Fitness Kickstart in 2021 | Day 1-4 | 20 MIN FAT BURNING Workout At Home + Warm up/Cool Down.

Kickstart your 2021 fitness goals from TODAY. This 20 Min FAT BURNING workout is DAY 1- 4. It’s Beginner-Friendly, and you won’t need any equipment at all. The Program is four weeks long, with four workouts every week. I would recommend you to do it in the following way.

Monday-20 MIN Fat Burning
Wednesday- 20 MIN Cardio
Thursday- Rest
Friday- 20 MIN Full Body Strength
Sunday- 20 MIN Yin Yoga.

You can adjust the days based on your schedule, but try to have one day of rest in between each workout.

Always adjust the exercises and tempo based on your level of fitness.
We disclaim all liability from and in connection with this program ©All rights Reserved.

Warm up
Neck Rolls

Arm swing
Open chest
Forward Arm rotation

Hip rotation
Chest opener

High knee crunches

30 Seconds workout. 15 Seconds rest. FOR 3 rounds.
Arm Swings with lateral steps
Sideway taps
Mountain Climbers
Dead Bug  

Boxing uppercut
Bicycle crunches (option Bicycle sitting up)

High plank taps (option plank on knees tap)
Back steps arm swings

Cool Down
Puppy pose
Wide hip opener

Lunge side stretch
Shoulder stretch
Side body stretch
knees to chest

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Cheers guys.

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