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Banners, banners everywhere. They are on blogs, video sites and your favorite Social Media sites. You can’t get away from the banners.
But, are they really a bad thing?

Do you look at them with disgust or as an opportunity to find something new? A new product or service maybe? A new, cool website perhaps? A blinking, garbled piece of ________?

Whatever your take is on Banner Advertising, it’s here to stay so, why not make the best of it and use the free tools out there to advertise YOUR business?

Banner advertising is simple really. You create a banner that links back to a webpage you want people to go to. Once there, your guests can opt-in to your mailing list or search your site for the products or information they are searching for. Banners can be fun, informative, luring or all of the above.

The key to success with Banner Advertising is a “catch”. The real trick is finding what “catch” your customers or subscribers are looking for. Here are a few tips to help write or design a catchy banner that will get noticed and (more importantly) clicked on.

1. Keep it short — you are NOT looking for a sale but, a click
2. Make it enticing — make whoever is looking at your banner say “Hmmmm. I would like to know more.
3. Not too flashy — keep the blinking and effects minimal. Our goal is to intrigue, not annoy.
4. Use borders — Borders on banners make them stand out from most
5. Have a precise call to action — If you want people to click it say, “Click Here NOW” or whatever you want the person to do when they read your banner.
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Time stamps

0:30 – Banner Ads – How To Find FREE BANNER sites
2:20 – Free Banner Ads – How to create banner ads
4:30 – Banner Advertisement – Linking your site to your banner