German Volume Training – Arms : Biceps Triceps Wrist Workout | Friday | Muscle Building Program

German Volume Training (GVT) Arms Workout for Biceps, Triceps and Wrist is best muscle building workout. जर्मन वॉल्यूम ट्रेनिंग बाइसेप्स वर्कआउट. This GVT will give you bigger biceps, triceps and wrist to gain muscle.

Want bigger biceps ? Build bigger arms with this intense workout based on German Volume Training. It’s time to grow 18 inch arms from this workout.

In this Arms workout of Mass Machine 7 Week Muscle Building Program, Fitness Expert Amit demonstrates the form of the excercises and emphasizes on building mind and muscle connection for proper growth of muscles.

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Amit Kumar Mahato is an Internationally recognized Sports Nutrition Specialist, Sports Yoga Instructor, Personal trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and is one of the most sought after athletes in the country. He has over 8 years experience in the fitness industry. Amit is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise about fitness with others. His compassionate approach to teaching enables him to instruct and communicate effectively with all ages and types of people.

On a professional level, Amit competes in various National level competitions and has won several titles in bodybuilding stages in India. He also competes in Marathons throughout the country and has also secured top position in many races.

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What’s up warriors , it’s Amit. And welcome to German Volume Training : Mass Machine
Today we are going to exercise Arms : Biceps , Triceps & wrist muscles
Always stretch or warm-up your triceps , biceps and wrist before workout
In order to minimize risk of injury
We will start with super-set
Barbell curl and EZ-Skull crushers
Barbell curls engages biceps muscles
From biceps muscles engages brachialis and brachiaradialis muscles
Barbell curls also engages flexor muscles of wrist and fingers
EZ-bar skull crushers engages long head and lateral head of triceps muscles

If you are using incline bench then long head of triceps muscles gets trained
If you are using decline bench then lateral head of triceps muscles will get trained

As you can see I am using flat bench for EZ-bar skull crusher

So I am training long as well as lateral head of triceps muscles
During barbell biceps curls, if you have placed your hands wider than your shoulder length
then you are training your short head of biceps muscles
If you place your hands narrower than your shoulder width , then long head of biceps muscles gets trained
Breathe in when the bar comes close to your legs
Breathe out when the barbell comes close to your chest
Do not jerk to lift the weights off
By jerking weights, you won’t achieve anything

Control the weights otherwise the weights will start controlling you
Keep the elbows close together. Do no flare your elbows during the exercise
Breathe in when the EZ-bar reaches near your head
Breathe out when your hand are perfectly straight during the exercise
Spider curls is again an excellent exercise for biceps muscles

German Volume Training targets motor units groups in our body
Motor units are basically nerves

These nerves contracts the muscle fibers in our body
Now these motor units will have to do large volume of work over and over again
Large volume of work meaning ten sets of ten repetitions
Now due to this large volume of work, builds up large stress in muscles
Finally muscles will grow from proper nutrition and rest

Lock the elbows by your side during this exercise
Upper arm will remain fixed. Only forearms will move
Breathe in when hands form ninety degree angle
Breathe out when the hands are straight

In between the sets, make sure to drink water or Branched Chained Amino Acids ( BCAA )
Hydration is important

If you are unable to perform ten repetitions
then it means that the weights which you have selected is heavy
Kindly decrease the weights and maintain proper form during the exercise

Straight arm push-down is an isolation exercise
which engages triceps and anconeous muscles

Alternating dumbbell curls engages brachioradialis and brachialis muscles of biceps

Breathe in when dumbbells reaches near your legs
When you complete curl near your chest then breathe out
You should never do ego lifting in the gym
You should control the weights rather than weights are controlling you
Always remember : the more is the pain , the more is the gain
Take rest between the exercises according to your fitness level
Which I have already explained in the Program overview video

This is the correct opportunity to pump your biceps
Make your repetitions count , do not count your repetitions
Next exercise which we are going to do is cable row triceps extension

Cable row triceps extension engages all heads of triceps muscles

The three heads are : medial , long and lateral head

Always keep your elbows in and do not flare your elbows during this exercise

Breathe in when your hands come close to your neck

Breathe out as you complete your extension during the exercise
Last exercise for arm workout is barbell seated wrist curls

Most people do not workout their wrist in the gym
Or people follow some programs in which there is no exercise for their wrists

If you will not train your wrist muscles
Then your wrist will always be weak as you are not training them

Barbell seated wrist curls engages flexors muscles of wrist and fingers
Breathe in when your fingers points towards the ground
Breathe out as you complete your curls

During rest period, make sure to drink water or BCAA
hydration makes your performance better in the gym
That’s warriors ! Nutrition and rest is your best friend during this German Volume Training : Mass Machine Workout

So that you recover as soon as possible
This is Amit , signing off !