Full Groove Funnels Review | All Features of GrooveSell, GroovePages, etc. Revealed

In this Groove Funnels review I will walk you through my GrooveFunnels account explain all the features of GrooveFunnels, like what is GroovePages, what is GrooveSell and why it’s free.
More important I will explain the difference between GroovePages Pro and GroovePages Lite.

Because recently GrooveFunnels introduced new affiliate rules with FIRST Tag wins policy.
If you create a free GrooveSell account you’re tagged to a specific affiliate for life.

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Are you looking for a review of
GrooveFunnels? Right now there’s
a huge buzz around this company
of GrooveDigital, because they
are giving away free lifetime
accounts to GroovePages and
GrooveSell. In this
GrooveFunnels review, I will
walk you through the different
GrooveApps. I will explain eve
ything from my own personal acc
unt. I will explain what Gro
vePages is, what GrooveSell is,
why it’s free, and what’s the
difference between Gro
vePages Pro and GroovePages Lit
and things like this.
Recently GrooveFunnels
introduced new affiliate rules
and they have a clear FIRST Tag
wins policy. If you create a
free GrooveSell account you’re
attached to this affiliate for life.
And if you go to
GrooveFunnelBonus.com you’ll see
that I offer a lot of bonuses in
case you upgrade to the full
version. And currently I have a
lot of people reaching out to
me. Hi Martin. I’ve created a
free GrooveSell account with
somebody else but I would like
to get your bonuses in If you
have not signed up for
GrooveSell, I highly recommend
to sign up for the free
GrooveSell account with my
affiliate link. Because in case
you want to upgrade to the full
version, you will only be able
to get my bonuses. If you sign
up with my affiliate link for
this Just go to GrooveFunnels
bonus com and here’s the link to
sign up for roof funnels with my
affiliate link at all times. If
you have any questions about
GrooveFunnels I highly recommend
to check out my blog
posts@findfocus.net because I
cover a lot about the details of
GrooveFunnels on my blog posts
and as you can see here, like
I’ve written a lot of really in
depth reviews of GrooveFunnels
GrooveSell, the different
pricing models, the goof funnels
affiliate program, and basically
everything every question is
covered on my blog as well. But
right now I really want to go
through my GrooveFunnels account
and show you in this review how
this Software actually works and
what you will be getting. The
first app that you will be
getting is GroovePages. Right
now there are two different
versions of GroovePages. And I
will explain the difference here
right now. So for this I will
just log into my test account.
This is the free account that
I’m having right now. And here
you can see if you go to
GroovePages that you are limited
to three different sites or
three different funnels with
your free account you will get
only subdomains so that means
later your pages are published
on something like
findfocus.groovepages.com are
your name.groovepages.com. So
that’s the main difference
between the light and the pro
version of GroovePages. Right
now within GroovePages. Yeah,
the funnel build I will do a
review of this as well. But
here’s basically where your bulk
your sites and this is a really
great drag and drop page
builder. You’ll be able to do a
lot of things with it and it’s
getting better every day. And I
really like using it but it
still has some back. So it’s
really important to know that.
Yeah, right now you can embed
different things to it HTML code
and everything. But it’s still
buggy and probably nothing that
you want to use for for clients.
But it’s really great option if
you especially if you’re still
on a budget with the free
version, and you use something
like YouTube or Facebook to get
people to your funnel, then this
is probably a really great
option to get started for free.
What’s really cool about the
current promotion is that you
will then get GrooveSell and
GrooveAffiliate for free. And
this is really amazing. You can
compare this to options like
thrive cart and pay kickstart
and Sam cart, all of this
shopping carts that costs up to
$99 per month, but you will get
this completely free I’ve
recently published a case study
and I will link to the video as
well, where I use GrooveSell to
already sell my own product. If
we go to my product funnels, you
can see I already made four
sales for simple PowerPoint
presentation and you can watch
the full video here on YouTube
as well the full case study so
this was to show that this is
already working and they make
improvement on this almost every
day. And I really looking
forward to be using your auto
bumps and all of the advanced
affiliate features in the
future. And this is what you
will get for free if you sign up
with a free GrooveSell account.
The next app that you will get
access to is GrooveAffiliate and
these are my personal stats
for recommending GrooveFunnels
and GrooveSell to other people
and you can see you can make
some really nice Commission’s
with this, like typically right
now one sale is worth $600. So
it’s a highly profitable
affiliate. program to promote.
And that’s why I’m creating
videos like this. And I highly
recommend you sign up for this
later on this affiliate program
will contain links to all of the
other affiliate programs that
you find in the GrooveFunnels
marketplace. So, for example,
the product that I just showed
you, I will be able to list this
in the marketplace and then you
will be able to find it and to
promote my product as well. The
feature that I’m looking forward
to most right now is actually
GrooveMail. And as you can see
here, are they already sending
out emails from GrooveMail to
their email list, and this is
really cool. So this means this
will be available really soon.
And this is something like
Active Campaign. And this is my
favorite feature and probably
the biggest reason to upgrade to
the full membership of
GroovePages. The next thing that
group digital and the
development team are working
really hard on is to finish
GrooveMember they try to have
this ready By the lounge in
July, and this will allow you to
create membership sites to host
your online courses to host
videos to host PDF files and all
of these functions, something
that you can see in kajabi. And
this is really cool too. Yeah,
to deliver online courses and to
have everything in one place. So
this is what I really like about
goof GrooveFunnels right now
that later on once all the
modules are developed, you will
have everything in one place
just like you have in Kartra
right now, along with
GrooveMember. You will also get
Griff video and this is
basically an app that allows you
to turn and skin over video and
this is for advanced player
controls. For example, if you
want to have people to opt into
your email list before they can
watch a video you will get
detailed statistics about all of
your videos for your video sales
letters or webinars or automated
webinars. And things like this.
So everything built into
GrooveFunnels as well. As you
can see all of these apps are
currently in the GrooveFunnels
tab here. But there’s also
future GrooveFunnels. And in the
future GrooveFunnels will also
have a blog, and it will have
webinars, it will have a help
desk, it will have a calendar
and a survey function. So the
group block is basically a
replacement for something like
WordPress. And here you will be
allowed or here you can publish
content. It’s SEO friendly. And
you will have integrations Of
course with all of the other
apps from GrooveFunnels. And the
next app that I’m really looking
forward to as well as
GrooveWebinars and this is
something that you will get only
if you upgrade to the pro
version before the official
lounge and then you will get
something like a webinar and
Webinar Jam combined. And this
will be probably ready at The
end of the year. GrooveDesk is a
feature that not everybody
needs. But it’s really neat to
have because you will have all
your customer support in one
central place. Currently I’m
using the Kartra hub test. And
this is so much more convenient
than just using an email. Unlike
options like ZenDesk with
GrooveDesk, you will get
unlimited agents. Of course, it
will be not as fully fledged as
something like then there’s, but
this is really great for you. If
you’re still a small business
owner, if you’re a solopreneur.
This will become really handy.
Another cool feature that they
will launch soon as
GrooveCalendar does. And this
will replace apps like calendar
Li or book like a boss. And this
will allow you to create your
flexible schedules, cloud class
schedules, and reminders. And
what’s really cool about this is
that it will be integrated as
well into the whole
GrooveFunnels ecosystem.
So once somebody signed up for
calendar, you will probably be
able to Send them your
customized customized email
reminders and, or be able to
build them for their session
with GrooveSell. Things like
this. So it’s really cool to
have everything integrated into
one system. And that’s what I
really love about the future of
GrooveFunnels. last important
group app is goof survey. And
this will allow you to create
dedicated opt in forms, ask
questions and segment your list
using something like Ryan
Levesque as campaign. So you can
create surveys, you can create
quizzes, and of course, all of
these responses will be part of
your leads history so you know
exactly the history of your lead
and where you got them and what
kind of products and topics
they’re interested in. What’s
really cool about the pro
membership site is that you get
access to GrooveKart as well and
GrooveKart is a full, fully
fledged Shopify competitor,
especially if you want to sell
something like t shirts or
supplements or something like
this. So anybody who’s upgrades
to the pro version of
GrooveFunnels, right now gets
one star with GrooveKart as
well. And in case you’re using
Shopify, then you will also get
GroovePages for Shopify, which
is basically an add on that they
will later charge on $50 per
month for in the GrooveFunnels
affiliate marketplace, you will
be able to offer your product
for free to find affiliates,
just like you can do with
platforms like jvzoo. And of
course you will also be able to
find products that you want to
promote as an affiliate and
everything will be tacked right
into into the system. And then
the groove marketplace is place
to sell your own themes and or
buy themes, pages sections,
complete funnels that designers
have created for GroovePages and
GrooveKart and All of this,
what’s really cool is that there
will also be something like the
groove App Store. And here you
will be able to create your own
plugins and apps and buy things
like this around GrooveFunnels.
Just like Chrome extensions make
your browser more powerful.
These apps and plugins will
allow you to grow the
capabilities of the software in
the future. And so whenever you
have a market need, that they
know do not want to solve
themselves, then there might be
in the developer who says like,
yeah, I want to build like this
really flexible opt in forms or
like connect to certain service
or like whatever I cannot
imagine right now. But this is
something that the platform will
offer in the future. All of this
is basically part of
GrooveFunnels but roof digital,
the main company also offers
other services. So for example,
there is GroovePay where you can
have your own merchant account
something like your own paypal
account, but Not Not with PayPal
or stripe or something, but
using the merchant account. And
this is really cool because they
have much lower fees than PayPal
or stripe. And they even
partnered up with a really good
ad agency. So if you plan to run
ads on scale for your funnel
that you build in GrooveFunnels
this is an agency that knows
this platform in and out and for
10% charge of your ad spend,
they will be able to manage your
ads if you’d like to. Of course
they have something like funnel
hacking live in the future as
well. So there will be a life
event or at the their their
group fest which is a party at
the traffic and conversion
summit. Things like this and
then Mike for for the last
couple of years has
MarketersCruise where you meet
on a cruise ship and then yeah,
be able to connect and learn
more about GrooveFunnels as
well. And one thing, this is
something a lot of people
neglect is that they have an
academy, everyone who registers
for a free GrooveSell account
will get access to the academy
automatically. And this is an
awesome resource of trainings
how to build funnels, you will
get specific training for
GrooveKart, you will get
training for GrooveFunnels. And
you will also get your external
experts that you can listen to
as well. Typically these are
webinars where you have the
option to buy in a certain
product, for example, like how
to create YouTube videos like
this and how to make affiliate
marketing with YouTube. But
what’s really valuable for me
right now is the GrooveFunnels
training. And this is where
Donna Fox and Tom Beal and
sometimes Mike Filsaime himself
do webinars and these webinars
really teach you how to set up a
funnel what’s really important
to to keep in mind and this is
Really cool. As you can see
here, this is a training that
takes place almost every week.
And here you see who’s doing the
training. And during this
training, they will teach you.
Yeah, not only how to structure
our funnel, but also, of course,
your little tricks and tips
about GrooveFunnels. And what’s
cool about this, even if you’re
on the free GrooveSell account,
you get free access to this
training. And oftentimes, your
free GrooveSell account is
enough to implement this
training. Of course, they have a
half test where your most common
questions about GrooveFunnels
will be answered, as well. So
yeah, everything about
GroovePages GrooveSell, how to
work this, how to integrate your
custom domain, how to create an
SSL certificate, everything like
this will be covered here. And
the last part, if you have any
questions, they have an amazing
Facebook group that’s really
active where I’ve been really
active. And if you have any
questions, you will find a lot
of really helpful members here
in this group. Right now is
really exploding like they just
reached more than 17,000 members
and I think like just four weeks
ago, they had like something
like 2000 or 3000 members, so
it’s really the company’s really
taking off. To recap this video
with the free GrooveSell account
you will get lifetime access to
GroovePages and GrooveSell. As I
showed you the GroovePages
account is limited and does not
have custom domains and you’re
only able to build three
different funnels with a free
GrooveSell account. You do not
need to buy something like
thrive cart pay kickstart or Sam
cart. And if you have any
questions about the pricing and
the pro membership, I highly
recommend you check out my
GrooveFunnels pricing blog post
where I break down everything I
also recommend to watch my other
pricing video where I reveal how
much you would have to pay for
similar software if you had to
buy this separately. So with the
pro upgrade, you’re basically
get access to software that’s
currently valued at the
marketplace at $12,000 per year.
So you’re getting an amazing
deal here from Microsoft same.
If you created your free
GrooveSell account, then you
will no need to go to upgrade
here and then you will be
redirected to this page here.
And here you’ll see the
different pricing options for
GrooveFunnels. And the future
pricing is everything that you
will basically get or have to
pay for in the future. And then
it will explain what you will
get for life. And then down
here, you’ll see the different
payment plans. So there’s
different three different
payment plans right now. The
first one is that you will have
to pay $497 starting in 14 days,
and then it’s three monthly
payment of this. So in total
it’s about $1,500 or you can
take the six month payment
option there you would have to
pay two Hundred $88 and this but
this will start today or you
have the 12 ed payments plan
basically you would pay $188 if
you’re strapped for cash right
now but after the 12 payments
the payments will stop and you
will get access to GrooveFunnels
Pro for life after this 12
months so this is a really cool
option if you’re if you’re on a
budget. Right now on this page
you’ll also see a recap what’s
included in the pro upgrade and
what’s the difference between
the free basic lite version and
as you can see, you will get a
lot of value here. So if you
have not created your free
GrooveSell account, I highly
recommend you go to
GrooveFunnels bonus com this is
a page that I’ve built with
GroovePages and here you see all
the bonuses that you get with my
GrooveFunnels if you create a
free GrooveSell account with my
bonus, remember if you already
have a free GrooveSell account
And you want to get access to
these bonuses you have to reach
out to me personally and we have
to find a way that you will be
able to get this affiliate my
bonuses even if it might mean
that I will not get affiliate
commission and get credit for
the sale. So if you have any
questions please let me know in
the comments below. So if you
found this video helpful, please
give it a thumbs up and
subscribe to my channel before
because I will be covering a lot
more about GrooveSell and how to
build sales funnels and make
sales online on this channel in
the future. Have a great day and
stay safe