Fat Burning Met Con Workout (Follow Along Session)

Switching up our lockdown workouts again today with this Fat Burning Met Con Workout (Follow Along Session). It’s a 45 minute cardio session, broken down in to two parts after the initial 10 minute warm up phase. In the first part, we ar doing a 100 Rep Countdown Challenge and then a Kettlebell EMOM in the second part

100 Rep Countdown Challenge
For this part of the workout, you can either follow along with me and do what you can while it takes me to hit the reps and then move on to the next exercise with me, regardless if you hit the required reps. Or you can set a timer yourself and try to beat it. By beating your time (as long as form remains good), it gives you the motivation to work harder the next time you do this workout, so you can set a new record

100 Squats
90 Plank
80 Reverse Lunges (40 Each Leg)
70 Side Plank (35 seconds each side)
60 Mountain Climbers
50 SL Sit Ups
40 Band Pull Aparts (Or Lying T Raise Hold)
30 Push Ups
20 Squat Jumps
10 Burpees

Kettlebell EMOM

With an EMOM, it’s Every Minute On the Minute. So we are starting each exercise on each minute, using the remaining time after we hit the reps to recover for the next one.

3 Rounds:

40 Jumping Jacks
25 Squat Thrusters
25 Kettlebell Swings

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