Free Apps Vs. Premium Apps (Do you think Premium is better than Free?)

This is a video about free apps and apps that may cost money. Anyways in comparison between free and premium apps, you can like do some certain things on it like watch a video, but in contrast, about free apps, such as YouTube Free, you can watch videos but unfortunately you have to worry about annoying ads like 15 second unskippable ads. I somehow get really annoyed whenever I see ads I can’t skip like when they’re 15 seconds long and it says “Video will play after ad” and it even says that to an ad that I thought I could skip. Recently I’ve been getting a USAA Bank ad which is 15 seconds long and I don’t think I can skip it and it even says ad 1 of 2 sometimes which I find it very annoying! I heard people were mentioning there are 30 second unskippable ads but luckily I never get these ads. I noticed on the other hand there’s YouTube Premium or perhaps YouTube Red so you can watch videos without getting any ads. I tried the YouTube Red for free trial but unfortunately, there are things I have to sign in to promote and I don’t know like the credit card number or anything like that and it still seemed as if it costs money and that could cost me if I do so which really sucks. So I must stick with YouTube Free as always. Anyways another thing is, like I said and mentioned throughout the previous video, on Spotify, when you have it for free, somehow you have to get through things that might annoy you such as ads every 30 minutes or even messages and you get shuffle playlists and sometimes you get a shuffle issue like on every playlists, including the Daily Mix playlists. Let me know why that occurs. But with premium version you can listen to any songs without shuffling and there are no ads. Anyways is premium better than free apps? Would you stick with free apps? Anyways please like, comment and subscribe to my channel.

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