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If you want to get big biceps you’ll definitely have to do plenty of bicep curls. As a matter of fact, biceps workouts are known for their lack of originality when it comes to the exercises options you have for growing them. Almost every single bicep exercise involves some sort of a curl, whether you do them with cables, dumbbells or barbells.

That said, regardless of which piece of equipment you use to do your bicep curls, I’m going to show you 5 big bicep mistakes you want to avoid if you want to get bigger arms fast. In this video, I cover five fixes you can start making in your very next bicep workout.

To recap what these fixes are to help you get bigger biceps with dumbbells, I’ll list them out here in order.

1. Be sure to supinate while you are curling not before you curl.

Too often, people initiate a dumbbell curl by twisting their wrists and supinating their forearms without having started the bicep curl. This is not helping you to train your bicep muscle fully. If you want to get big biceps you need to supinate the wrists while the dumbbell is being lifted.

2. Use a shift grip if you want to increase your bicep contraction at the top.

If you find that you cannot generate enough of a forceful contraction of your biceps at the top of your curl, then shift to a shift grip. This grip requires that you slide your hand all the way up against the thumb side of the dumbbell. This forces you to twist with more force at end of each bicep dumbbell curl.

3. Be sure to slowly lower the dumbbells and not just drop them.

It is the easiest thing to remind people, but it’s the one they forget the most. If you want to grow bigger biceps you have to slow down your eccentrics. The nice advantage of eccentric bicep training is that there is practically no risk of bodily harm by doing it (unlike the risk associated with doing it on a bench press or squat).

4. Don’t always perform dumbbell curls in alternating fashion.

Let’s face it. It’s easier to do dumbbell curls if you alternate right and left sides. The reason is, that it takes half the stabilization strength of your core and lower body to do a single rep. That said, if your biceps are truly a weak spot of yours, use the alternating style to fully concentrate on your bicep contraction and grow bigger biceps before moving back to the dual form.

5. Don’t forget to curl up to your nose for bigger biceps.

Your biceps fully contract when you perform not just elbow flexion but shoulder flexion as well. Curl the weight up to shoulder height and beyond to make sure you are fully contracting the long head of the biceps.

As you can see, if you want to get big arms and biceps in particular you have to do curls and you have to do them right. Fix your bicep workout by avoiding these 5 big mistakes and then head to to get your complete athletic muscle building system – ATHLEAN-X.

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What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM.
Let’s face it, if you want to get bigger Biceps
then you’ve got to have to Curl.
Because if you think about our Bicep Exercise
options, pretty much every single one of them
involves some kind of a Curl.
We’re going to learn to flex our elbows, supinate
our wrists and maybe even bring our elbow
up in front of us for some shoulder flexion.
Now that being said it doesn’t mean that you’re
getting everything you can out of the Curls
you’re doing now.
I’m going to show you 5 ways today that you
can improve your Curls, right away to start
getting a lot more out of your exercises,
make that ole boring Curl a lot more effective.
Alright let’s get started.
Ok, the first thing you’re going to want to
do is make sure that when you’re doing your
Dumbbell Curl, you’re not supinating too early.
You see it makes a big difference, even a
fraction of a second, where you start to do
your supination when you do your Curl.
If you do this, and you turn and supinate
and then Curl, right. Turn and supinate and
then Curl, you’re missing a large opportunity
to get larger Biceps.
Because what you want to do, is knowing that
the Biceps will turn the wrists over is actually
allowing to do some of that work against gravity.
If I’m turning as the Dumbbells are coming
up, now I’m actually doing some work.
If I’m down here in the bottom and I just
turn this, there’s no work at all being done
by the Biceps.
None, because we’re not lifting the weight
against gravity.
So make sure you’re not turning and then Curling
but you’re turning and Curling at the same
time to get a lot more out of this.
Number 2 while we’re on the topic of supination.
Here’s the thing you might want to try, we
call this a Shift Grip.
What we do for a Shift Grip is you’re going
to move your thumbs all the way up to one
side of a Dumbbell , all the way to the end.
So that when we look inside the hand here,
you’ve got a lot more Dumbbell towards this
What that’s going to do guys is force your
wrist into more pronation. Right, because
we’ve got more weight down this side, it wants
to do this.
So in order to activate the Biceps and to
work the Biceps more you’re going to have
to overcome
more weight to turn your wrist over and supinate
it, and therefore work the Biceps even more.
So try just using a Shift Grip on all your
Dumbbell Curls and you’ll see that as you
get to the top you have to supinate with a
little bit more force
and therefore activate the Biceps even more.
The third big mistake on the way to bigger
Biceps is forgetting the most important part
of the lift and that is, the actual end of
the lift.
See most guys will bring that weight up and
then just drop the weight down forgetting
all about the eccentric portion.
If you heard me talk about the eccentric portion
of any lift, you know how important it is.
But here’s the best part about eccentric Bicep
You are given the luxury here to go heavy
and go hard and not have to worry about the
potential ramifications of that rep.
If we’re doing eccentrics for a Bench Press,
that bar can potentially come crushing down
on us if we don’t have good eccentric control.
If we’re doing a Squat, that bar can come
crashing down on us if we don’t have eccentric
muscle control.
What are the ramifications here if we go to
eccentric failure on a Bicep Curl? Nothing.
The weights will fall down at our sides here.
So that gives you free license to make sure
that you can load up on eccentric here
and really control on the way down for every
single rep.
Don’t cheat it. Nut up and do this. Push yourself
hard here.
I guarantee it is going to be one of the most
effective ways for you to bump up the growth
you see from just a standard Bicep Curl in
your Bicep Workouts.
Breaking out the ATHLEAN BLOX here to illustrate
our next point and that is,
you don’t always want to perform your Dumbbell
Curls in the same manner all the time.
Because a lot of times, that way is the easy
You’ve probably seen an alternating Dumbbell
Curl performed, an alternating Dumbbell Curl
and done them at the same time.
We know, just from the look on my face, that
doing them together is a lot harder than doing
them one at a time.
Why is that? The weight might be the same
that your Bicep is lifting but you’re never
an isolated Bicep.
When you’re an athlete, when you’re training
like an athlete, you’re a complete unit starting
from the ground up,
and when I move this Dumbbell up, I have to
be able to stabilize from the bottom up and
through my core, 50 pounds of weight moving
Now if I do them together, I have to be able
to stabilize 100 pounds of weight moving at
the same time in front of me.
So there’s a lot more demand on my Core and
on my lower body to be able to do that.
So what are you supposed to do?
If your Biceps are a weak point, maybe the
challenge on your lower body and Core isn’t
absolutely necessary at this point.
So you might want to focus on doing the alternate
version so it allows you to really focus on
contracting the muscle you’re trying to work
and develop.
However, in the long run, if you can get your
Biceps strong and bigger and then get yourself
back to doing them together,
now you’ve got all the benefits of training
like an athlete, because you’re on your feet,
you’ve got Core stability from the ground
all the way up to your arms
and now you’re functioning and moving and
training like an athlete.
Finally the last thing I see a lot of guys
get wrong when they’re doing their Bicep training,
is they forget to bring the weights up high
Because they’re ignoring one of the three
major functions of the Biceps that we covered
in the beginning.
Yes it bends the elbow, flexes the elbow.
Yes it will turn and supinate the wrist but
it also, like I said, brings the shoulder
up into flexion in front of us, so we hit
the long head of the Bicep.
So when you do your Curls, if you stop here
or if you stop here, you’re missing out on
an opportunity to get even more Bicep contraction
by at least bringing them up to nose height.
So you can bring them up and get them just
a little bit higher. So now we’ve got the
extra contraction here in the Bicep,
just a little bit more to give you that little
bit of extra tension that could make all the
difference, over time, from workout to workout,
to helping you grow those Biceps once and
for all.
So there you have it guys, there’s 5 ways
to fix some of the most common errors we see
in Bicep training.
So at the end of the day you can start building
much bigger Biceps right away.
And these are things that are really, and
Biomechanics, Muscle Physiology, we do try
to put the Science back in Strength in what
we do here at ATHLEANX.
And this is what allows us to bring you guys
not just the ‘Here’s what to do’ but “Here’s
why you do it’.
If you’re looking for a complete training
program that will train you like an athlete,
what I always stress here at ATHLEANX,
then head to ATHLEANX.COM right now.
Build much more than bigger Biceps guys, build
a powerful body from the ground up.
In the meantime, if you found this video helpful,
make sure you leave your comments and thumbs
Share it with anybody you think it might help
as well and I’ll make sure I’m back here in
just a couple days to do more of what you
guys want to see.
Leave below the types of videos that you want
me to make and I will make sure that I do
Alright guys, I’ll be back here in just a
couple days.

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