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Full Body Fat Burning Kettlebell Workout 💦💦🏋

It`s here again ❤❤❤ One of my favorite, full-body fat burning kettlebell workouts.

This kettlebell workout isn’t only a beast for burning fat, the beauty of it is that it’s also a great timesaver and fits plenty of hard work into a short period of time.

In this kettlebell workout, I`m using a 15 Lbs Kettlebell, but feel free to choose any size. I recommend choosing a weight that feels challenging, but not totally impossible.
We will perform each exercise for 40 sec ON followed by 20 sec REST time, 6 exercises, 3 rounds in total. This will get your heart rate up and get your sweat going. Yaaaaay 🙂

1) Squat Swing to Alt. Rear Raise
2) Lunge to Squat Clean Press (right)
3) Lunge to Squat Clean Press (left)
4) Kettlebell Push Up
5) Romanian DL with Alt. Row
6) Kettlebell V Up

Now go grab a kettlebell. It’s time to work.

👉After the workout, don`t forget to replenish your energy. Drink lots of water, get a yummy protein shake, and have some fast-digesting carb sources.

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*Before starting any workout program it is best to consult with your physician*

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Thanks for watching! See you soon ❤ Edi