Funnel Scripts Review & Bonus Offers – A ClickFunnels Product

Funnel Scripts Review & Bonus Offers – A ClickFunnels Product


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Webinar with additional info:

This Funnel Scripts review is meant to take an inside look at ClickFunnels Funnel Scripts software to help you determine if it would be useful to you or not.

Funnel Scripts is not for everyone. Yet, let me repeat that. It is not for everyone.

Funnel Scripts is specifically for people that need lots of copy because they will be pumping out a lot of funnels, ads, emails, etc.

If that is you keep reading.

So how does Funnel Scripts work? Easy! Just plug in your product, your niche, and who you are targeting and Funnel Scripts will write copy targeted to them specifically.

Not only do you have to be pumping out a lot of copy, but you need to struggle a little bit at least with writing copy.

The good thing is that almost everyone out there struggles with copy. Good copy can be the difference between an ad that flops, and an ad that gets you into the two-comma club.

Here is the deal.

Funnel Scripts is an incredibly powerful software that allows you to plug in products and niches and then it pumps out beautiful sales copy.

Do you sometimes have to tweak what Funnel Scripts spits out? Definitely. Computers aren’t perfect.

Does Funnel Scripts make it insanely easier to pump out quality sales copy at a fast speed.


We recommend Funnel Scripts in the review to everyone that doesn’t want to hire out to a freelancer, struggles with copy, and wants to quickly pump out quality content.

If this is you, grab your copy of Funnel Scripts. It’s a free trial, so why not.


DISCLAIMER: This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a commission. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this. I will never support or push a product I don’t believe in. Thank you for the support!
– Hey guys, this is
Spencer from Buildapreneur
and I want to get a really
quick overview and review
of a Funnel Scripts.
And so, if you remember
Funnel Scripts has been
out for about two months
from the time I have done this review.
I have purchased it and
have been using it and
it works really well.
I don’t think it’s for everyone.
I think there are some
people that can get along
without Funnel Scripts
but it is definitely for a
particular group of people.
It can be very beneficial if you are
struggling with copywriting.
I believe it is yearly.
It’s about $497 every year
which can seem a little pricey
but the concept behind is it
saves you from having to hire
a copywriter which can be
thousands of dollars every year.
So all that Funnel Scripts is,
basically you are trying to write copy
or tons of things right?
You are trying to write
copy for web pages,
for sales letters, or
webinars, for emails.
All kinds of things your trying to
write copy to sell somebody something.
Facebook ads and things like that.
And a lot of times we
just struggle with that.
Right, we struggle and we
freeze and it’s really hard
for us to successfully write that copy,
unless we are a copywriter
and a lot of us will just try
go write copy that sounds good and we fail
and copy is really the
number one difference between
a funnel and a ad and an entire strategy
really that succeeds and
a strategy that doesn’t.
It’s copy.
You can sell a really crappy
product with good copy
but you could not sell a really, really
good product with bad copy and so
Funnel Scripts aims to basically
bridge that gap of what
people are struggling with copy.
And what it does is you basically
tell Funnel Scripts what
it is you’re making.
So it’s got, i’m going
to go through some here.
Amazon ecommerce script, a call to action,
a lead capture script.
Magic bullet, which I don’t
even know what that is.
Order bump, one time offer.
Promoting a webinar.
Making a special offer.
Promoting a case study.
Curiosity ads,
Oh, I love the ad ones.
Facebook ads.
Paid PPC ad scripts.
Things like that.
Free reports. So when you are
trying to sell a free report,
the script you should use.
Seinfield email sequences,
if you familiar with those.
Other email F teasers and
things like that, right.
Basically there are tons of things.
Basically saying what are
you trying to write okay.
And then when you plug it
in, what it’s going to do is.
So I am going to do a quick example
for the Facebook Newsfeed Ad.
It’s something that a
lot of us struggle with.
Like, ah how do we write these ads?
How do I really capture people
with my newsfeed ad right?
So what’s this going to
do is its going to ask you
some questions about your product.
What is your main keywords? And
then it gives you an example
and it really clarifies it below.
So like, are you for sale by owner site?
Or are you like a nerve pain
site, photography right?
Well mine is entrepreneur and then it says
okay, what is your ideal prospect?
My ideal prospect is a entrepreneur.
Name or title of what you
want them to buy or download.
It’s a coarse that I sell
called Affiliate Secrets
where I teach people how I
made a significant portion
of my income off of the click
funnel affiliate program.
And by the way, there is a
link down below to that coarse
if you want to be a successful
click funnels affiliate.
I highly recommend my coarse.
I make a significant
portion of income each month
from my click funnels
affiliate strategies.
Describe the thing from
above that in a way
that would arouse curiosity.
So its going to give you some examples
like under the radar,
freeze, little known,
proven, black hole, off the record.
Like, kind of these cool, fun
words that catch people’s eye.
So I chose secret.
What is the big pay off?
Well so that we can
create a passive income.
When you wave your magic wand,
and give them what they want,
when do they get the pay off?
And it says examples like
they get it automatically,
does it take awhile,
fast in a flash.
What time frame?
So do they get it in less
than month, in 10 minutes,
one hour? Well, what’s
the time frame on it.
And then it says, what’s the big obstacle?
So for me, people spending
a lot of money on ads.
Why? Because I could be a
successful affiliate if I spend
$20,000 dollars on ads and
most people can’t do that.
Okay, so you answer the questions.
And you say, I want to run a Facebook Ad.
And it says okay well, let’s talk about
what you are trying to run ads for.
And look at this nice thing here.
It’s going to build the ad for you.
You’ve seen that?
I’m going to keep scrolling down.
It’s actually going to build,
typically when you click build,
it’s going to build you about 20
of whatever you are looking for.
So it’s going to say, here is
one option and another option.
It’s going to give you a
bunch of different options
that you can choose the best one.
Here’s some sample headlines.
Affiliate Secrets.
The course that gets results.
You too can create a passive income
in less than a month
with Affiliate Secrets.
Create a passive income
with Affiliate Secrets.
Create a passive income
instantly with Affiliate Secrets.
10 questions answered
about Affiliate Secrets.
Affiliate Secrets helps you create
a passive income in less than a month.
Tons and tons of different things, right.
Those are headlines.
And it’s going to give
you the actual text.
If you’re an entrepreneur,
and you struggle
with spending a thousand dollars of ads,
then you need Affiliate Secrets
to create a passive income.
And that one sounds kind of funny.
So you might have to adjust a little bit.
But you are getting the idea here.
That, uh, of what it’s doing right.
It is giving you basically,
this is how Russel Brunson
writes his ad copy.
And it says he does, he
uses these strategies.
You just need to plug in your product
and then all of his strategies
are going to come out.
And you can pick which copy
strategy he uses, okay.
And then it gives you
a description as well.
Okay, it does it with all of them.
So, you can choose
whatever it is your doing.
It’s got a script for it.
Anything you are doing as a entrepreneur,
there is a script for it.
There’s also a big script
process that you can download
called the Perfect Webinar
Wizard that you actually download
on your computer and build out
this entire perfect webinar, okay.
Using all of Russell’s
methods that you read about.
And expert secrets and you
read about perfect webinar
all of this can be done in Funnel Scripts.
It’s a wizard.
You literally just plug things in
and you can build your webinar
in an hour instead of in a week, right.
You plug in the same way like I just did,
it will ask you tons of questions
and you plug in answers.
And it will build out the webinar for you.
Same with the VSL.
Easy Survey Script.
I haven’t done these Easy
Survey Script done before.
Full disclosure here.
Star story solution script,
I haven’t done those either.
But in a way, I think it
is important for you to see
the back end and see
what it can do for you.
Basically, it’s a way, if you want to,
If you’re going to
create a lot of funnels,
and ads, and you need to create copy fast
and you don’t have copywriters
and your not necessarily
really good a copy yourself, this is,
this is for you, hands down.
You need to be able to quickly produce
high performing copy and
this comes from people that
produce very high performing
copy and they basically
show you exactly how they do it.
You just need to plug in your product
and your adjectives and
kind of your problems
that it solves and it goes from there.
So, really cool product.
There’s a link down below.
And if you are familiar with
click funnels, obviously
we offer bonuses. And so I do
offer bonuses if you sign up.
The bonus for Funnel Scripts,
because of how big it is,
is I actually offer complete
access to my click funnels
affiliate coarse. And so, like
I said, as a click funnels
affiliate, here I will kind
of pop on and show you.
As a click funnels affiliate,
I do very, very well.
Let’s see.
And I built out this very large coarse
where I pretty much lay out every strategy
I’ve used to build up
this affiliate empire
I guess that I’ve created.
So you can see here I’ve made $25,000.
I average about $6,000 a month.
$2000 every seven days.
I make, as you can see,
a fair amount of money
everyday off this. And
if this is something
that interests you and you want to create,
like I said, a passive income,
through the click funnels
affiliate program,
I can offer you that entire course,
if you purchase Funnel Scripts
through the link below.
I would purchase Funnel Scripts
anyway, even if you don’t
go through my link. If
you do go through my link,
you can get access to this
really cool affiliate course
and a 15 minute consulting
session where I actually
watch the course. We can
sit down and I can kind of
help map out your path for
what you need to be doing
to match and eventually
meet these results.
So that’s Funnel Scripts.
Also, please subscribe down below.
I put a lot of videos
and a lot of bonuses.
And you can hear a lot of cool
things through Buildaprenuer.
Thanks so much guys.

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