Fat Burning Workout (Intense Burning Calories)

1. Lateral Squat Jumps With Switch Feet
2. Lateral Hops With Toe Touched & Ankle Taps
3. Crisscrosses Into Leg Tucks
4. Lunge Pulses Into Lunge Jump Claps
5. Plank Single Leg Into Double Leg Tucks
6. Toe Touched Into Ankle Taps
7. Switch Feet Jumps (October 12th)
8. Lateral Hop+Toe Touch (October 12th)
9. Crisscross Into Leg Tucks (October 12th)
10. Lunges Into Lunge Jump Claps (October 12th)
11. Sprinters into Jack Presses
12. Single Arm Burpees + Toe Touches
13. Hops into Leg Tucks
14. Squat Pulses into Push-Up Jumps
15. Rotating Hops into Squat Pulses
16. Bear Plank Jacks
17. Single Leg RDLs into Squat Pulses
18. Mountain Climbers into Toe Touches
19. Curtsy with Knee Drives into Kick snacks with Side Reaches
20. Bridge Knee Tucks to Reaches
21. Full Sit-Ups into Punches
22. Box Squats into Crisscrosses
23. Split Squats into Knee Drives with Lunges into Knee Drives
24. Box Squats into Jacks with Knee to Elbows
25. Single Leg Step Ups into Toe Touches
26. Single Leg Box Squat Reaches into Elbows to Knees
27. Step Up Taps into Jacks
28. Single Leg RDLs into Step Ups
29. Step Up Taps into Ankle Taps
⏰ 30 Sec ON, 20 Sec OFF
🔁 Repeat all excises for 3-4 Rounds
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