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This is what you can do at home. Find a comfortable space and you’re good to go!

2-3 sets of
– Arms freestyle (counter/anti-clockwise)
– 60 seconds Run in Place

High Knees Up x 20 Sec
Squat x 20 Reps
Push Ups x 20 Reps
Scissor Leg Raise x 20 Reps (Up & Down)
Jumping Jack x 20 Reps
Jumping Lunges x 20 Reps (Including Both Legs 10 L X10 R)
Side 2 Side Push Up x 15 Reps
Cross Crunch x 20 Reps (Up & Down)
Burpee x 10 Reps

– Rest 1 Minute and Repeat 4 Rounds


If you find it too intense then slow down your movements, increase 50% of your rest time and reduce 50% on each exercise repetitions. Your goal is to complete 5 working rounds! Don’t Quit!

To make this exercise more challenging, you can increase your movement speed or do more rounds in total. I did 10 rounds maintaining less than 30 seconds rest in between each circuit! This is hardcore!
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