steal too?
But I can’t do that now.
– Have you become decent now?
To hell with decency.
We have gone bankrupt now.
We lost money in the business.
And half the money
the income tax took away.
What do I tell you, Sir?
There is not even a glass
left at home to drink water.
What about all the
stuff and furniture here?
All this is what we got in alms.
The rest of them are pawned.
Would you like to give
you girl in marriage..
..into such a horrible
and hopeless house?
No. – Then you tell me.
Mr. Shyamlal, is it you here?
– Father, didn’t you go to the temple?
I haven’t stepped out in three days.
I was reading the
Gita sitting in my room.
Please sit down.
Tell me. What brings you here?
I wanted to talk to you
regarding my sister’s wedding.
What are you standing here and seeing?
Fetch your mother. – I am doomed.
Pray to God.
– Didn’t he say something else?
Loss running into lakhs?
I don’t even lakhs of rupees?
I am with you. I am your bearer cheque.
Won’t you take some money from..
..the girl you will choose for me?
I will take all of 7.5! 7.5!
And a poor man wants to take your..
..bearer cheque of 7.5 lakhs for free.
– Who is that man?
It is some pauper who wants
to get his sister married to.. and make her your daughter-in-law.
Make her my daughter-in-law?
– I will make rivers of blood flow!!
How can he finalise an alliance..
..for my son without asking me?
That is what I am saying? Thrash him!
And throw him out to
the corner of the road.
How can you decide on my
son’s marriage without asking me?
Slowly, slowly my dear.
First meet him, introduce yourself.
Why are you screaming?
He is Mr. Shyamlal.
He is a very big contractor in the city.
He is a famous contractor, is he?
Yes. A very big one.
His business runs into lakhs.
He wants Amar in marriage
for his younger sister.
Oh! I see.
But I had heard something else.
Daughter-in-law, what are you doing?
Why are you carrying pots of water..
..being the mistress of the house?
Go dear. Go inside.
Can I consider this alliance final?
– Of course.
She sneezed twice.
It means it is a good omen.
When I was engaged someone
sneezed twice like this.
I wish I hadn’t heard that sneeze.
– What did you say?
I mean that is why our
family is so nice and happy.
And you are so soft natured.
Isn’t it Mr. Shyamlal? – Yes.
You are very lucky indeed. – Yes. Very.
This is my elder son Ram. – Greetings.
Hello. – Ram, Amar’s wedding
has been finalised with his sister.
Amar’s? – Yes.
I’ll take leave of you now.
I’ll inform you as soon as I find the..
..auspicious time for the wedding.
How can you leave
without eating anything?
Please have lunch with us.
What is the need for all the formality?
Formality is a must on the first day.
The trouble starts after that.
But Maya..
Forget about the idea
of sending Asha to that house.
But why? – They are
asking for too much dowry.
Give them as much as they ask.
But send this pest
out of the house soon.
I am saying that Asha will
only be married to that boy!
I have told you that I
will not agree to this marriage.
And I am telling you
that I will rest only..
..after I get you married to this girl.
All right stick to your guns.
My name is not Amar if
I don’t leave the house now.
Are you threatening me
that you will leave the house?
Don’t you have a tongue in your mouth?
Move or say something.
Why will you say anything?
I am not in favour
of this forced marriage.
I don’t care if the
family is put to shame..
..or my mother doesn’t like it.
I don’t care for anyone.
Amar! What nonsense is this?
Have you forgotten the
respect for elders and..
..manners for the sake
of your selfish ends?
Is this the way to
answer to your mother?
Bhabhi, you see too what..
There is nothing to see.
First apologise to mother.
Amar, didn’t you hear what I said?
Go and apologise to mother.
I will apologise to
her because you say so.
Sorry, mother.
Bhabhi I have apologised
because you said so.
But I will not marry.
I know it is not
manners to talk before..
..elders or give my opinion.
But when the house
is on fire it becomes..
..everyone’s duty to fight the fire.
My opinion is that if he
doesn’t like to get married.. that girl why
is he being compelled?
It will be better if he is not forced.
I don’t understand one thing, mother.
You and father are
ok with this marriage.
Even brother has
consented to this wedding.
Then why is Bhabhi not agreeable to it.
Anyway, it is what
one feels in the heart.
It is possible that there is something..
..else in Bhabhi’s heart.
When no one is in your favour of it.
It is better you forget me.
Forget you? – Yes.
Can you forget me – Yes.
I have started practising to forget you.
What nonsense are you speaking?
Yes, Amar.
For the sake of my family’s honour..
..I can break my love like a coconut.
My brother has fixed my
wedding with a very useless boy.
He was taking long drags of cigarette..
..smoke and blowing the
smoke on my brother’s face.
Cigarette smoke? – Yes.
Before cigarette it
was drugs before that..
..he used to drink
buckets full of alcohol.
This story sounds familiar.
– You must have surely heard it.
He also used to visit brothels.
He has spent years with dancers.
His company has gone bankrupt.
And all the money was
lost in income tax raids.
Asha, where did you hear this story?
My brother told me this?
What is your brother’s name? – Shyamlal.
Is it that fatso your brother?
I am dead.
Just listen!
If I wait here then
my mother won’t wait.
If they cancel my
wedding I will be doomed.
Mother! Bhabhi! Please wait!
Mother! Please forgive me.
I pray to you forgive me.
First tell me why you
are being so sweet to me?
I am feeling shy. – Shy my foot!
Yesterday you had a long
tongue to fight with me about..
..your wedding, weren’t you shy then?
I was shy mother.
That is why I didn’t sleep all night.
Do you know how much I scolded myself?
I said that the mother
at whose feet lies the paradise..
..and I spoke back to her!
All night I rubbed my
nose on the floor in regret.
Look at my nose. It is all scratched.
Mother. Mother, I accept your decision.
What decision?
– The one about the marriage.
Really! My darling. My pet, my dear son!
Dear! Did you hear that!? – Amar!
Uma, Did you hear that?
I don’t understand one thing, mother.
Did someone cast a spell on Amar..
..that he agreed to marry in one night?
I think there is a deep set plot in it.
No plot here!
He is marrying after to listening to me.
My job is done.
I don’t care about anything else.
What is this Amar?
You were like fire yesterday.
How come you have turned
as cold as ice now?
You will be shocked
if you hear the truth.
The Shyamlal who came
here is Asha’s brother. – What?
Yes. I unnecessarily
told him to that our.. was bankrupt
and almost ruined my chances.
It is good in a way.
I didn’t have to toil over this.
Our affair also has succeeded.
And I am happy too.
The elders have had their way too.
It is a good thing indeed.
And the elders have
got a daughter-in-law..
..and you have got a slave for yourself.
And this slave is
already at your service.
Now you will have a great time!
“Just look at the face of the groom.”
“He only lacks a tail.”
“Is that a bride or a mare?
The reins seem to be out of place.”
“Is that a bride or a mare?
The reins seem to be out of place.”
“The groom looks like such an ogre.”
“He might eat you up.”
“Hide the face of your bride or..
..our groom might run away.”
“Just look at the face of the groom.”
“He only lacks a tail.”
“Is that a bride or a mare?
The reins seem to be out of place.”
“Look, such a egg-plant
like mate he has got.”
“Looks like a fool.” – “I see”
“I too had thought
of so many things but..
..I am so unlucky
and she looks so ugly.”
“When I removed the veil I saw she..
..looks like a pumpkin in a red veil.”
“When I removed the veil I saw she..
..looks like a pumpkin in a red veil.”
“Just look at the face of the groom.”
“He only lacks a tail.”
“Is that a bride or a mare?
The reins seem to be out of place.”
Bhabhi, I am looking for
you and you are sitting here alone.
I am not feeling well.
Come along Bhabhi it
is so much fun down there.
Amar, listen to me.
I am really not well.
You will not agree like this.
I will carry you.
Let go of me.
– One minute. What a lovely pose!
Ready. One two.
I have forgotten to load the film.
One minute. I’ll be back.
Amar, don’t trouble me.
And the real trouble will come from..
..the person who is yet to be born.
“Where are you?”
“Noorjahan, where are you?”
“Noorjahan, where are you?”
“I am here.”
“You are my heart.
You are the peace of my heart.”
“Never go away from me.”
“Even if the world envies us.”
“Noorjahan, where are you?”
“I am here.”
“You are my heart.
You are the peace of my heart.”
“Never go away from me.”
“Even if the world envies us.”
“Your body is like a glass.”
“The ocean is hidden in your lips.”
“I wish I could always be in your arms.”
“Your body is like a glass.”
“The ocean is hidden in your lips.”
“I wish I could always be in your arms.”
“Noorjahan, where are you?”
“I am here.”
“You are my heart.
You are the peace of my heart.”
“Never go away from me.”
“Even if the world envies us.”
“I get intoxicated
when I see your face.”
“And would happen to
me if I kiss your body.”
“I get intoxicated
when I see your face.”
“And would happen to
me if I kiss your body.”
“Noorjahan, where are you?”
“I am here.”
“You are my heart.
You are the peace of my heart.”
“You are my heart.
You are the peace of my heart.”
“Never go away from me.”
“Even if the world envies us.”
I will kill you. Leave me.
I will kill you. – What’s going on!
Leave me.
I will kill him. – Throw him outside.
Everyone is a betrayer.
I won’t leave anyone.
Mr. Ram, it’s you? – Daughter-in-law,
he didn’t say anything.. even you. – No, father.
– What’s so surprising in this, father?
There might be some
altercation between brother..
..and sister-in-law and
she doesn’t care about anything.
You just keep quiet. – Sir.
Sir, when Mr.
Ram was going out, he told me that..
..he was going on some
work related to company.
Then why didn’t you tell me before?
Sir, the thing is that I
forgot since I was busy at house.
Company’s work. What can that be!
Good morning. – Which place is this?
This is my house.
– How did you come here?
I brought you here.
You were outside a
hotel in a drunkard state.
I guess they might
have thrown you outside.
Thank God that I was
there at the right time..
..and I brought you here.
It seems that you drank for..
..the first time in your life
that your head is aching till now.
Drink this tea,
have a bath and get ready soon.
I will drop you at your home. – Home.
I don’t want to go to that house again.
What are you saying!
It seems that you are still drunk.
I was drunk all my life.
I have the illusion of fake happiness.
Today I realized
that it was an illusion.
That home is a place of
betrayal and unfaithfulness..
..where people betray
with the act of honesty..
..having a make up on their treachery.
I neither want to go to that home..
..nor I want to see anyone’s face.
But how will you spend
the rest of your life?
I don’t care about my future.
I have only one option left..
..and that I death.
– What rubbish are you talking!
You will die without any reason?
– So what?
Who will be bothered about my death!
‘It seems that something
is seriously wrong.’
‘If I don’t help him now,
he might take a drastic step.’
Why did you think that
no one will be bothered?
I care about you. If a boat crashes..
..a person doesn’t surrender
himself to the sea..
..but he tries hard to reach the shore.
But now who is there to help me?
– I am there to help you.
I will be happy to see you happy.
You can stay here as many days you want.
But promise me that you
would never think about..
..committing suicide again. – Daughter..
Yes, mother.
– Doctors came from the hospital.
You ask them to sit there.
I will come there right now.
You get ready soon.
I will come right now.
Greetings.. – Greetings.
Dr. Deepa, we have arranged
everything for the show.. you wanted and here
are the rest of the tickets.
Thank you very much.
– Ok, we will go now.
Ok. – Goodbye.
Miss. Deepa. I am thankful to you a lot,
but I shall go now.
Not just like that.
Before leaving you’ve to buy a ticket.
What ticket?
– We are planning to build a ward..
..for the blind patients
in the hospital where I am working.
For that doctors have
arranged my dance show..
..for charity.
I am selling those tickets.
Then give all those
tickets to me. – All?
Yes, I will sell them.
Today, come to home soon. – Why?
Because today I am keeping
the fast of Karvachauth.
Really. – Every wife sees
the moon and then worships..
..her husband then only she can eat.
And if you come late
then I will die with hunger.
That will be a big problem.
Let’s do one thing. – What?
I won’t go to office.
I will be with you for the whole day..
And then worship me in
the evening and after that.. just eat me.
– Leave me. Shameless!
What! Am I really? – You just go.
What! Did you ask me to stay here?
Take it. Eat. Eat it.
Look, don’t give me that attitude.
Today there is the fast of Karvachouth.
I have to go to temple.
I am getting late. Eat it.
What? Do you want to come with me? Come.
Dear! If you can’t bear the hunger..
..then who asked you to
keep the fast of Karvachouth!
You just keep quiet.
I am dying with hunger..
..and you are making fun of me.
Even the moon isn’t appearing.
O God! It’s not easy to keep the fast.
Mother, I am fainting.
You should be ashamed
of yourself to say that.
What did you say! – I was saying that..
..if the moon doesn’t appear tonight,
then you must stay..
..hungry till tomorrow evening.
– Just keep quiet.
Why do you speak like that!
How does it make any difference?
The moon will..
..appear when it has to appear.
– Ok, keep quiet.
Daughter, come, let’s see the moon.
Yes, mother. Let’s go and find the moon.
– You do that.
But you won’t get him.
– Mother, today every wife..
..observes the fast for
the wellbeing of her husband.
..that she should always
be with her husband..
..and that she should
die happily in his arms.
Today, your daughter’s
husband didn’t come, mother.
If my prayers are honest,
then you will definitely..
..get my husband appear in front of me.
Or else I will commit
suicide in front of you..
..because this would
be an insult to my dharma.
It will be an insult
to your daughter’s honesty.
That means it will be an insult to you.
Leave me. What happened to you?
What happened? Leave me.
Look, till my wish is fulfilled,
I won’t leave this place.
You go.
I knew that Mother Durga
will definitely accept my prayers..
..and that you will
definitely come here.
Take the food offered to God.
It would be better if
you add some poison in that.
What are you saying!
Come, let’s go home. – Home!
What home! I don’t have any home.
And the place that
you call home is a hell.
What happened to you?
You are calling you home hell..
..where everyone loves you.
Do you know father
is so worried about you?
And I was eagerly waiting for you.
I was praying to God to send you soon.
This kind of acts has become very old.
I came to know everything about you.
Now leave me.
Please come with me. – Leave me.
Listen, come back to home.
Everyone is waiting
for you at home. Listen.
“Who will give so much love..”
“ much as love you have given me!”
“In my every birth..”
“..I wish you to be my beloved one.”
“We should never be separated.”
“My dear one should always be with me.”
“Hail Lord Ram..”
The moon is here.
Have you heard me,
the moon is here. – Dear..
Have you seen the moon
of you saw the light..
..of the above room?
– What are you saying!
I have seen them with my own eyes.
– I don’t trust you eyes.
Last year you saw
the headlight of a bike..
..and you broke the fast
assuming it to be the moon.
Keep quiet. Ganga,
bring the requisites of the worship.
Bring it. – And sister-in-law,
serve the food for us.
Do it, fast. – Hey,
it is done three times, you did it once.
Ok, one, two, three.
– Mum! Come fast. I am very hungry.
What are you doing!
You have worshipped me till now..
..and you started eating?
– I worshipped you photo.
I came here after that.
– This is an insult to me.
And you will definitely
be punished for that.
Today I will drag you beat you so hard..
..that you would remember
it till the next Karvachauth.
Come. – Mother.
Leave her.
– Look, she didn’t worship me..
..and now you are also insulting me.
Go away from here. – Don’t beat me.
Look, if she doesn’t come with me then..
What will you do?
– I will marry someone else.
You will marry someone else?
– Don’t beat me.
Dear, what are you doing!
He is you son-in-law.
And today it’s the Karvachauth.
At least respect for just one day.
Invite him and serve him the dinner.
You just keep quiet.
Today I am very angry.
I know whom to respect and whom not to.
And don’t teach me anything.
Sister-in-law, get ready soon.
We are going to the show.
What do you say, Asha! – Yes.
No, Amar. Today, I am not feeling good.
You may go.
What’s this! I brought
three tickets for three of us..
..and you are asking me to go. Never.
If we will go three of us
will go or else no one will go.
What do you say, Asha? – Yes, sister.
We are getting late.
Sister-in-law! Are you coming or not?
Or else we will lift
you and take you to the hall.
What do you say, Asha?
– Amar, don’t trouble me today..
Leave me alone for God’s sake.
Sister-in-law! Your God is not here.
Or else we would have
left both of you alone.
Sister-in-law! For your husband’s sake..
..whom you worship the whole day..
I know, now you can’t say no.
My dear sister-in-law..
– You will never change.
Get sister-in-law ready,
Here is 50,000 rupees.
Your show’s tickets are sold.
I know it. You might have
given the tickets for free.. your colleagues
and you giving the money..
..from your pocket. Why have done that?
For my happiness.
– What shall I say now!
I don’t have any answer for your words.
“There is a pain in the heart..”
“..and there is piercing
in all the nerves.”
“Such is my condition.”
“Everyone watching my face..”
“..and they still ask my condition.”
“When I fell in love with someone..”
“What happened then?”
“When I fell in love with someone..”
“..I felt like a thorn
has been pierced into my heart.”
“I couldn’t get it.
It went on piercing. It just killed me.”
“When I fell in love with someone..”
“..I felt like a thorn
has been pierced into my heart.”
“It isn’t his mistake..”
“..because I am very spicy.”
“Even the 60 year old man..”
“..tries to flirt with me.” – O God.
“This has been the
condition of the city..”
“Every lane was in
trouble which I crossed.”
“Someone tries to hold my finger..”
“Someone tries to hold my hand..”
“God only can help me.”
“This has been the
condition of the city..”
“Every lane was in
trouble which I crossed.”
“Even though I walk
with so much attitude..”
“I would like to tell
you something true. – Tell me.”
“You may say that I am
a fool after hearing this.”
That’s true.
“Look, what I have done..”
“I am dying for the
person whom is my life.”
“I am robbed. I have gone crazy.”
“Look, what I have done..”
“I am dying for the
person whom is my life.”
“He just killed me.”
It was a lot of fun. – Stop.
Come here.
Where have the queens been?
I went to the movie with Amar and Asha.
If something would
have happened to you..
People would have blamed me for that.
People would have said
that the mother-in-law..
..didn’t care about the daughter-in-law.
Why are you quiet?
Why aren’t you saying anything?
we forced sister Sita to come with us.
She doesn’t have anything to do in this.
I am the one who takes
decisions in this house.
Who are you to take her?
– What have we done wrong..
..that you are scolding us?
– Mother, have you seen her!
She came yesterday and
today she is arguing with you.
Why? Do you call speaking
truth as arguing in this house?
Shut up. You haven’t
even come out of the egg..
..and you started biting?
– Come, apologize to her.
why should I apologize to her?
What have I done wrong?
– You are still arguing.
How dare you! I will teach
you a lesson right now. – Asha.
What have you thought of yourself?
Mother-in-law, what are you doing?
– Leave my hand.
never ever dare to use your stick on me.
I respect you, that doesn’t
mean that I will tolerate your..
..scolding and beating. – Great.
You shut up.
Today you have broken my stick.
I will send you out
of this house today itself.
Get out of this house.
– Mother,
no one will go out of this house.
We too have rights on this house.
You are a slave of wife.
How dare you to threaten me!
I am not threatening you.
I am just explaining you..
..that still there
is time for you to learn.
This home is at the
verge of destruction..
..but still you aren’t
able to open your eyes.
She is the real cause
for all the troubles. – Amar.
Amar, what have both of you started!
I’m stopping both of you long,
but no one listening to me.
How dare you to argue with mother!
You are fighting with her?
Now apologize to her.
But sister-in-law, what is our mistake?
I don’t want to hear anything.
Just apologize to her.
Ok, since you are saying,
mother, please forgive us.
I will never forgive you.
Amar, try day and
night to save this home..
..why do you try to spoil everything!
I ruin all my hard-work.
– Sister-in-law..
..this house can’t be
saved with your hard-work..
The things have gone too far.
The person who should
take care of everything.. never bothered about it.
If he hadn’t given them.. much liberty in
the begging then this home..
This home would have
been a place for humans.
Did you like the flowers?
– What’s this, Ram?
The light that you
have brought into my life..
..I owe a lot to you.
– But what are these for?
Happy birthday, Deepa.
How did you know that
today it’s my birthday?
You have given me a new birth..
..and you think that
I will forget your birthday?
I got it from somewhere. Happy birthday.
You are giving me such a costly ring..
..for such a small occasion. – Deepa..
One shouldn’t see the price of the gift,
but one should see..
..the intention of the
person who is giving. Take it.
Ok, I shall leave now.
And be ready in the evening.
Why? – There is a party from me.
Daughter, I don’t feel that
Ram’s intentions are not right.
Be careful. – You don’t worry, mother.
Ram got a major shock in life..
If I hadn’t supported him,
he might have committed suicide.
Or he might have given
his life by drinking.
Mother, it will take some time,
but he will be treated by me.
Greetings, Mr. Dhanraj.
– Greetings, Mr. Jamunadas.
Hail Sri Satnarayana.
– Yes, what’s the matter?
I brought this envelope for Mrs. Uma..
..that her husband sent for her.
Hail Sri Satyanarayana.
Done? – Yes.
Uma. – What’s the matter, father?
There’s an envelope for you.
– Envelope! For me!
No. – What happened? Why are you crying?
Lallu is getting married. – What!
You might have arranged this thing.
No, this is a love marriage.
Because if the marriage..
..doesn’t work at one place,
then it should be..
..given a try at some other place.
That’s my job.
Or else where will
get the commission from?
Hail Sri Satyanarayana. – Shut up.
You have destroying my life. Mother.
What’s the matter? Why are you crying?
What is this?
– The marriage invitation card.
Whose marriage?
Lallu is marrying again.
– What! Lallu is marrying?
He is ruining my daughter’s life.
I will destroy him.
I will throw acid on his face. Come.
Will you come with me? – Actually.
Don’t come.
Let’s go. – Yes. Hurry up, Mother.
Yes, God is great.
Shall I sit?
– Will you do one thing! Take this seat.
This marriage won’t happen. – Why?
You can’t marry another woman..
..with your wife being here.
What’s the use of a wife
won’t live with her husband.
He told me everything.
I agreed to his marriage..
..with my own will.
Have you heard it! Now you may go.
Please don’t speak like that.
I am your wife, after all.
You are my wife?
Uma, she is a wife who stays with..
..her husband in thick and thin.
..who makes her
husband’s house a heaven.
Uma! There comes light into
a home with the deeds of wife.
When she sweeps the house,
the future problems..
..goes away from the house.
When she burns the fire for food..
It is considered as
meditation for Lord Shiva..
..and Lord Shiva sends
happiness to that home only.
When she washes the clothes,
the dust of the family’s..
..fortune also goes away.
When a woman does..
..the household jobs,
she is actually following her dharma.
She is in fact decorating her destiny.
And on the other hand there are you..
..who left her husband
and living with your mother.
Shut up! I will see you.
Daughter, let’s go.
No, mother. You go. – What do you mean!
I will go to my home with him.
It seems that you have
gone mad after coming here.
I lost my madness after coming here.
If I was in that house
because of arrogance..
..he might have married her by now.
– Then go to hell.
Die with this beggar.
– You do one thing..
You keep going.
I will be back after convincing them..
..or else they will
create problems later. – Ok.
Take this and distribute
this in your theatre group.
And have a nice sleep.
– Ok, hail Sri Satyanarayana.
Hello. – Father,
it’s me, Lallu speaking.
Yes, son.
– Father, you gave a great idea.
The arrow hit the target.
– Really. And what about Uma?
She is with me.
– What are you saying! – And Shanta?
Mother-in-law was
like the wounded lioness.
O God! – You are right,
we should thank God.
Ok, listen, that lioness is here.
Hang up the phone.
Come Shanta. Come.
Why are these fake
tears in your eyes? – What!
I mean tears. – What else
will be in my eyes right now!
My daughter went to her in-laws’ place.
O no. That means the
devil’s team has become half?
What! What did you say? – No. I mean..
She got her senses back after many days.
She spent a lot of days in this house.
Had she went earlier,
she would have been mother..
..of two kids by now.
– What rubbish are you talking!
What will happen to me now?
Who will take care of me?
You got glasses on your eyes,
but still you can’t see clearly.
You have three daughter-in-laws.
And those who have
three daughter-in-laws..
..are the masters of half world.
Now stop crying and
set your face’s design well.
You look even more
dangerous when you cry.
Now go and wipe off those tears.
Where do so many tears come from?
Is there some tap inside there? Go.
Bring a cup of tea for me. – Yes.
Listen.. – Yes.
I saw this necklace before.
Yes, it is sister-in-law Sita’s.
Yes. – How did you get it?
She gave me this necklace as a present.
You do one thing sell
this necklace and buy..
..a photo studio and
also buy a small house for us.
Come, sit.
Uma, the first thing is that
I won’t buy the photo studio.. selling this necklace
and I will also not buy the house.
And the second is that
when someone gifts us something..’s like a God given thing to us.
And we don’t sell those things, do we?
And you know what the third thing is..
I am an honest person. Am I not?
So my dear wife you wear this necklace..
..that makes the husband
happy and the wife beautiful.
Kanta! Look at grandmother,
her face has become.. a balloon.
– Since aunt Uma went she is like that.
Kanta, how does grandmother
shout in the morning!
Show me how does it? – Really?
Big daughter-in-law!
Small daughter-in-law.
Are you all alive or dead?
I am dying with hunger..
..and these scoundrels haven’t
served the breakfast till now.
You are imitating me? – Mother-in-law..
Mother. – Why are you beating my kids?
They are not kids,
but they are demons whom you gave birth.
These scoundrels are making fun of me.
They are imitating me.
You are the one who taught them..
..all those things.
– No, mother-in-law..
Kids are innocent.
How can teach them anything!
Daughter-in-law, you don’t know her.
She killed my son and
now she is making them..
..against me.
She is planning to kill me.
Stop it, mother. Everything has a limit.
I am dying with your accusations.
I am living just for these kids,
or else..
..I would have committed suicide by now.
You won’t commit suicide.
You can kill others..
Before you could kill me,
leave this house.
I don’t want you and your
scoundrel kids in this house.
What are you doing!
You are sending the kids outside?
You please don’t interfere in this.
Either they will stay in
this house or I will stay here.
I don’t want this kind of life.
Why didn’t I die by now!
O God! – Ok, mother.
Today I will fulfill you wish.
We are going.
– No, sister Rupa. What are you doing!
Have you gone mad!
Where will you take these kids?
To the footpath. – No, mother-in-law..
They won’t go to footpath.
They will live in this house..
..because they are
the members of this family.
They too have rights on
in this house and property.. everyone else and
these kids should their rights.
I see. Today even
Sita has started talking.
You too started arguing with me.
You too leave this house.
Amar, don’t go inside.
– Why? What happened?
Mother-in-law is sending
elder sister and sister Uma..
..of our this house?
– And what is father doing?
He is in a helpless situation?
Hi, dad.
Shameless! How dare you
to smoke in front of your father!
You haven’t seen my guts till now.
From now I will drink
in front your regularly.
I will bring all my
friends and gamble here.
I will mortgage this house..
..and whenever I feel bore
I will go to a brothel house.
Wow! Father.
That was the shot of a military man.
Where did you hide it all these days?
This is what is needed.
Today for the first time
you have raised you hand..
Keep it there.
It hasn’t raised till now..
..that’s why our there
was so much trouble in our house.
Raise it and use it..
..and please save this
house from destruction, father.
Today the sleeping lion has woke up.
Let it be awake.
Here is your machinegun.
Eradicate the crisis of this house.
Yes, father. Take it.
Son, today you woke up the Dhanraj..
..who has been sleeping within me.
You have waked up
the man within Dhanraj.
Now he will not sleep again.
God is great.
No one will stay in this house. Go away.
Shut up. No one will go outside.
Daughter-in-law, you go inside.
If anyone of them goes
inside I will break their legs.
Leave this house. – Shanta.
You just keep quiet.
– You just shut up and go inside.
I will not and they will not go..
..inside, but they will go outside.
Leave this house. – Shanta.
I am telling you for
the last time go inside.
If you irritate me more,
then I’ll also destroy your condition.
You will destroy my condition. – Yes.
Then God save you.
You will destroy my condition?
Don’t beat me. – The God is great.
You will destroy my condition?
No. Please forgive me.
For God’s sake forgive me.
– I shall forgive you?
I gave the ship of my house to you..
But you drove that ship into the storms.
I handed you the peace of this home.
But you started to..
..behave in such a way
with your daughter-in-laws?
I hate you.
– Say. Insult me in front of everyone. that they could also
beat me like you. – Shut up.
People respect or insult
a person because of his deeds.
And if you try to rule
this world with you stick.
Then your own head
will break into pieces.
Now go inside or else I
will break you into pieces. Go.
Will you go or I have to beat you?
And you, Sita, you are educated.
You are wise.
You understand the
condition of this home..
You were also leaving this home?
Stop it. Stop crying.
Girls shouldn’t cry in this condition..
It affects the unborn child.
Go upstairs.
And don’t come downstairs till I say.
Go upstairs.
And Ganga,
arrange some maids and a cook today.
I.. – This is my order.
Go. And what’s this!
My daughter-in-law
was leaving this house?
Go inside. – Grandfather.
No. No one will cry from today.
And you come here.
And who taught you to
argue with elders. Tell me.
He? I see. Now you go to work.
I will talk to you in the evening.
Ok, ok. Go.
Stop. You break mother-in-law’s sticks?
I will break your head if
you do this kind of thing again.
Now go inside.
– Wow! Grandfather, you are great.
What did you eat in the morning?
Hey, you are also talking too much.
No go inside.
Take your books and start
studying or I will beat you. Go.
God, I thank you a lot.
Today a little strength of mine..
..has saved this house from breaking.
Thank God.
What happened? – Father,
sister Sita gave birth to a boy.
Son? God bless you daughter. Shanta.
Shanta, Sita gave birth to a baby boy.
So what? Go and enjoy
alone with your family.
Darling, this is such a big occasion.
Leave your anger and come outside. – No.
I am dead for you. This is my dead body.
What do you think if the
cock won’t rise it won’t be morning?
Stupid. You sour person.
Go to hell. – Grandfather..
What? – Mother didn’t
eat anything since two days.
Let her not eat for two ears.
– No, father.
Please grandfather, talk to grandmother.
“Grandma, my dear grandma.”
“Look at us. Leave you anger.”
“Grandma, my dear grandma.”
“Look at us. Leave you anger.”
“There is hot food in the plate.”
“It is missing you a lot.”
“Grandma, my dear grandma.”
“Look at us. Leave you anger.”
“I am bearing this
drama since I married her.”
“Grandma, my dear grandma.”
“Look at us. Leave you anger.”
“Since you haven’t eaten anything..”
“..the kids also
haven’t eaten anything.”
“Since you haven’t eaten anything..”
“..the kids also
haven’t eaten anything.”
“We haven’t been like this ever.”
“Shall we die, grandmother?”
“Why should you die for her?”
“She wants that anyway.”
“Grandma, my dear grandma.”
“Look at us. Leave you anger.”
“Grandma, my dear grandma.”
“Look at us. Leave your anger.”
“Grandma. Grandma.”
Well the fragrance of potato
spinach and methi seems very good.
But real ghee on the corn bread.
Well the fragrance of potato
spinach and methi seems very good.
But real ghee on the corn bread.
“The sauce is of Navaratn
and the prickle is of mango.”
“Do you want to eat? – Do you?”
“O my old beauty!
You really have great attitude.”
“Grandma, my dear grandma.”
“Look at us. Leave your anger.”
“Grandma, my dear grandma.”
“Look at us. Leave your anger.”
“If you wish I will make
the bed for you after eating.”
“If you wish I will
you an oil massage on head.”
“If you wish I will make
the bed for you after eating.”
“If you wish I will
you an oil massage on head.”
“We will comb you and kill the louses.”
“Get up, grandma.”
“Be careful while lifting the stone.”
“It may fall on you.”
“Grandma, my dear grandma.”
“Look at us. Leave your anger.”
“Grandma, my dear grandma.”
“Look at us. Leave your anger.”
“There is hot food in the plate.”
“It is missing you a lot.”
“Grandma, my dear grandma.”
“Look at us. Leave your anger.”
“Grandma, my dear grandma.”
“Look at us. Leave your anger.”
Deepa, do you remember once you said..
..that you will be happy
if I stay alive? – Yes.
Then I want to ask you something..
Do you really want to see me happy?
– Yes, absolutely.
Then would you like to marry me?
I got it.
You might be hesitating
since I am a married man.
But you don’t worry about it,
I decided to take divorce.
Ram! – Yes, Deepa.
I can’t live without your support.
If you reject me,
I won’t have any purpose in life.
I might really commit suicide.
– But Ram..
I am also a woman.
I need some time to think about it.. take decisions regarding life.
– Ok, think about it.
I will be waiting for your answer.
Miss. Deepa, it’s you? Please sit down.
What are you looking at?
I am watching that even
in this modern generation.. are worshipping
you husband as God.
Whatever the times may be,
but an Indian woman..
..will always treat
her husband like God.
But a husband doesn’t
treat her wife like a Goddess.
Why is it like that?
– I don’t have the answer for that why?
Mrs. Sita,
today I am moved after meeting you.
I came here to tell you something.
Listen to it carefully.
The position that you gave.. your husband,
whom you treat like God..
That same husband has
decided to marry another lady.
You are really a Goddess.
Your idol should have
been there instead of Ram’s.
Today because of Goddesses like you..
..we are proud of our country
and our tradition is still alive.
I am very confident
that no one can harm you.
Sita, I salute you. You are great.
Greetings, sir. – Greetings.
Is my diamond necklace ready?
– Yes, it is ready but..
But? – Your check hasn’t
been accepted in the back.
They didn’t accept my check?
How can that happen?
Can I use your phone? – Sure.
You gave that money to him.
Lift the phone first.
Yes, sir.
Hello. Yes. Hold on for a minute.
Sir, Mr. Ram is asking
that why has been the payment..
..of the check stopped?
– Give that to me. – Okay.
The payment of the check
has been stopped by my orders.
Who are you?
– I am your father speaking.
Don’t give him a single paisa.
– Yes, sir.
I knew that you will definitely return.
Don’t put that act.
I didn’t come here to meet you.
Where is the diamond
necklace that I gave you?
Necklace! Yes, I will bring it a moment.
Take this.
This is empty. Where is the necklace?
I kept it here.
– Then where did the necklace go?
Has this box eaten it?
Confess that you gave it to your lover.
What are you saying!
Look, kill me or give me some poison.
I am ready to die,
but never accuse me of such dirty thing.
Are you ready to accept
whatever I say? – Yes.
Then sign these divorce papers.
I am ready to do whatever
you ask me to do but..
But before divorcing me,
tell me what my mistake is.
Mistake! You have
fool an innocent person..
..and asking me what your mistake is.
If you still have any
humanity left in you..
Then ask yourself that
what sin you have done.
My heart, my soul is as pure as God.
I don’t need to ask anyone about myself.
He is not the Ram who could test Sita.
How can he accuse someone else!
He himself is a culprit.
He is having an affair
with another lady..
..even after having
his wife in his home.
You are the one who are being fooled,
Mr. Dhanraj.
What are you doing!
– Right now I am not talking to my..
..father, but I am talking
to my partner. – What partner?
You are neither my partner
nor you have any rights..
..on that company.
– You might be forgetting..
..that according to law
I am partner of this company.
And if I wish I can sell that company.. well as this house. – Really.
Today you are threatening your father..
..from whom you learned even walking.
You have grown very much.
What else can be a
better news for a father..
..that his son have grown so much!
Congrats, son.
Leave that.
Listen, what happened to you?
How made you an enemy of this house?
Tell me I request you.
Moron! How dare you to
insult my daughter-in-law!
It would have been better
if I killed you when you’re born.
Yes, I know this is what
all of you want. You want my death.
Each person of this house
is waiting for my death.
But I won’t die. I will life my life,
and I will enjoy my life.
I don’t have any relationship with you.
Stop, son. Listen to me son.
Don’t go like that.
Let your old father die first..
Complete the rituals of the funeral..
And then do whatever
you want to do, son.
Ram, you came after so many days.
Look at your son.
You want me to see his face?
You show him to that
person who is his father.
Sister-in-law! What’s the matter?
Why are you crying?
– Amar, Ram came here.
He accused Sita of stealing
the diamond necklace..
..and while returning he
said that that boy is not his child.
He said that his father is someone else.
Take it.
It’s nice. – It’s really nice.
Now tell me where did
you get this necklace from?
I told you that sister-in-law..
What! You will not marry me? – Yes.
I can’t break someone
else’s family for my happiness.
Stop that rubbish.
I got betrayed a lot of times..
..with that kind things.
– You didn’t get betrayed.
You eyes betrayed you.
The nectar that you rejected..
..assuming it as a poison is nectar.
Sita is nectar.
Sister-in-law Sita
is great than many goddess.
I loved you and now Sita
has become your sister-in-law..
Who told you that only
a couple can love each other..
Isn’t the love between siblings love?
Isn’t the love between friends love?
Isn’t the love between parents
and children love? – Shut up.
I feel like killing you right now.
But no, how many women
should I like that.
Today I knew it.
I knew that ‘woman’ is
the other name of ‘betrayal’.
What did you come here for?
I came here to take you, brother.
I don’t have anything
to do with you anymore.
But there is sister-in-law Sita.
She will die without you.
Let her die.
– Brother! Don’t do that. Come home.
I don’t have any home.
– Brother, if I made a mistake..
..then please forgive me.
– Please leave me right now.
Brother, I will take
you to home at any cost.
Scoundrel. – Brother,
I too can raise my hands on you.
But I will not do that.
Because if I will beat you..
..sister-in-law Sita will be hurt.
Coward, you can’t beat me.
You are the real betrayer.
And what will I go there for?
To see your affair with her?
Go away, Amar.
Ram. Ram, what you are doing!
You are fighting with
your Lakshman-like brother.
No, father.
He is not a brother, but he is an enemy.
He is the betrayer in the family.
What are you saying?
– I am saying the truth, father.
He is that betrayer
who had an affair with his..’s wife, who is
mother to his according to dharma.
This betrayer had physical
relations with her. – Ram.
Brother! Kill me if you want,
but you have to prove..
..the ugly accusation
that you have done.
What is there that I should prove!
Even that lady has
equal share in this sin.
She gave the diamond necklace to you..
..that I presented to her.
– Hold on, brother Ram. Come.
The crime has been
done by someone else..
..and you are punishing
someone else for that.
Your sister is responsible
for whatever has happened.
She is responsible for that.
The necklace that you gave.. sister-in-law Sita has
been stolen by her, haven’t you?
Take this. Is this that necklace?
Do you trust her now?
– Father, just a necklace..
..can’t prove her honesty.
I have many other evidences of her sins.
Tell him that how the doubts have been..
..created in brother Ram’s
mind about sister-in-law Sita.
Amar always used to tell
sister-in-law about his love..
..for Asha. Even day also
he was saying the same thing.
But sister-in-law wasn’t
interested to hear.
And brother Ram came at that time.
I told brother Ram
again about sister-in-law..
..and made him believe
that that was true.
Did you believe it now? – Not at all.
Because I am not the person
who will believe other’s words.
I have heard Amar talking
with Sita on phone.
What did you listen?
– That Amar was calling..
..Sita to come to the park
and then I saw them in the park..
..talking with giggles.
– Brother, whatever you heard..
..was right, but Amar called
sister-in-law to the garden.. that he could introduce me to her.
Amar told me that sister-in-law
is like his mother..
..and till she accepts me I can’t
be the daughter-in-law of this home.
Then what was that..
..when I saw Sita is Amar’s arms.
That’s not true.
You have seen one side of the photo..
..because that day I
was also present in that room.
No, you are lying. You weren’t there.
This is the proof of that.
Have you seen it!
When Amar was lifting
his sister-in-law.. his arms,
I was present over there..
..and I was taking the photograph.
Amar was lifting his
sister-in-law because her health..
..wasn’t well and she
didn’t want to go down.
And he was trying take
her sister-in-law like a kid.. front of me. Did you get it?
Yes, son. Because of this scoundrel.. have doubted
their mother-son relation.
Why didn’t you die when you were born!
Have you heard it!
You have doubted a goddess.
God will never forgive you. Never.
“Hail Ram! My Ram!”
“Hail Ram! My Ram!”
“Our home was like a heaven.”
“It was the temple of my love.”
“My prayers haven’t been completed..”
“..and the dream broke in the midway.”
“Mother Tulsi, give us this boon.”
“My beloved one should be happy..”
“..and my home should be prosperous.”
“I don’t know I have
done the mistake, my dear.”
“I am leaving your home.”
“I am going.”
“..leaving your home.”
“I am going.”
“..leaving your home.”
“Hail Ram! My Ram!”
“Hail Ram! My Ram!”
Stop, Sita.
Look, let me die.
No, Sita.
Ramu, Shamu, Sita!
A man and a woman fell into the well.
Come soon. – What happen!
Two persons fell into the well.
Ramu, bring the rope. Fast.
Hold it.
Pull it.
Wake up, sister-in-law.
Brother is also sitting near you.
Open your eyes.
For your son’s sake,
open your eyes, sister-in-law.
Open your eyes, sister-in-law.
Sita, what were you about to do?
I am the culprit.
I am the one who should
get the punishment.
I should get the punishment.
Forgive me, Sita.
No. Don’t talk like that.
These tears are very valuable.
Sita can even sacrifice
her life for them. – Ram..
Father, you gave me the name Ram..
..but I fell into the trap of doubting..
..and couldn’t live up to that name.
– No, son.
I have doubted the purity of Sita..
..and I blamed my brother
who is like Lakshman.
Forgive me, brother. – No, brother.
What are you doing!
Even if the big brother doubts..
..does mistake, or does anything.
But the right of..
..touching the feet
belongs to younger one only.
And you don’t take
away my rights from me.
No, Amar. Forgive me my son.
Daughter, shall I say something?
You have done the same
mistake that I have done..
..all my life.
I gave my wife freedom more than..
..she deserved and you
worshipped your husband..
..more than you we worship the God.
This was our mistake, daughter.
Life is like a train,
where the man is like the engine..
..and woman is like the
driver and if the driver..
..lets the engine do as it wish,
the train will meet with.. accident. Even if with love.. should always control each other.
And then the train of
life reaches the platform..
..of happiness.
This is the story of every house..
And the rest depends of God.
May the evil be banned!
Why should I say it alone,
let everyone say it.
Yeah for the first you have spoken
the right thing. – Keep quiet dear.
May the Satan’s face be blackened?
“Mother Tulsi,..”
“..please grant me this boon!”

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