– Earth Day: Protecting Your Home, Business & Environment – Earth Day: Protecting Your Home, Business & Environment

Today, we wanted to show off some of the fire safety products we have in order to protect your home, and the environment from fires! Fire safety & prevention goes hand-in-hand with environmental conservation!

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Hi there, everyone! Stephan from
here. If you haven’t noticed, tomorrow,
April 22nd is Earth Day!
Being environmentally-conscious and aware
of our individual impacts on earth goes hand-in-hand
with fire safety and fire prevention, which
makes days like Earth Day, important for us
here at Over the past few years,
places such as California, Brazil, and more
recently, Australia, have been devastated
by increasingly unnatural and environmentally
destructive wildfires. Even though these were
all outdoor events, being aware of proper
fire safety procedures, and having knowledge
of the correct fire alarm equipment makes
a difference indoors just as much as it does
outdoors. – This Earth Day, we here at
are asking you to be proactive in protecting
your homes, surroundings, and environment
by taking the necessary steps in utilizing for your fire safety and prevention
– Did you know that Fire is the third leading
cause of accidental death in the home? At
least 80 percent of all fire deaths occur
in residences.
Or how about that the U.S. has one of the
highest fire death rates in the industrialized
world? In 1997, the U.S. fire death rate was
15.2 deaths per million population – it’s
easy to see that necessary Fire Safety and
Fire Prevention is no joke. Since, we’re
all quarantined at home due to our ongoing
battle with COVID-19, it’s important that
you take the time to become aware of the fire
& life safety products that can protect you
and your family from fires at home.
– carries a wide-range of fire
safety and prevention products.
It is imperative to have up-to-date smoke
detectors with fresh, new batteries in your
home in order to stay protected. offers a wide variety of plug-in
smoke & gas combo detectors to protect your
home, such as the KIDDE i9010. If you have
a business or facility, it’s just as important
that your fire alarm system is up-to-code,
free-of-troubles, and is being properly maintained.
We carry almost every brand of fire alarm
manufacturer from ADVANCED to Potter, all
in an effort to ensure we have what you need.
Do you have any fire extinguishers or fire-retardant
blankets in your home? Being able to protect
yourself from fire in an emergency is just
as important as preventing the fire from ever
happening. We have a wide-range of fire protection
equipment such as fire extinguishers available
for purchase right now. not only can offer you the right
products, but we also have several service
offerings for your business or facility, such
as our Pre-Maintenance Inspection, or Smoke
Detector MATCH service, in order for you to
make sure you’re doing your part to prevent
– So this month, whether you’re celebrating
Earth Day, Arbor Day, or even International
Beaver Day, should be your #1
source for Fire Safety products, equipment,
and services to keep you, your loved ones,
and your colleagues safe from fires and fire
hazards. If you ever have any questions regarding
fire safety, or your fire alarm system, you
can now chat with us LIVE, one-on-one, directly
on – direct video chatting is
also coming soon!
We look forward to working with you, and more
importantly, keeping you safe.
Thanks so much for watching – until next

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