Franchise SME TV Business Hero – Aussie Home Services

Have you always wanted to be your own boss?
It’s a common shared dream by most of us. Imagine defining your own hours, deciding on what your life looks like…..
Then there’s the reality check. Being a start up isn’t the glamorous world that it’s made out to be. One of the biggest flaws in the “be your own boss dream” are the mistakes – sometimes costly ones, the stress of being alone and the sudden realisation that you don’t have a support network.
I’m not trying to discourage you – I want to support you in the dream – I had it and I’m living it – mistakes and all.
But there is a way you can have your dream without the nightmares that can come with it?
Buy a franchise. Of course I’m not talking about just any #franchise – yes, this one is unique and so is the #tradie behind it!
Joining us today is Andrew Khoury, Managing Director of Aussie Home Services.

00:00 Intro
01:07 Andrew quickly went from #apprentice #electrician to self employed business owner in 2009
01:47 Making mistakes as you are learn about running a business cost you time and money
02:01 Andrew really enjoys being a Sparkie and is passionate about his profession
02:18 Building his business from scratch has taught Andrew what works and what doesn’t work
02:57 Apprenticeships teach you your trade, but not how to setup a business, nor how to run and grow it, or deal with a team and look after #customer #service
03:44 Andrew has learnt about the true value of customer service and streamlining business operations
04:02 A franchise model let’s Andrew work with like minded, motivated owner-operators so they can grow together
04:29 The franchise structure shares the setup, #knowledge and #experience
04:50 The key for the #franchisee is taking a short-cut past #mistakes directly to the #lessons learnt
05:11 An amazing Starter #Manual has been developed for Aussie Home Services covering everything and saving a lot of grief
05:49 #Sales and customer service training is crucial
07:00 Customer service is the foundation of the business because repeat customers build a great business
07:13 How the customer feels is the most important thing, Aussie Home Services wants to exceed their expectations
07:50 A person’s home is their castle, they need to feel comfortable having someone come into it, work is being done by #licensed professionals who know what they’re doing
08:23 A day in the life of a franchisee
09:02 They get a qualified #quote that’s already filtered and checked via the call centre for them so the job is genuine
09:15 The #onboarding process includes the iPad, software, platform and training so it’s all automated and easy
09:29 Pre-qualified leads save a lot of time, money and effort and have a paid job at the end of them
10:04 Raw leads can result in a lot of work trying to convert them and still no paid job
10:34 The difference between a raw lead and a pre-qualified lead is all in the money that you consistently make
11:16 The lessons on how to avoid advertising mistakes are already learnt
12:30 It’s a straightforward process for licensed Electricians and Plumbers to join the Aussie Home Services franchise
13:21 Vendor financing is available
14:20 It’s set up so franchisees can have the work life dream they want
15:11 You get all the support in the background that you don’t get out on your own

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