Full Body HIIT Workout- Intense, Fat Burning, Six Pack Abs Workout, Toned Arms & Legs //No Equipment

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Today Is A 20 Minute HIIT Workout!
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Please pause the video if you need more rest time.
This Is Your Workout!!

Do This Warm-Up First:


Round 1:
1. Windmill
2. Touch and Jump
3. 2x Squat Pulse, Calf Raise
4. Jump Rope
5. Star Jump, 3x Jog
Rest 20 seconds

Round 2:
1. 2x Shoulder Taps, Push-Up
2. Back Crunches
3. Lat Pulldown
4. Plank Jacks
5. Table Top Toe Touches
Rest 20 Seconds

Round 3:
1. Right Reverse Lunge, Knee Drive
2. Left Reverse Lunge, Knee Drive
3. Right Side Lunge, Heel Tap
4. Left Side Lunge, Heel Tap
5. Squat Hops
Rest 20 Seconds

Round 4:
1. Low to High Punches
2. 2x Front Kicks, Squat
3. 1/2 Burpee w/ Plank Rotation
4. Jumping Jacks
5. Low Plank Hold
Rest 20 Seconds

Round 5:
1. Leg Raises
2. Elevated Heel Taps
3. Slow Bicycle Crunches
4. Toe Tap Crunches
5. Ab Hold

Check Out My Cool Down Stretch Routine:

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