FLIPPING FURNITURE ON A BUDGET // Side Hustle – Business from home

We started a side hustle flipping furniture on a budget from home. In this video, my girlfriend and I use Facebook Marketplace to find furniture to upcycle and flip for a profit. We specialised in IKEA Furniture that we would sell on Facebook Marketplace, Depop, eBay and Shpock for a profit. Our side hustle goes so well that we have decided to carry it on into 2021 as this is now our micro business and another source of income.

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I produce Family Friendly & PG Clean content in order to be suitable to anyone. This furniture flipping video would not have been possible without my girlfriend as this video was made on a very tight budget in order to make a good profit. We used products such as Pink Stuff Spray in order to clean our furniture, ready for resale; but we are looking into getting paints and polish to upcycle our furniture flips for the new year. The money we made is helpful in order to expand our side hustle business and will also be used to invest into more videos for our channel.