Fat Burning Workout using WIDE WALK SERIES.

Note: All the exercises performed can be done by 5 years to 85 years of age group.

Home exercises can be a lifeline, particularly in times when you can’t get to the fitness center.
In this video, I’m going to give you a total home exercise routine with all sets and reps included to assist you with building muscle whether or not or not you ever step foot in a fitness center.
The way into the viability of this ideal home exercise is that it sets practices together in a manner that permits you to prepare to more noteworthy over-burden than would be conceivable in the event that you stayed with one single exercise, and it will keep the exercises brief simultaneously.
Wide Walk is a fundamental exercise which we can design our exercise in only 4 feet space, now the same wide walk is divided into different categories, In this video, we are going to practice complete sets of Wide Walk Series which include the Lower and Upper chest ribs fitness, Fat burning and full-body fitness and the complete lower chest ribs fitness is done and it is one of the kinds and better approach for exercise which was made and structured by Noor Health Fit group to give you an easy method for home exercise for the

1. Sugar Control

2. Pulse Control,

3. Body Flexibility for the next works out.

4. Reducing of belly fat (in case of working out for 30 minutes daily).

5. Acidic problems,

6. Left and Right human chest ribs safety.

7. Backbone security.

8. Neck Workouts.

9. Lower Chest Ribs Workout.

10.Full Body Workout.

11.Fat Burning.

Workout Structure:

The exercise needs a base leg to leg separation of 1 foot stretches out to a limit of 1.5 feet.

Initially plan this exercise for a little meeting of 5 minutes and later on stretch out as indicated by your endurance (stamina).

Note: All data gave by Noor Health Fit is of a general sort and is outfitted uniquely for instructive/amusement purposes as it were. No data is to be taken as clinical or other well being counsel relating to any individual explicit well being or ailment. You concur that utilization of this data is at your own hazard and hold Noor Health Fit innocuous from any misfortunes, liabilities, wounds, or harms coming about because of any cases. In case of any copying of any exercise and publishing in any platform, legal action will be taken place.
Certified Fitness Trainer: Mohammad Nooruddin https://www.facebook.com/nooruddin.mo
Exercises Creator: Mohammad Nooruddin https://www.facebook.com/nooruddin.mo
Editing and Cheif Cameraman: Sri Lakshmi Digital Colour Lab and Studio….https://goo.gl/maps/e24T4gvR7vEtHehXA


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