Fat Loss Tips- 4 Minute Rapid Fat Burning Workout(Afterburn)

Fat Loss Tips- 4 Minute Rapid Fat Burning Workout(Afterburn)

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Do this quick 4 minute full body circuit to get lean fast!

-when you’re in a time crunch, stuck in a hotel, wake up late can’t make it to the gym, or just as a finisher to maximize fat loss in minimum time.

-Do each exercise for 20 seconds/rest and recover for 10 seconds in between exercises.

-Do two cycles-of these 4 Exercises
1. Mountain climber- start in the prone position and pull one foot up and under your hips.Then with a slight jump quickly switch your feet. One foot goes back the opposite foot comes under your hips. Look straight down to keep your head in line with your spine, looking straight ahead will only strain your neck.

2. Spider-Man Push Up- If you’re a beginner just do a modified or regular push up. The spider man is hard the first couple of times you do it, but you’ll quickly get stronger and better at it. First get in the prone position. As you descend into the down position bring your right knee out and up toward your right elbow. Do not put your right foot on the ground hold it up. If you feel like you’re throwing yourself head first into the ground-you’re doing it right. Bring your right foot back to its original position as you push up to the top position of the push up.

3. Beginners can do regular or reverse lunges in place. Russian lunges-step out with your right foot just like a regular lunge. You then with a slight hop quickly swith foot positions right foot back, left foot goes forward. Then switch again, no rest. Put your arms out for balance initially. Once you have the basics the key is to jump as high as you can when switching feet.

4. Burpee!
1. Hands on the ground
2. Thrust your feet behind you
3. Lower yourself into the down position of the push-up
4. Press yourself to the up position
5. With a slight hop pull(use your abs)your feet toward your hands
6. Stand up
7. repeat

5. 90 Degree Wall Squat to recover-for recovery just step back to a solid wall. Place your back against the wall and put your feet out in front of you. Lower yourself down until your your hips are parallel with your knee. Keep your back against the wall and press through your heels and take deep breaths to recover.

Remember to get results:
1. Nutrition first-You can’t out-exercise your diet!
2. Lift Weights- the heavier you go the leaner you’ll get.
3. Just say NO to Cardio- Short Burst Interval exercise beats old school cardio for fat loss. Less time, not boring, better results=win!
4. Group Support/ Motivation- You can’t do it alone. Get around other people who want what you want and stick with them. Get around others who have accomplished what you want and you’ll spend less time spinning your wheels more time getting results.

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