FIX Your SQUAT and BUILD BICEPS Together: Hanging Band Squat & Curl Austin Meadows

FIX Your SQUAT and BUILD BICEPS Together: Hanging Band Squat & Curl Austin Meadows


Big shoutout to Austin Meadows for being named MLB player of the week!!!!

Here I have him performing an eccentric isometric squat & bicep curls with the hanging band protocol. Notice how he’s hitting 90 degree angles just like every other squat I’ve been posting & as I highlight in my new article (article LINK at ). It has nothing to do with my coaching but instead has everything to do with what the human body naturally gravitates to.

Simply put 90 deg represents the optimal ROM for loaded squats for the human body in terms of optimizing neuromuscular function, biomechanics, osteokinematics, lever arms, proprioception, stability, joint health, power production, & overall muscle function including mobility (yes that’s right mobility improves when you used safe & functional ROM’s such a 90-deg, not excessive & dysfunctional ROM’s which actually degrade mobility). This does not change based on individual differences. Individual differences in anthropometrics only dictate what’s possible in terms of ROM & mechanics, not what’s optimal. More in full article.

In terms of this particular squat these not only reinforce proper squat mechanics is it forces the athletes to keep the core incredibly tight with max full body tension but it’s also a great way to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Periodic arm training can be beneficial for athletes particularly throwing athletes as it improves elbow health. Unfortunately athletes often have limited training time. Periodically combining arm isolation with functional lower body movements is a great way to practice your squat pattern while also blasting your arms.

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