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MastURpeace Messengers,

Let’s GOOOOO! Our very first fat burning, at home FULL BODY HIIT workout! 10 minutes and no equipment is needed! 10 Minutes, 10 different exercises. 45 seconds on, and 15 seconds off. Grab a mat (or not) and let’s get this workout in!
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1. Punch Jacks
2. Alternating High Kicks
3. Overhead Arm Claps
4. Standing Side Crunches (Left)
5. Standing Side Crunches (Right)
6. Pulsing Air Squats
7. Crab Bridges
8. Sit Ups
9. Inch Worms w/ Pushup
10. Supermans

As with every workout, you need to warm up before you start so click the link below to get our full body warm up in before you start:

Make sure to get your post workout stretches in as well!

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