Fatal Proposal

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When hotel event planner Rachel breaks up with her boyfriend for cheating on her, she decides to go looking online for a new boyfriend. In the expanse of cyberspace, she meets a charming, wealthy man who at first seems perfect. He’s attractive, fun and succesful. Things take a turn for the worse when his controlling and obsessive side comes out.
(birds and insects chirping)
– (woman): So, you’ve been
divorced 3 times?
– Yeah, I’m not good
at picking the right women.
It’s hard to know
what women want.
– Yes, and it’s just really…
(timer buzzing)
– Time’s up. Ladies, please move
to your right. You have
4 minutes to make a first
– Wait. Can I get your number
before you go?
I’m sorry.
– (woman): Excuse me.
Rachel. What are you doing?
You can’t
just get up
and leave the guy alone.
The poor guy’s just sitting
there, staring at his drink.
– Yeah, I’m sorry.
You know what? I just don’t…
I don’t feel like I can
ever find guys that I actually
want to date from these things.
– There’s some really nice
guys here. And cute.
There’s a really tall guy,
He’s like 6’4″.
– You do like the tall ones,
don’t you?
– I do. There are guys here
that won’t cheat on you
like John did,
and hopefully aren’t
“commitment-phobes” like Roger.
– Yeah. Oh, I always
liked Roger.
Biggest mistake he made
was letting you go.
– Why don’t you get
back in there?
Give these guys a chance.
Go on a date, get to know him,
stop comparing everyone to John.
– I don’t do that.
– A little, you do.
– You know that guy Craig?
He texted me.
– The guy you met online?
– Mm-hmm, yeah. He wants to
take me out to coffee on Friday.
– And?
– I think I’m gonna say yes.
– Good girl.
– Yeah, coffee date sounds nice.
– Yeah.
– And besides, John never
liked going out for coffee.
(insects chirping)
– Where’s that information
I asked for

on Rachel Malemen?
– [I know, I know,]
I’ve had midterms.
I had to write a paper
for my Information Systems
class. It’s just been such
[a crazy time for me. I just–]
– I don’t care.
I pay you very well to get me
what I need quickly. Now,
will it be in my hands tomorrow
afternoon, or do I need
to call someone else?
– You will have it 100%,
I… I promise.
– Good.
– man: [Yeah, the truck
broke down.]
– What do you mean
he truck broke down? Where?
– [About 10 blocks away.]
– Ugh! I don’t care
if you have to tow the truck
to this hotel. I need
those flowers in 30 minutes.
– [I’ll do my best.]
– You got a minute? We’re all
set to go, but I still need
the topper for that cake.
– Right, I’ll get it to you.
– [I’ll be there in 10 minutes.]
– Great, well, it better be, or
you’ll be hearing from me. OK.
– Hey, I’m trying to get
the honeymoon suite ready.
I need the paperwork.
– Right, right, right.
All right. Um…
– Thank you.
– Thank you.
– So, what did the police say?
– They said they’re done looking
because of her Bohemian ways.
Maybe she’s just
run off somewhere.
– And you think differently?
– Dominique would never go
this long without calling.
Plus, I’ve got her phone records
and her credit cards,
and she hasn’t used any of them
for a few months.
– The last time you spoke
to her, she was here
in Philadelphia?
– That’s right. Listen,
I know you said you can’t
take another case right now,
but my friend said
you’re the best.
If I don’t get
my daughter back…
my life’s never gonna be
the same.
– When do you go back
to Atlanta?
– Today.
– I’ll look into it.
– Thank you.
– I need you to get me the name
and number of the detective
that was looking after
your daughter’s case.
– I’ll email it to you
as soon as I get home.
Thank you.
– I’ll do what I can.
– Thank you very much.
– It’s all good.
These two switched up.
– And that’s fine with the
mother of the bride? No issues?
– No issues.
– OK, all right, great. Um…
(message notification)
Ugh! I forgot I’m supposed
to meet that guy Craig
this afternoon for coffee.
Uh… nope, I gotta cancel.
– What? This late? That’s rude.
– OK, anything that could go
wrong today has. I don’t have
an hour to get out of here.
– Rachel! Do not do what
you always do.
– Which is what?
– You chat with these guys
online, agree to meet them,
and then you cancel.
– No, I don’t.
– You’ve done it like 4 times.
– Are you counting?
– I have no life.
– All right, well, I’m sorry,
work comes first.
– Don’t you dare bail
on that pour guy last minute.
– I can handle this. Thank you.
– We all agree
here that we need to move
forward with the offer, Mother.
– I’d like to review
this proposal one more time

before I say yes.
I’ll give you an answer
tomorrow. Is your brother
there yet?
– No, not yet. Listen,
if we wait too long, we’re
gonna miss this opportunity.
– Oh, one day won’t kill us.
Besides the hotel’s in Aruba.
They’re all on island time
[If we come back too quickly,
we look eager.]
– Ryan just walked in.
– Hello, Mother.
– [Nice of you to finally
join us, Ryan.]
Craig, if there’s nothing else
that you’d like to discuss
with me, I would like to speak
with you and Ryan privately.
– We’re gonna need
the other chairs.
– OK, ma’am.
– Great.
– (man): Don’t forget the flash
behind the table.
– (man): Have Joe bring up
the canapés early.
(message notification)
– [OK, Craig,]
about this Aruba proposal…
I am really hoping
that you did your homework.
I don’t like doing business
in the Caribbean.
– Why is that, Mommy?
Is it because of the pirates?
– You know, Ryan,
that’s so humorous.
Considering how hard
[your grandfather worked
to make this business]
[into what it is today,]
it’s nice to know you do not
take anything seriously.
– Look, Mom, things have
really changed down there.
Their political climate
[is better than it ever
has been, and look how]
profitable Ocho Rios has been
for us. You gotta trust me
on this one.
– You don’t run this company,
Craig, not yet.
I do.
[By the way,
did you ever follow up]
and call that beautiful
Greek girl Alena?
[You know her father is one of
the biggest shipping magnates
in the Mediterranean?]
– Uh, no, Mom, I didn’t,
because I’ve actually met
someone else. Her name’s Rachel.
– Oh.
Well, I hope she’s nothing
like that Dominique.
[So, what does this Rachel do?]
– She’s a senior
event coordinator at one of
the big hotels here in Philly.
And before he passed away,
her father was a cardiologist.
– Really? Oh, a cardiologist.
– [Yes. I’m on my way
to see her]
right now, so I’ve gotta go.
Can I call you later?
– [OK.]
Bye, darling.
Good luck on your date.
– Bye, Mom.
I hate her, man.
Look, why don’t you just
marry someone she approves of,
and then we can just be done
with this whole thing?
– Because I told you already,
I’m not gonna marry
someone she picks just to get
control of the company.
I want it to be someone
that I’m actually in love with.
I mean, you have that
with Tasha. I want it too.
– Fair enough.
So… where did you meet
this woman?
– We met online. I mean, well,
I haven’t even met her yet.
We’ve just been Skyping
and chatting,
but if she’s everything
that I think she is, I mean,
she’s gonna be amazing.
And Mom will adore her.
– Yeah, I hope so.
Look, I gotta swing by the house
tonight, pick up the keys
to the boat. Is that cool?
– Yeah, sure.
– Great.
Stay in charge.
– Yeah, thanks for dropping by.
– Yeah, thanks.
(cell phone ringing)
Please tell me I did not ruin
your day by cancelling
this late.
– Ruin my day? Broke my heart.
– Stop. That’s not making me
feel any better.
– (laughing): I’m kidding.
However, I am getting
the feeling you don’t want
to have a simple coffee with me.
– No, it… it’s not that.
It’s just, I have a wedding
at the hotel tonight,
[and I swear
this thing is jinxed.]
– Oh, it sounds like you could
use something a little stronger
than coffee.
– Yeah, well, if a bottle of
champagne turns up missing
later, you’ll know why.
Listen, why don’t we reschedule
for Monday?
And again, I am sorry
about being a flake.
– That’s OK.
I’ve got the feeling
you’re worth waiting for.
– That’s sweet. Thank you.
– Listen, call me over
the weekend and we’ll
figure it out.
– I will, I promise.
– Great. Bye now.
– Bye.
– Oh wow, you look stressed.
– Yeah, did you
know about the vegetarian
requests for the wedding today?
– No.
– Yeah, me neither.
I just got off the phone
with the bride’s father.
Apparently, we need 14. And
please, do not give me pasta.
– I forgot how beautiful you are
when you’re demanding.
– Don’t patronize me.
I am not in the mood.
Can you do it or not?
– You can trust me.
– Yeah, as long as you’re not
halfway into a bottle of scotch.
– Really? You’re gonna go there
right after you’ve asked me
for a favour?
– I’m sorry.
It’s been one of those days.
I appreciate you changing
the menu last minute.
– No problem.
– So, no arrests, doesn’t own
any property. Rachel’s
last known address
was in Hammond Park.
That house there belongs
to a guy named John Anderson.
He still lives there. I’m
guessing it’s an ex-boyfriend.
He also works
at the same hotel, so…
– What does he do there?
– He’s the head of food
and beverages.
– What does he look like?
– Oh, I got a picture somewhere.
– What’s all that?
(He clears his throat.)
– My slaves.
– Your what?
– Not slaves the way you think.
They’re just 2 of the girls
that I watch.
I have complete control
of their computers –
emails, files.
I can even turn on their webcams
without them noticing.
I know, this time of the day is
kind of boring.
But it gets really good when
they’re getting dressed
in the morning.
– And they don’t suspect
– No.
I mean, if I went in and messed
with the stuff on their desktop,
they might, but…
Anyway, if you need more info
on John Anderson, I can
get that for you.
– Yeah, yeah, I want
a lot more info on him.
(instrumental music)
– Rachel. One of the waiters
said this is for you,
from someone in the bar.
What’s it say?
– Uh… I need to go to the bar
for a few minutes.
Um… how’s it coming
with the cake
and coffee?
– Good. Cake’s been
plated for half an hour.
– Great. Can you keep an eye
on things for me?
– Sure.
– Great. And if there’s
any problems, you’ll call me
on my cell?
– You bet.
(light jazz music playing)
– Finally meet in person.
– I thought we’d decided to wait
until Monday for coffee.
– Yes, that was true, but –
please, sit.
– Thank you.
– Then I got to thinking,
and I realized that, uh,
I couldn’t take the risk.
– Risk?
– Of someone coming along
and snapping you up
over the weekend.
– Highly unlikely.
(She laughs.)
– Wedding cake.
– I thought you might be hungry.
– Do, uh, the bride and groom
know we’re celebrating
with them?
– No.
– What are their names?
– Rick and Michelle,
and they are blissfully unaware
that I have even left the room.
– Well, then…
to Rick and Michelle’s
eternal happiness,
and to finally meeting you
in person.
After, what, chatting online
for 4 weeks?
I was running out of things
to talk about. I don’t know
about you, but…
(both laughing)
Cheers, Rachel.
– Cheers.
– How are you liking it?
– Sorry. Hey, do you have
the wine I asked for?
– Yeah.
– Thanks.
– Here you go.
– Great. Thanks so much.
Everything is good?
– Everything’s good.
– All right, talk to you later.
– Take care.
– Bye.
(instrumental music)
– Hey.
– Hey.
– Is, uh, Rachel still here?
– No, she had to run upstairs
for a few.
I can call her
if you like.
– Hey, did she, uh, say
who she was meeting?
– Nope.
– You know,
don’t worry about it.
Thanks, man.
– The bride and groom
go to cut into their cake –
the photographer’s there,
everybody’s waiting,
the big ooh and ah
moment, right?
Every layer is Styrofoam.
– What?!
(She laughs.)
– The bakery sent over
the window display.
– Genius.
(both laughing)
(cell phone vibrating)
– Oh. I’m sorry,
I am on call.
– Please.
– OK. Hello?
– Hey, uh, where are you?
I’m near the ballroom.
I can’t find you.
– Oh, uh, is there a problem?
– Yeah, the father of the bride
asked where you were.
– Oh, um, OK, I’ll be
right there.
– [OK.]
– Thanks. Bye.
– You’re needed?
– I am.
Um, how about this?
Can you give me an hour?
– Tell you what, you go and do
whatever it is you have to do,
but tomorrow night, I’ll take
you out for a real date. Deal?
– Deal.
– And no calling
at the last minute to cancel,
thank you very much.
– I swear.
– All right,
go and put out the fire.
– OK. Thank you
for the champagne.
– Well, thank you
for the wedding cake.
– Mm-hmm. Good night.
– Oh, sorry.
I took care of it.
Uh, the father of the bride had
a question about the coffee.
– Oh, OK. Thanks.
What are you doing here
so late?
– Oh, I just had
some paperwork to do.
I thought I’d
check up on you.
So, you want to grab a drink
or something?
Things seem to be
winding down here.
(She sighs.)
– John, why do you always
do this?
– Do what?
Try to be friends with you?
– Yeah, except for you haven’t
been able to be friends
since we broke up.
You know, all of our happy hours
turn into you convincing me
why I should come back.
– OK, I didn’t realize that.
– If you want to be friends,
we can be,
but that’s all it’s ever
going to be. I just want
to make myself clear again.
– OK, if you don’t have feelings
for me… that’s fine.
You know, but I think you do.
Am I wrong?
– This is exactly why
we shouldn’t have a drink.
I need to get back in there.
I’ll see you on Monday.
– The girl who lives
next door…
that doesn’t live next door.
Rachel Miller.
Rachel and Craig Miller.
Mr. and Mrs. Miller.
Mr. and Mrs. Miller.
(He sighs.)
You are so beautiful.
– Good morning!
– Hi.
– Ooh, thanks.
– What are you smiling at?
That guy Craig text you?
– Mm-hmm. Look.
He sent me flowers!
– Oh, adorable. Major points.
So, you like him, right?
– Mm-hmm.
– He obviously likes you.
– I don’t know.
He’s different than most guys,
you know?
He’s easy to be around,
he’s fun, spontaneous.
– So, the complete opposite
of John.
– Yeah.
OK, so, I got home from work
last night, he Skyped me, and
he’s taking me out tonight.
– Oh, a real date.
– Mm-hmm!
– Where?
– He said he wants it
to be a surprise.
– Aw.
– Mm-hmm.
– (Craig): So, I take
another lap around the bar,
and I still can’t find her.
She’d been sitting right there.
I walked past her 3 times.
And I’m thinking,
“Where is she?”
(Rachel laughs.)
– (Rachel): You’re kidding.
– No, no, I am not kidding.
I didn’t even recognize her.
Turns out, all of her photos
were like 10 years old.
– What? No, come on.
Two, maybe.
– No, she had one with her son.
He looked about 7 or 8.
So, I asked what grade he was
in. You know what she said?
– What?
– Freshman. College.
– Wha? That’s awful!
– Ah, I’m telling you,
you women lie on these websites.
– Oh, us women?
Yeah, well, you guys lie too.
– Mmm…
– No, you do, and it’s
always about your height.
If you say that you’re 5’11”,
well, that means you’re 5’9″.
If you say
that you’re 5’9″, 5’7″.
– Really? So, it’s
always 2 inches?
– Yeah, yeah.
Well, unless they reach 6 feet.
Then I guess
if they’re 6 feet tall,
they feel like they don’t
need to lie about their height.
– I’m sorry, sir,
he’s not here right now.

– When do you expect him back?
– I don’t know what time
he’ll be back.
Good evening, sir.
– Hi.
– This gentleman,
he’s asking for…
(She sighs.)
– It’s OK, Maria,
I’ll take care of it.
– You’re Ryan Miller,
Craig’s brother?
– Yeah, how do you know that?
– Jerry, Jerry Berman.
I’m a private investigator.
– What’s this about?
– (Rachel): So, where are
we going?
– (Craig): Well, you’re gonna
see in about 10 seconds.
– This is Michel Malefant’s
new restaurant.
– Yeah, you know him?
– Well, yeah – no, no,
I know of him.
Is it even open? Doesn’t look
like there’s anyone here.
– Well, the valet’s here,
so it must be open.
Well, for our first real date,
I thought it might be nice
if we had a little privacy.
– You rented out
the entire place?
– Michel. Rachel, this is
my friend Michel.
– Mr. Malefant,
what a pleasure.
– Charmed to meet you. I hope
you like what I’ve prepared
for you this evening.
Please, this way.
– After you.
– You are absolutely insane.
– You know a woman
named Dominique Ranton?
– Um… yeah,
a long time ago.
She was… I think
Craig dated her.
– When’s the last time
you saw her?
– Uh…
– Oh, everything is so delicious
I want to just keep on eating.
– Well, you’ve got to save room
for dessert.
– Oh. Yeah,
I have no willpower.
– Oh, why, thank you.
I have that effect on women.
(She laughs.)
(cell phone vibrating)
Um, will you excuse me
for a second? It’s my brother.
He keeps calling. It might be
something important.
– No, of course.
– Sorry.
– Don’t worry.
– Craig: [Hey, what’s up?]
– Where are you?
I tried calling you 3 times.
– I’m on my date with Rachel.
What’s so important?
– [I went by your house]
to get the keys, and there was
a private investigator there.
– What did he want?
– [He wanted to know]
where Dominique is. He said her
father hired him to find her.
– What did you say?
– Come on, I told him the same
thing I told the police.
– Good.
– [Yeah, well, he’s]
coming by your house tomorrow
to speak to you directly.
– It’s fine. I’ll handle it.
– You’d better.
I am so sorry. There’s always
some sort of crisis with him.
– No problem.
– Now, what were we
talking about?
– Um… I don’t even know
what to say.
I mean, this whole date is
like something off The Bachelor.
– Oh, well, that’s where I get
all my good ideas.
(She laughs.)
– Good to know.
I mean,
you must have been so impressed
that I looked like my pictures.
– Actually, it had a little more
to do with the time we spent
last night at the hotel.
I could have just sat there
and talked to you for hours.
– Me too.
(door opening)
– (whispering): Dessert.
– Oh.
– Voila.
– Ah, looks beautiful.
– Please…
– Thank you, Michel.
– …let me know what you think.
– OK.
– I am no expert
in desserts, huh?
– Styrofoam! That is too funny!
– I bring you the real dessert
now. It’s a chocolate tart
with raspberries and cream –
no Styrofoam, I promise.
– That sounds divine.
(She laughs.)
– Thank you, Michel.
– Wow, you guys are good.
– I am sorry,
I could not resist.
– Cheers.
(rock music playing in truck)
– Oh, man.
– Oh, hey, babe.
– Hey.
– Did you get the keys?
– Do you want to go grab
a bite to eat?
– Sure.
But first, I finished
filling out both of our forms
for the British Supersport race.
I just need you
to sign yours.
Right there, babe.
So, how’s Craig?
(He sighs.)
Did you guys get into it
or something?
– No, he, uh,
he wasn’t home.
He went out on a date
with a woman that he met online.
– Really?
– Yeah.
– Well, that’s good, isn’t it?
– It’s great.
You know he’s taking her up
to meet Mom and he barely
knows her?
– You’re lucky
you’re not the golden child.
You don’t have to deal
with all that BS
about the family legacy.
– I guess.
You know, I just wish
he’d just play the game,
just marry someone
in the right social circle,
and then divorce her later.
– Will you give him some credit?
He doesn’t want to marry
somebody he can’t even stand.
– Mmm.
You know, it’s just
the ones he chooses.
She’s never gonna approve.
– Hopefully this time will
be different.
– You know,
once he’s in charge,
I’m gonna tell her to go live
on her exotic island
and just shrivel up and die.
(She chuckles.)
– So? How was it?
– Unbelievable.
(Rachel laughs.)
He rented out
the entire restaurant.
– What?!
– Yes, no, seriously.
It was amazing. And the food…
(Rachel gasps.)
– Oh, my god.
(vehicle honking)
Nice flowers.

– Look at the note.
– “Happy Monday. Craig.”
Craig? Craig Craig?
– Yeah!
– Wow.
– Aren’t they beautiful?
– They are.
You gonna bring these home?
– Oh, is that a hint?
– Yeah.
– Hey.
– Hey.
– Hey, John. I gotta go.
– All right, yeah.
See you later.
– Bye.
– Bye.
– Hey.
– Hey.
– Oh. It’s the, uh,
labour for the Everett wedding.
– Oh, great. Thanks.
– So, uh…
where’d those come from?
– Um, from a client.
Just a thank you.
They’re gorgeous, huh?
– Yeah, yeah.
It’s, um… uncanny
coincidence that they managed
to guess your favourite flower.
– I guess.
– Only one person ordered
a bottle of champagne
that Friday night.
Credit card belonged
to Craig Miller.
Do you want me
to print you a copy?
– Please.
Thank you, Elise.
That’s him, all right.
– This guy’s got a temper.
He was arrested for assaulting
his girlfriend
about 10 years ago.
– Did he plead out?
– Nope. Charges were dropped.
His girlfriend recounted
her statement. Times have
changed. Back then,
if a victim
refused to press charges,
there was nothing we could do.
– Same as Atlanta.
No arrests since.
Off the record…
could he be responsible
for Dominique Ranton’s
– Honestly, it’s a tough one.
I mean, you’re an ex-cop;
you know that when a woman
disappears after a breakup,
it’s almost always her ex.
– About 90% of the cases
I worked.
– Yeah, but on the other hand,
there was no sign of foul play,
and this girl’s a drifter.
I mean, maybe she was
one of the 10%
that just up and left.
– Except for one thing:
even when she drifted,
she never stopped using her cell
or her credit card,
especially the one
her father paid the account on.
– I agree, but we explored
every avenue.
Dead ends.
(He sighs.)
Hopefully you’ll pick up
on something we didn’t.
– My gut tells me
that Craig Miller knows
more than he’s letting on.
– Anyway, if there’s anything
I could help you with,
just let me know, OK?
I mean it.
– Well, thanks, Detective.
(phone ringing)
(She sighs.)
– Craig, I’ve had a change
of plans.

I think I’ll fly home
to Philadelphia next month.
I can’t wait to meet
this Rachel girl of yours.
– Yeah, and I know you’re gonna
love her, Mom.
– OK, darling,
I’ll talk to you soon.
– All right. Goodbye!
– [Bye.]
I know she’s the right one.
Yeah, Dominique and I went out
a few times. Nice girl.

– Have you got any idea
where she would go
where she wouldn’t need
credit cards or her cell phone?
– Mm, she, uh,
did mention
she was thinking of visiting
some friends in Maine, but…
that was the last time
I spoke to her.
– Uh-huh.
Dominique just seems to go
where the wind takes her, yeah?
– I’ve got it.
These high-spirited types can be
difficult to get along with,
especially for someone who likes
things to be a certain way.
– Why don’t you just ask me
what you’re dying to know,
Mr. Berman?
– I thought I did.
Is there anything you want
to tell me to move
this conversation along?
– I don’t know
where Dominique is.
We parted ways amicably.
– How about with Melissa,
the one that called the cops
and said you hit her?
Was that… amicable too?
– Good luck finding Dominique.
Can I show you out?
– Well, it is a big house.
But I think I can
find my way.
– So, that’s just it?
We’re over?

This has to do
with your mother, doesn’t it?
She doesn’t like me.
– It’s more complicated
than that, Dominique.
– When are you gonna stand up
to that woman?
Hey? You’ve been under her thumb
your whole life like some
pathetic little puppet.
– Domi, please,
just go.
– I knew you were gonna do this.
Well, um… you may think
you can just…
throw me away,
but it’s not gonna be
that easy.
I’m pregnant.
I wonder what your mom’s gonna
have to say about that.
– You’re lying.
– I’m lying?
Fine. We’ll take a test,
right here, right now… Daddy.
– Well, that’s impossible,
because you said
you were on the pill.
– I was.
Things happen.
– Wow.
Aren’t you the manipulative
little bitch?
You stopped taking it
on purpose, didn’t you?
– No, I didn’t.
– Yes, you did, because
you wanted to get pregnant
so that you could tie yourself
to me and my family.
– You’re delusional.
– No, you’re delusional.
– No, you’re delusional!
– I should have known
that you would pull
something like this. God!
– I wonder what your mommy
will say now.
Maybe you’ll finally have
to stand up to her.
If you can.
You’re weak.
You’re pathetic.
You’re not a real man.
A real man stands up
for the woman he loves.
But not you.
Not you, Craig Miller.
(Dominique crying out)
(glass breaking)
– (Maria): Mr. Miller?
– It’s fine, Maria.
– Mr. Miller, what happened?
– It was just… stupid.
Just an accident.
– Yeah, I like it better
like this. More condensed.
We don’t need the centre aisle.
Thank you. Oh, hey.
– Hey.
– What’s up?
– Ah, not much.
– OK. Oh, I need this.
– Oh, I, uh…
Last night, I drove by
that little Mexican place,
you know, that we used to
always go to.
– Uh-huh?
– You know what,
and it struck me, um,
it’s a been a long time
since we went.
– Is there a point?
– Oh, no, I just thought that
maybe, uh… maybe we could go
out for dinner tomorrow night.
– Ah.
– Catch up, chat, knock back
a couple of pitchers
of margaritas.
– You never give up, do you?
– Well, I’m the kind of guy
who goes after what he wants.
You used to like that
about me, remember?
– Yeah, I also remember
you saying you would
never cheat on me.
– Look… how many times
do you need to hear that
I made a mistake?
I mean, I’ll tell you
a hundred more if you’d like.
But just let me do it
over dinner.
You know, a couple
of top-shelf tequila shots
and some fried ice cream.
Come on.
Look, it’s only dinner.
And I promise I will not try
to take advantage of you.
Even if you beg me.
– Oh! You.
– Mm?
– Fine.
An early dinner.
– OK.
– Are you gonna tell Craig
you’re having dinner with John?
– Um… I don’t know.
Why would he care?
– Because he’s your ex,
and he clearly wants you back.
And you kind of still have
a thing for him.
– No, I don’t.
– Then why are you
having dinner with him?
– Um, because I feel
like I owe it to him.
– You don’t owe him anything.
– I don’t know. It’s just…
I feel like there’s this door
that’s not closed, you know?
And if I’m gonna fully
move forward with Craig,
then I think I need
to resolve things with John.
I mean, 3 and a half years is
a long time,
and those feelings don’t just
go away, even though he hurt me.
– Yeah. Ah, just water for me.
– What?
– Yeah. At least,
for the next 7 months.
– What? Oh, my god!
You’re pregnant?
– Roger was just as surprised
as you are.
– Oh, my god. Congratulations.
I mean, wait, is…
are you and Roger getting
back together?
– Um… yeah, not sure
about that just yet.
What I am sure about is
no wine.
(squealing with delight)
– Ohhh, a little bambino!
– (woman): And, uh, so,
half an hour…
– Hey, how are you?
– [Real quick. I’m about to run]
[into a meeting,
but my dinner got cancelled]
tonight. Do you want to come
over to the house
for a barbecue?
It’s supposed to be
a beautiful evening.
– Um, I can’t.
I actually have an early dinner
with clients.
Uh, but hey, why don’t I come
over afterwards,
we have dessert,
and make a fire?
– Yeah, uh, sure.
Say around 8ish?
– Sounds great.
– Great. See you then.
Early dinner with clients.
– Um, just to the…
– Yeah. Oh, right.
– Ah. There we go.
– So?
– OK, what’s it gonna
take, Rach?
To get you
to come back.
I still love
and care about you.
I know I hurt you.
– It’s complicated right now.
– Why?
Because you’re not sure
if you love me anymore,

or because you’re seeing
someone else?

– Both.
– I know.
I know, you’re seeing
that guy, uh… Craig.
– How did you know?
– I saw the two of you
at the bar together,

then your favourite tulips.
It wasn’t hard
to put 2 and 2 together.

– So, that’s what this is about.
You’re trying to get me back
before I move on.
– Look, in case you’ve
missed the signs, I’ve been
trying to get you back
since we broke up.
– Yeah, you have.
– Look, I’m not
some rich trust-fund baby.
I’m not gonna be able
to buy you
diamonds and cars
and all that.
But you’ve never been
the kind of woman
who needs
all that crap.
You’re so much…
better than that.
I can promise you that no guy is
going to love you as much
as me.
And I won’t make
the same mistake twice.
– Thank you.
– My pleasure.
I’ll walk you out.
– OK.
– Oh, well… Hm.
So, um… just think
about what I said, OK?
– I will.
– Well, good night.
– Good night.
– (John): See you soon.
– (Rachel): OK.
(cell phone ringing)
– Hey, hon.
Done with your dinner?
– Hey. Yeah, um…
but halfway through I…
yeah, I started not feeling
very well, so…
[uh, would you… would you mind
if we rescheduled for tomorrow
night? I’ve got]
that big tradeshow tomorrow
morning, and I feel like
I need to get some rest.
– Yeah, of course. Uh, you want
me to come over and bring you
some medicine?
– Oh, no, no, that’s sweet.
Thank you so much.
Uh, Laura’s got a bunch of stuff
at the condo.
– Oh. OK. Well, feel better.
– Thanks.
OK, talk to you soon. Bye.
– Good night.
– Being with him tonight,
I felt all of the old things
I used to feel with him.
And, like, the chemistry
was still there.
– No, there’s a history there.
After 3 years,
of course it’s going to seem
comfortable and familiar.
But don’t forget how it felt
when he got drunk at
that convention
and slept with some woman.
– Hm. Horrible.
You’re right.
But you know what?
He swears that he regrets it.
– Oh, I’m sure he does,
but can you ever really
trust him again?
I mean, every convention he goes
to alone, you’re gonna be lying
in bed wondering.
– Oh, you’re right,
you are absolutely right.
And I don’t have to worry
about that with Craig.
I mean, he’s amazing,
and I trust him completely.
(phone ringing)
– Hey, man. What’s up?
– Remember that webcam thing
you showed me?
– [Yeah.]
– Do you need access to their
physical computer to do it?
– No, I just get them to click
on a fake link, and the software
installs automatically.
– I need you to do something
for me.
– Yeah, sure. What’s up?
– I need you to bug Rachel’s
computer. Can you do that?
– [Sure.]
(dance music playing)
– I can’t help but feel a little
for what happened.
– For Dominique’s
disappearance? Why?
– Well, if I hadn’t lied
to the cops to keep him
from going to jail,
maybe he would have been forced
to get therapy or something.
– What happened that night?
– We got into an argument.
I don’t remember what it was
over. Something stupid.
And he punched me. Twice.
– Why did you change your mind
about pressing charges?
– Craig called me
the next morning from jail,
offered me $50,000 to say
I’d made the story up
because I was mad.
I took it.
– Two hundred…
(message notification)
– Did you continue seeing him?
– I signed the agreement,
the money was wired
to my account the next day,
and I never talked to him again.
I was glad to be away from him.
He was so
– Controlling? How? Jealous?
– Incredibly. I mean,
6 months in, I found out
that he’d been following me,
opening my mail,
deleting phone messages
from my male friends.
– Rachel,
have you given any thought
to what I told you the night…

– “…we went to dinner?
I’m not trying to be a pest,
but like I said, I still
love you and I’m not giving up.”
(glass breaking)
This guy, John Anderson,
he’s behind it.
– All right, I thought that
her father hired the detective.
– No, it was this guy.
He was friends with Dominique,
and he knows about us.
– So, what are we gonna do?
– I think you know what
we have to do.
(light jazz music playing)
– Rachel,
this is my mother.
– Hi.
– I am so happy
to finally meet you.
– Likewise.
– And this is my brother Ryan
and his wife Tasha.
– Nice to meet you.
– We’ve heard so much about you.
– Nice to meet you.
– Oh, likewise.
Nice to meet you guys.
– Champagne, Maria, please.
– (Maria): Yes, ma’am.
– Great, thank you.
– So, Craig tells me
that you, um,
do event planning
at a hotel downtown?
– Not just any hotel;
one of the biggest in the city.
– Ah.
– That must
keep you really busy.
– Come and sit.
– Oh, yes.
– OK, excuse me. I’m just gonna
wash my hands, Mother.
– So, what kind of a degree
do you have, Rachel?
– Uh, well, you can get a degree
in event planning,
but I didn’t. I got mine
in hotel management,
and then I went on for my MBA.
– Ah, didn’t I tell you
she was brilliant?
– Yes, you did.
And so beautiful.
– Phew…
– So, Craig tells me that you
recently bought a flat
in London?
– I did, yes.
I just love London –
the people, the history.
You know, when the boys were
young, their father and I would
go away to Europe
at least once a month.
We just loved it.
– Oh, how fun.
– I am sorry. I have to go meet
the alarm company at the shop.
– I’ll go with you.
– It’s OK, honey, I got it.
All right? I’ll be back
in less than an hour.
– Hey, hurry back, huh?
– Yes.
– Did you grow up around here?
– I did. I was born in Ohio.
– Don’t worry, I’ll shield you
from Mother while he’s gone.
– (Rachel): …so most of my
living family is still back
in the West.
– (Mrs. Miller): Oh, that is
so interesting.
– Hi, can I help you?
– Are you John Anderson?
– Yeah.
W-What do you want?
(two gunshots)
– I was 14 and naive.
– Oh. That’s great.
– That’s where we met.
– So, what do you think of her?
– She’s wonderful.
– What the hell?
– Hey, there he is.
– Hey, babe.
– Whew…
– Is everything OK?
– Yep. Um…
as predicted,
it was a false alarm.
– Good. Maria, can we get Ryan
a little bit of dinner, please?
– Yes, sir.
– Yeah.
– I love your mother.
She’s amazing.
– She is

something else.
– OK, so, wait a minute,
wait a minute.
I have a question.
All of those stories
that she was saying
about you being a kid,
were those true,
or embellished?
– My mother has no idea
what I did
as a kid. I barely knew her
from the ages of 6 to 13.
God, you are beautiful.
– Wait, what?
Why not?
– Because she put me in boarding
school 7 miles from our house.
– Ryan too?
– No, Ryan got a nanny.
– I don’t understand.
– Well, when I was 5,
they decided that I was gifted.
– Mmm.
– So, my mother put me
in boarding school because
she thought it would help
with my education –
and help me focus
on becoming a genius.
There was very little hope
that Ryan would be one.
(She laughs.)
– Ohhh, that’s sad, though.
I mean, that must have been
hard for you, being so close.
It must have felt
like she didn’t want you around.
– Can we please talk about
my mother some other time?
Because all I can think about
right now…
is locking you in this room…
– Mm-hmm.
– …and never… letting…
you go.
– Mm-hmm. All right.
– Checking in? Name, please?
– (Rachel): So, what happened?
– Well, he’s supposed to meet
Marco for that big event
tonight, and he never showed up.
And he isn’t answering
his phone.
– That’s weird. That’s not
like him at all.
– Mm.
– You know, I still have the key
to his place. I could
go check on him.
– Yeah, go for it.
– John?
Are you home?
– Yeah, I need some police tape
over here.
– [OK.]
(police radio chatter)
– (man): …the CSI guys…
– Rachel.
– Craig.
– Are you OK? Look at me.
Look at me. Are you OK?
What happened?
Do they know what happened?
– They don’t know anything.
They think that…
that somebody tried to rob him
and that he confronted
them and…
– Oh, God, baby,
I’m so sorry.
It’s gonna be OK.
– Why did you lie to me?!
You said that guy knew
Dominique. You said
that guy was gonna take us down.
That guy is Rachel’s ex!
– It was either him or us.
– Him or us?
I killed the guy!
– He was trying to take Rachel
away from me, and I couldn’t
let that happen, OK?
She’s the one.
And Mother loves her.
Just trust me.
Now that he is out of the way,
everything is gonna be perfect.
We are gonna get exactly
what we want. You did good.
– Yeah, I did good.
You’re scaring me, man.
– I missed you so much.
– Yeah, I know, me too.
I know you had a tough
couple of weeks, huh?
Next time I got to LA,
I want you to skip work
and come with me.
– Mmm, I’d like that.
– Good.
– What?
– I didn’t say anything.
– It’s a superhero convention.
What am I gonna do?
– Thank you, pal. How about
a nice hand for my assistant?
All right, moving on
to the next trick, we’re gonna
need another lovely assistant.
– What do you think?
– Um, I think this is hands down
the best gelato
I’ve ever had since…
well, I would say since Italy,
but I’ve never been there,
(She laughs.)
– And we’re gonna do something
very exciting and a little bit
dangerous. That doesn’t worry
you, right? You’re not scared
or anything, are ya?
– A little bit scared.
– OK, wait till I tell ya
what we’re gonna do.
– Oh, hey, check it out.
A street magician.
– What? No way.
– Here, come on, let’s check
it out. I’ve always loved magic.
– Me too, since I was a kid.
– So, what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna take this very sharp
and very pointy sword,
and we are gonna jab it
right through her throat,
and sometimes it gets stuck,
so… there we go.
All right… Going through
the muscle at the back there.
There we go. Ow! Bingo! Now,
if I could get you to stand up.
As you folks can see, the knife
is all the way through
her throat. Come on, folks!
Let’s take this out here.
Now we’re gonna try… Pull that
out of there very gingerly…
and as you can see as well,
which is a relief,
there is no blood on the sword,
which is always a good sign.
And there we go.
How about a nice hand
for my assistant Maya?
– Yeah!
– Thank you, Maya!
– All right! Woo!
– All right, we need
another beautiful assistant.
How about you?
– But I…
– Come on, a nice hand
for my assistant, everybody!
A nice hand for my assistant.
Thank you.
Whose name is…?
– Rachel.
– Rachel. It’s very nice to meet
you, Rachel. My name is Luigi.
– Nice to meet you, Luigi.
– Now, what we’re going to do,
Rachel, I’m going to show you
a trick called the magic
box trick.
Now, you show everyone around
that the box, completely empty.
You can see my hand going
all the way through the box.
And we’ll put that
back on here.
And I’m also gonna pick up
the magic cylinder.
As you can also see,
you can see, Rachel,
there is nothing
in the cylinder. I can put
my hand all the way through it.
And if this all works out, there
should be something very special
in here for you, all right?
You ready?
– Yes.
– Here we go. One, two, three!
Let’s take a look…
and sure enough…
ah, it was sticking…
Ah. Huh.
Well, look at that.
(crowd oohing)
Now, would there be anyone here,
maybe, who has a question
for Rachel?
Maybe something ring related?
– I do!
– (laughing): What?
– Rachel, you bring magic
to my life.
And I want to spend
every day with you.
Will you marry me?
– Yes.
– He can’t hear you up there.
– Oh, uh, yes! Yes!
I’ll marry you!
– How about a nice hand
for the happy couple? All right!
– (man): Congratulations!
– (woman): So romantic!
– (woman): Congratulations.
– He proposed?
– Isn’t it awesome?
– It’s gorgeous.
– And the way he did it,
ah, so cool. Huh?
– Wow.
– OK, so, I have a question
for you.
– Yes?
– Will you be my maid of honour?
– Of course!
Of course.
– Yay!
– No?
– Mm, I don’t want it too,
like, crazy, but I want it
to be…
Wow. Wow.
That’s what I want it to be.
I want it to be wow.
Look at this.
It’s stunning, right?
– Mm-hmm.
– Look at that. Ah.
And the neckline.
It’s… sweet.
– But not too sweet.
– Hello.
– What? Honey!
– Mwah!
– Hey! What are you doing here?
I thought you had a meeting.
– Well, I pushed my meeting so
that I could come and help you
pick out your dress. Hi, Laura.
– Hi.
– Yeah, right.
You know it’s bad luck to see
the dress before the wedding.
– Well, that is a silly
old custom, isn’t it?
– You’re joking, right?
– Yeah, I just want to be
involved. That is OK,
isn’t it, ladies?
– You’re totally kidding, right?
– Are you serious?
– Yeah, I’m serious.
Come on, show me what you’ve
got. I’ve got a couple hours
before the meeting.
– Um… O-OK.
Um… yeah.
Ta-da! What do you think?
Isn’t it stunning?
– Yeah, I like it. I mean, it’s
a little old-fashioned,
isn’t it?
– No. Laura,
is this old-fashioned?
– No, it’s perfect.
– OK, hello. Honey,
not old-fashioned.
– Wait a second. What about
something more like this?
– (Laura): It’s a cocktail
– Yeah. No, honey, I think
that’s more for a younger bride.
– Well, I don’t think there are
any rules, are there?
I mean, God, it’s gorgeous.
Just… will you please just
try it on?
– (Rachel): All right, good?
– (Laura): Yep.
– (Rachel): OK.
– Wow. That is perfect.
God, it’s amazing.
– Really?
– Yeah.
Will you put
the veil on?
– Oh.
– Maybe you should try on
a few other styles just to see.
– Yeah, yeah.
– You look beautiful.
I cannot wait to see you
walk down the aisle in that.
I think we’ve made
our decision. Miss?
I think we’ve made
our decision.
It looks gorgeous.
– [It’s Jerry.]
– Yeah, I wasn’t sure
when I’d hear from you.
– I just got back.
Found out Miller got engaged.
– What?
– I’ve got an idea.
– Well, what is it?
– Why?
– I don’t know.
Look, Craig’s a little
obsessed with details.
I mean, there are worse things
than a husband wanting to help
plan his own wedding, right?
– Yeah, OK. So, is he like that
in other ways too?
– Um… sometimes.
But, you know,
everybody’s got their faults,
and if I don’t like something,
obviously I would say it.
I mean, I’m not a pushover.
– I know you’re not
a pushover.
That’s… So, you really are
happy with your dress?
– I am.
– OK.
– I am. I think it’s
gonna be really pretty.
All right, now, enough
about me and my dress.
Let’s go get
your bride’s maid dress.
– OK, can we eat first?
I’m starving.
– Ooh, yeah. I see
that chocolate thing
right there.
– Whatcha working on?
– A cost estimate… Ooh,
thank you.
Um, I’m working on a cost
estimate for a Bar Mitzvah.
– You know
what I’ve been thinking?
– Hmm?
– That you should move in.
– Wait, really?
– Well, yeah, why not?
I mean, we are getting married,
and you already do spend
3 nights a week here anyway.
– Yeah, true.
Ooh, but that commute to work
would be a killer.
(She laughs.)
You’re worth it.
– Actually, I had something else
I’ve been wanting to talk
to you about.
– My commute to work?
– No, just work.
– What about it?
– Well, you know how much
I love to travel,
and I want you
to come with me,
and that’s kind of hard to do
if you’re still
working at the hotel.
– Uh, OK, so, what are you
suggesting? That I quit?
– Well, come on, Rachel,
it’s not like you need
the money anymore.
I mean, you make, what, 70, 80
grand a year? I mean, it’s not
really worth it, is it?
– Wow. OK, did you just
seriously belittle my job
and my salary?
– I’m sorry.
That came out wrong.
– Yeah, it did.
– Look, baby,
I am sorry. It’s just…
I want to spend
more time with you.
– Yeah, but it’s just that
I love my job so much
and I worked really hard to get
to the position I’m at.
– And I am so proud of you,
baby, and I know you have.
But as my wife,
you kind of don’t really
have to work anymore.
– OK, so, what’s
your point?
– You love coordinating weddings
more than anything else
in the world, right?
And you are great at it.
So, why don’t you open up your
own business right here at home?
– What?
– I’ll finance it,
and you can have as many
or as few clients as you want.
And the rest of the time,
you get to travel with me.
– Really?
– Uh, really.
(both laughing)
– He wants you to quit your job?
– No,

not quit. Just start
my own business.
– Oh. You never mentioned
wanting to do that before.
– Well, I don’t know.
I guess I never thought
it was a possibility,
but the idea of it’s
kind of exciting.
– Yeah.
– Yeah, and you
could come work for me.
(Laura chuckles.)
– Are you sure
that’s what you want?
– Yeah. Yeah,
I think it could be
a really great new beginning.
And besides, you have to turn
my room into a nursery soon.
– I don’t need your room
for a while, so…
I don’t know, 6 months ago,
you were breaking up with John,
moving in; now you’re getting
married, and I’m pregnant.
– Oh, sweetie.
– Yeah, things change
so fast.
– Thank you for seeing me
on short notice.
– Of course.

What kind of event
are you having?
– Actually, I’m not having
an event at all.
My name’s
Jerry Berman.
I’m a private investigator.
I’m here
on a personal matter.
I was hired by the father of
a woman named Dominique Ranton.
Has anyone mentioned that name
to you before?
– No.
– She’s from Atlanta.
She’s gone missing.
The last person we think
to see her was Craig Miller.
– I don’t understand.
– They were
romantically involved.
I’m surprised
you didn’t know.
– When did she go missing?
– The last call she made
on her cell phone was
about 6 months ago.
– What does this have to do
with Craig?
– We both know how controlling
he can be, how violent.
– He’s not violent.
– Did you know that he was
arrested 10 years ago
for domestic battery?
He punched his girlfriend.
– If you have any questions
for Craig, I think you should
talk to him directly.
I’m certainly not gonna
get in the middle of this.
– One woman assaulted,
another vanished.
Be careful, Miss Malemen,
for your own sake.
(door opening)
(door closing)
– Good boy. Good boy, Cody.
(dog panting)
Go lay down.
(She sighs.)
A private investigator came
to see me at my office today.
– About Dominique?
– Yeah,
he, um, he said that you guys
were seeing each other
a while back?
– Yes. She was a girl
that I dated briefly,
it was never serious,
and I broke it off.
– He implied
that you were the last one
to see her.
– Well, that’s ridiculous.
The last one to see her is
whoever she’s with now.
What’s wrong, sweetie?
– He said
that an ex-girlfriend of yours
claims that you assaulted her.
– OK.
Let me tell you something
about this PI.
OK, because of who I am
and because of who my family is,
there are always gonna be people
trying to scam us for money.
I mean, extortion,
frivolous lawsuits –
baby, it comes
with the territory.
I’m just used to this BS,
that’s all.
And I know that you’re
just experiencing it
for the first time,
so please don’t let it
get under your skin.
– W… But is it…
is it true?
Were you arrested?
– Didn’t you hear
what I just said?
I’m sorry. I’m…
(He sighs.)
I just get so frustrated
with this stuff.
I mean, it’s not you.
It’s not you, baby, it’s them.
I mean, this girl, Melissa,
said that I tried to hit her.
She lied, babe.
She made the whole thing up
just to get me to pay her off.
I mean, why do you think
I was never charged?
Because there was no proof,
other than her word.
She wanted
50 grand, and…
I thought it was
the bargain-basement deal
to make her go away.
The same things are gonna happen
to me all the time.
I can’t change ’em.
I love you
more than life itself.
I would never do anything
to hurt you.
I need you
to believe that.
– OK, what is it?
– What are you talking about?
– Look, something’s been
bothering you.
– Nope.
– You’re being edgy.
– Look, nothing is wrong, OK?
If you could just stop
asking me, everything would
be fine. Please.
(car honking)
– No, you’re not edgy at all.
– Hey.
I’m sorry.
Nothing’s wrong, OK?
Everything’s fine.
(car honking)
– [City and state.]
– Atlanta, Georgia.
– [What listing, please?]
– Georgia Community
Credit Union.
– [One moment, please.]
– I just find it a little odd
that he didn’t even
bring her up.
I mean, if she’s his ex–
– Well, yeah, but, I mean,
I told him about John,
but I didn’t tell him
that I worked with him.
– Yeah, but she’s missing,
and the other one filed
an assault charge.
– But he said that she was lying
about that, that she was just
trying to get money out of him.
I don’t know. I mean,
I talked to Dominique’s father,
and he didn’t seem like
a gold digger;
he just seemed like a guy
desperate to find his daughter.
– This is kind of scary.
– Yeah.
– So, what if this PI is right?
What are you gonna do?
– I don’t know yet.
– Why do you keep
harping on this?
– Well, because I want to make
sure there’s not other things
you’re not telling me.
– I’ve already told you
everything, so stop asking.
It doesn’t concern you.
– It doesn’t concern me? OK,
well, maybe the rest of your
life doesn’t concern me either.
– What is that supposed to mean?
– It means maybe we rushed
into this way too quickly
and we don’t know enough
about each other.
– What, so you don’t want
to marry me now?
– I’m saying that maybe we need
to take a step back
and make sure that this is
something that we both
really want.
– Well, it’s what I want.
Come on, it’s what you want too.
– You know what? I think
it would be a really good idea
if I moved back in with Laura
for a while.
– No, no.
– Craig, I’m not saying
that we’re gonna break up–
– Baby, baby, baby,
you’re not going anywhere.
We’re getting married.
– Look, we just need some time
apart, that’s all, OK?
– No, just sit down, sit down
so we can talk about this.
That’s all.
– Craig, if you want to see me
again, you will step aside
right now.
– You’re not leaving!
– Ah!
– Maria? Maria?
– Hey. I, uh, gave her
the day off.
Thank you very much
for bringing this.
– Here you go.
– Ryan!
I’m upstairs! I need help!
– Is that…?
– Don’t. Ryan!
– Ryan! Come upstairs!
I need you!
Ryan, please!
He’s gone crazy. Please.
– No, man.
– Give me the key.
– Please…
– Just give me the key.
– Go.
– Ryan, please, please, no.
– Go.
– No. No! Ryan, don’t leave!
Ryan! Please!
(Rachel crying)
– OK, talk, man.
– I had to calm her down.
She was… she was hysterical
and she was trying to leave.
Everything is fine.
We’re getting married today.
I’ve already made an appointment
at City Hall,
and then we are on a jet
to Belize.
– That’s your plan?
Seriously? Oh, my god, man.
You are losing it, OK?
You cannot force this woman
to marry you.
– I am not losing it.
I’m not losing it.
This detective, he…
he put all these crazy ideas
inside her head.
– Yeah? What about this?
This won’t work.
As soon as she’s free,
she’s gonna tell somebody.
– I’ve made sure
that won’t happen, Ryan.
It’s under control.
Look, she loves me,
and once things settle down,
once I get some time
alone with her,
she will see that again.
– Please, man.
Craig, please.
This is wrong, OK?
Just let her go.
Please, Craig,
just let her go.
I’m begging you!
Give me the key.
– I can’t.
I can’t, because if I let her
leave now,
everything unravels,
and it unravels
for the both of us, brother.
– Exactly. You got us
into this, OK?
We’re going to jail
because of this!
– No, just… just let…
just let me handle it.
Let me handle it.
I promise you, we will be fine.
– It’s all yours.
You handle it!
– Where’s Ryan?
– He left.
– What’s that for?
– It’s so that you will have
something to wear
when we get married today.
– What?
– Yeah, it’s all set.
We’ve got an appointment
at 11:30 at City Hall.
We just have
to get there a little bit early
to get our marriage licence.
And then it’s off
to our honeymoon.
– No, please. Our honeymoon?
Where? Where are we going?
– Oh, wouldn’t you like to know?
It’s a surprise, Rach.
It’s somewhere very secluded,
where you and I are gonna have
plenty of time to work
on our relationship
without the influence
of people trying to get
in the way of our happiness.
– But what about work?
I can’t just disappear. I mean,
they’re gonna know that I–
– That is why you’re gonna
call your boss,
and you are gonna tell him
that you’re eloping,
and that you’re quitting
sooner than you thought.
– But they won’t believe me.
– Well, then it’s up to you
to make them believe you.
Unless you don’t care
what happens to Laura
and her unborn baby.
– (crying): Oh…
– Accidents happen
every day, Rachel,
especially when you have
the money to make them happen.
So, if you want to protect
your friend, you are gonna
make sure that everyone we see
today believes that you are
just as excited
about this wedding as I am.
You understand me?
Do you understand me?
– Uh-huh.
– OK, now, if you try anything,
like running away
or calling for help,
like you did
earlier this morning,
Laura’s dead.
Time to get dressed.
– Please…
– Go get dressed!
– (Rachel): What are you doing?
– He’s got to go.
Can’t come with us.
– What? No!
– Well, I can let him go and
maybe a nice family will come by
and pick him up.
Or I can tie him to the bumper,
drive off,
and there will be no more Cody.
Right? Right, buddy?
It’s your choice.
What’s it gonna be?
– Let him go.
– Yeah, good boy, good boy.
– (crying): I’m sorry. Cody.
– Come on, buddy. Come on.
Good boy, Cody!
– (crying): No… I’m sorry.
(Cody whining)
(cell phone ringing)
– It’s Laura.
Tell her we’re going away,
and make it convincing.
– Hello?
– Hey, where are you?
I just stopped by your office
but you’re obviously not there.
– Yeah, I’m not coming in today.
Um, I left a message with Paul.
– Oh, why? Are you sick?
– No, no, Cr-Craig and I are
getting married.
– What?
– Yeah! It’s totally impromptu,
and, uh, we’re going to Greece
afterwards for our honeymoon
for a month!
– Are you sure you’re OK?
– Absolutely. No, this was
all my idea.
But listen, honey,
I can’t talk right now.
Um, I’ll… I’ll call you once
we get to Greece, OK?
– [Hold on, hold on.]
What about Cody? Do you need me
to take care of him?
– No, no, thank you, no.
We’re gonna take him.
All right, OK, I gotta run.
– Rachel, hold on a second.
– Bye.
– Oh, my god.
– Good job, Mrs. Miller.
(people chatting excitedly)
– (woman): That’s sweet.
– (man): That’s really nice.
– We’re up.
– Do you have your licence?
Thank you.
OK, let’s get started,
shall we?
(Cody barking)
Do you, Craig Miller,
take this woman to be
your lawfully wedded wife?
– I do.
– And do you, Rachel Malemen,
take this man to be
your lawfully wedded husband?
– I do.
– By the power vested in me
by the state of Pennsylvania,
I now pronounce you
husband and wife.
– Shall we?
(cell phone ringing)
– Hello?
– [Rachel Malemen?]
– Um, no, this is
her friend Laura.
– This is Dr. Moss at the
Salerno Veterinary Clinic.
I have Cody here.
[Someone found him
without a collar.]
[We got your number
from his microchip.]
[There was another number,
but no one answered.]
– Oh, my gosh.
Thank you so much.
Um, just give me the address
and I’ll be right over there.
– Twenty-six hundred Kentwood
in Salerno Valley.
– OK, I will be there
as soon as I can.
– Great, we’ll keep him busy
until then.
– [OK. Thank you so much.]
– She’s coming
to get you, Cody.
– Salerno Valley?
What’s he doing
all the way out there?
Well, they elope
without telling anyone.
And she said she’s taking
the dog with her.
I just got a phone call
from the vet.
He’s been found
out in the country.

– Yeah. Something’s
very wrong here.
– Yeah.
– Can I help you?
– Ma’am, my name’s Jerry Berman.
I’m a private investigator.
Is Ryan in?
– Yeah. Come on in.
– What are you doing here?
– Where’s Craig?
– I have no idea. You need
to get the hell off my property.
– Look, I know
he killed Dominique, and now
something’s up with Rachel.
And I think you know
what it is he’s up to.
And I swear to God,
if he hurts her in any way,
I will see to it you rot
in prison.
– What’s going on?
– Nothing.
– Tell her. Tell her what he did
to Dominique, what he’s gonna do
to Rachel.
– What’s he talking about, Ryan?
– Honey, I have no idea.
You need to leave.
– Where’s Craig? Where’s Rachel?
– I don’t know.
OK? I don’t know!
– You know, if he hurts her,
and you don’t do anything
about it,
you’re an accessory.
– Ryan, we need to talk.
Ryan, come. Come.
– Why–
– I’m sorry.
Give us a moment, please.
Ryan, we said we weren’t gonna
keep secrets from each other.
Now, something has been weighing
on you for weeks now.
I need to know what it is.
– Look, I can’t, OK?
– You can’t what? Tell me!
– Look, it’s worse
than you can imagine.
– What’s worse?!
– Off to the airport.
– You need to stop
protecting Craig
just because he’s your brother.
You need to think
about us.
And you need to think about
everything we worked
so hard for.
I need to know
what it is, Ryan.
It’s not worth
going to prison for.
– You don’t understand,
all right? I was there.
I helped him.
– You helped him do what?
Ryan, what did you
help him do?
– Look, I’m so sorry, OK?
– Ryan, I need you to help me.
I can help you.
I know your brother Craig’s
behind everything.
But I need you to tell me
where he took Rachel.
– He kidnapped her.
– Oh, my god.
– When I got to his house
this morning,
he had her chained to the bed.
– Are they still there?
– I don’t know.
He said he was taking her
to the airport
to take the leer jet.
they’re going to Belize.
– Which airport?
– Northglen.
I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.
Please forgive me.
(phone ringing)
– Detective Millstrom.
– It’s Jerry Berman here.
Craig Miller just kidnapped
a woman and he’s heading
to Northglen Airfield!
– What?
– Look, I’m not far away.
I can be there in less
than 10 minutes.
– OK, I’ll call the tower
and ground all departures.
– Mr. Miller.
– Andy.
Are we ready to go?
– Yes, sir. I’m just
gonna finish my walk-around,
and then I’ll check to make
sure we have clearance.
– Fantastic.
Time to go.
– Please, Craig, please,
let’s just stay.
We can make it work here.
– Please get out of the car,
– Please.
– Get out of the car now.
– No, please.
(Rachel crying)
(tires screeching)
– Craig Miller…
– Ah!
– …stop right there!
(Rachel gasping)
– Just stay there,
or I kill her!
– It’s over, Miller.
Your brother confessed.
Let her go,
put your weapon on the ground!
– Please…
– No.
Start the plane.
– Drop the weapon!
– Start the plane now.
Now! Oof!
– Ah!
(Rachel screaming)
(two gunshots)
– You OK?
– How did you know?
– Your friend Laura called me.
– This is Millstrom. I need
a 10-52, Northglen Airfield.
Subject down, shots fired.
– (Rachel): How did she know?
– Let’s just say a little
dog told her.
– Cody’s OK?
– Yeah, he’s safe and sound.
She’s picking him up now.
– Rachel.
– (Millstrom): Step over here,
please, sir.
One of the officers needs
to take a statement.
There you go. I love
that little hoodie we got her.
– I know! It’s her favourite.
(Cody barking)
– Oh, oh, no, Cody!
Cody, stop that!
Sorry. Sorry about that.
– That’s fine. Look, um,
we’re grilling some burgers
and dogs over here.
Are you two… hungry at all?
– Uh…
– Oh, I’m… I’m not right now.
Maybe… you are?
– Uh, yeah, uh, sure.
– OK, well, tell you what,
how about she brings one
back for you?
– Sounds good.
– OK.
– Yeah?
– Yeah. I’m Rachel.
– I’m Justin.
– Nice to meet you.
– You too.
You guys are
– No, uh, my best friend Laura.
Is that your son?
– No, my nephew Brandon.
– Oh. He seems
to really like dogs.
– Loves animals!
(She laughs.)
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(train horn in the distance)